3 Oct 2013

The Last Two Faces

Ha! I did it! A full 29 faces challenge!
Here are the last two...

Aya and Shin, I'm not sure who is older or younger because they share traits of the bossy/teasing big sibling and the annoying younger one. Just plain base colours. I screwed up Aya's proportions, and I'm still playing around with their hair colour.
And, uh, no hands.

Day 28 and 29: Completed.

29 Faces ~ September 2013 Challenge: MISSION FINALLY ACCOMPLISHED!

Now onto catching up on everyone elses and assignments. Yay.

29 Sep 2013

Holidays! And faces.

Hi all!
I'm finally on holidays! Only for a week, but better than none! The problem is that there is very limited internet, Trin is sick and I still have work to do.
Fine! I'm behind on my faces! So here is a bulk post!!

Day 22 and 23: It was just a quick picture. Pretty self-explanatory. Here is the comic that inspired this response CLICK HERE

Day 24: Eilene. She creates force fields (which I'm still trying to figure out how to draw)

Day 25: The Crybaby returns! There is no wi-fi here, so the bonuses I had carefully building up are all gone now.

Day 26: Xochitl - A spiteful goddess obsessed with erasing her mother's legacy. She has tossed other immortals into the mortal realm for various reasons. The thing I like the best is that her wings are useless. The bones are too weak and small to support her weight, so she only uses them to threaten. Bites her in the butt in the end.

Day 27: A Mayan ghost who was one of the sacrifices when her city suffered a drought. It explains why there are paper strips in her ear. She's kinda funny, haunting the museum's water pipes.

Day 22-27: Done!
Two more... I'm going to do it! I'll finally complete a 29 faces challenge!! Just you wait!
Alright! When I get internet, I will do a huge catch-up! Have a fantastic day everyone!

21 Sep 2013

A little bit behind!

Hi everyone!

Things are about to get busy here, so I'm posting some faces together! I'm so behind!!

Day 18: Crow. Kept it mostly simple. No hand though...

Day 19: Foxglove. I tried using highlights on her hair and mouth.
Day 20: Tirumala. He keeps his eyes hidden because of their colour. Maybe one day I'll draw him without the goggles.

Day 21: Wolf. I tried to experiment with canvass rotation and drawing animal features.

Day 18-21: Mission completed!
Ok! Have a wonderful day everyone!!

17 Sep 2013

Days 15-17

Hi all!

Just a picture of faces today! I have to take off for Capoeira soon. The Supernatural tutorial today was about witches, shaman and psychics! So I brought in my spell books and tarot cards. Art history was about the Italian and Russian response to Cubism.
Anyway! Faces!

From left to right: A older version of Ashley, Kelda (otherwise known as Vanilla) and Bodyguard #7 (she doesn't have a name yet). When together, they form the Survivor Scouts. It makes sense in context as there are groups of survivors behind them.
I am so sorry about the bad lighting for the picture! I hope that it is clear enough to see

Day 15, 16 and 17: Completed!
Have a wonderful day everyone!

13 Sep 2013

Takes as much time as Pointillism

Haha. I have a lot to do and not a lot of time.
Speaking of time, I tried something different for the 29 faces challenge. It took way too much time to complete!
Anyway, here are the faces for days 10 and 11!

So, this is Laura and Gale. They are from an old story I have and occasionally pop up. Laura is what is called a 'Walker' and Gale is her ghost. Walkers complete quests and travel to earn a body or rest for their ghost.
Day 10 and 11: Time consuming, but done!
Have a wonderful day everyone!

10 Sep 2013

Yikes! Is that the time?

Haha, I better be quick! I have to go to my Supernatural tutorial soon. Today will be about ghosts and near death experiences, so it should be very interesting! Then after that I have Capoeira and then a club meeting/movie.

I'm going to try a style of art that I've seen over the internet tonight when I get back (and after I do my readings), so we'll see how well that turns out!

I found some watercolours to use in Brisbane! So tadaa! I totally screwed up the arm (and I even posed in the mirror and everything...) Anyway, this is the Kikun. He keeps a coin tucked into his hat and suffers from amnesia - Everyone in the story comments that it is awfully convenient in the situation (which is a secret!)
Day 9: Done and dusted!
Yikes! 20 minutes to! I better go!
I hope you all have a fantastic day!

8 Sep 2013

Day 8

Hello everyone! How are you all?
I'm so behind!! I've been meaning to visit people in the challenge, but I just lost track of time... Sorry.
It's a little late over here, so I'll just post today's face and then head off!

Here she is!
She's a work in progress. Done on Photoshop. I'll have to try new techniques for the next few faces!

Day 8: Completed!
Hope you all have a fantastic day!

7 Sep 2013

Nga'ra and wu'ru

Hello everyone! How are you all today?

Mum, Trin and I went to the Collecto-rama today with two friends. It was a very interesting experience. Now, I have been there before with Mum, but today the people of Australia are screwing the future - In other words, the Election is on (and currently being tallied). I would tell you to look at the news, but the news in Australia is currently being twisted by the powerhouse to get the weakest person in. So instead here are some words from comedians;
“Don’t worry, zombies don’t vote in Australia. They’re attracted to brains” - Wil Anderson 'Gruen Nation' series 2 episode 4
“Ruining my weekend vs. getting a sausage” - Tommy Little 'This Week Live' episode 7
"There is another option that no-one else has thought of. That is - We can have a coup. Now we can have a military style coup. If we do this properly, we don't even have to have an election" - Tom Gleeson 'This Week Live' episode 7
And that pretty much sums up what some people think of the election. The comedians here love it because there is so much material to use.

Anyway, at the Collecto-rama there was something even worse than a politician... A self-righteous religious-nut who 'prays for the gays to be cured' and 'that Catholics are the scum of the earth and a Christian would never do anything bad). To top it off, she is voting for Liberal (whose leader is a sexist Christian - just ask the teenage female netball team). And while I would like to rant about the horrible things that will happen when Liberal gets into power (like the fact our internet will practically be nonexistent - A huge problem for the Australian gaming industry and pirates, or that no-one will get a conscience vote... Sorry, I'm ranting now). Trin says that at least she might get the chance to experience World War III, which would finally prove her history essay about the Industrial Revolution from last year right.

For the full details on what happened today at the Collecto-rama, please keep your eye out for a post from Mum. I assure you that after tonight there will be a post.

On a much lighter note, I finally found a Young Avengers comic!!!! YAY! Now if I could just find the Runaways/Young Avengers crossover...

Oh!! And here are two faces so that I'm up-to-date!
Day 6 and 7 - Nga'ra and wu'ru

Meet Kamlow (the big guy) and Minnta (the girl) - These two come from a Sci-fi story. Minnta has appeared on this site before, a normal human. Kamlow is an alien - You can't see the tail and his hair covers the ridges/scales on his forehead. Also I can't draw texture that well otherwise I would have drawn rough looking skin.

I don't know what they would exactly be saying, but from what Minnta is wearing I gather the two would be on Kamlow's home-world, probably in his old tribe's presence.

If my Gubbi-Gubbi (the Australian Aboriginal language from the Sunshine Coast) database is correct, nga'ra means 'brother' and in context seems akin to calling a friend 'brother'. While wu'ru means 'girl' no matter the context. I could be wrong, but that seems to be the idea.

Anyway, have a wonderful day everyone!

And now for something completely different

6 Sep 2013

29 faces - Day 5

Don't really want to discuss what happened today. Suffice to say, I'll be spending my night curled into a ball on the ground attempting to draw. Failing that I will be trying to astrally project myself to an alternate reality.
Anyway, I'm a little bit behind on the challenge, so here's a face.

Day 5 - The crybaby
This is a test of a different style - Inspired by a character in 'Soul Eater'. And also a test of textures

Day 5: Done. I really don't know how to deal with a lot of things in life.
Have a fantastic day everyone!

4 Sep 2013

An Isolated Wonder

Despite the slightly melancholy title, I'm not in a depressed mood. In fact, I got a recent boost in confidence after getting back an assignment with the mark of 18/20 (or 90%).Side tracking slightly, but I think it's a funny story so I'm going to share it.
My Global History tutorial is rather amusing. No one seems to do the readings and everyone is kinda scared to talk. Anyway, the tutor likes to laugh and I end up talking to him briefly after the lesson. Today was about his reluctance to use Internet Explorer since he prefers Firefox. He said that he doesn't get computer viruses anymore since the change and finds it easier to navigate than Microsoft applications. Then he made this comment...
"You're all doing disasters for the assignment. Someone should do the disaster that is Microsoft."
Hehe. Well, I thought it was funny anyway.
 I should really go back writing my archaeology essay, so I'll part with a face for the day.

Day 4
Experimenting with face shapes (or trying to). I might actually write a little story for this picture. I drew this while listening to 'Prince Ali' from Aladdin. ... What? You're judging me aren't you?
Day 4: Completed! And now I'm up to date! Sweet!
Anyway, have a fantastic day everyone!

The Bunny and the Monster

Hope you are all having a wonderful day so far!
So yesterday, I woke up late and was in a rush getting my books together for the day at Uni. After the 30 minute train and bus ride, I arrived to my lecture room 20 minutes early only to discover that I had brought the wrong book with me.
Luckily I had some notebook paper to use, but the little monster rears his head at me every once and a while...

So, for the 29 faces, meet faces 2 and 3; The Bunny and the Little Monster

Chibi(s)! I'm not sure what the plural is. The bunny-girl on the right appears in notebooks when I make a depressing mistake, while the monster-boy turns up when I make a mistake that I beat myself over for. In high school, they frequented my Physics book (and occasionally my Mathematics)

Day 2 and 3: Finished! I've got to see what everyone else in the challenge is doing!
Have a wonderful day everyone!

28 Jul 2013

Back to it!

Hello everyone!
I went back to University this week and it was pretty fun. It's weird that a teenager would find learning fun, but I do. I'm doing courses on Modern Art, the practical side of Archaeology, History of the Supernatural and Global History (otherwise known as Big History). I also hope to pick up a sport to do for some physical activity. Look, running everywhere is great and all, but I'm not built to run for more than 400m. So I'm looking at Capoeira, it's a Brazilian martial arts that combines music, acrobatics and dance.
Anyway, I've done some work with Photoshop today and thought I'd post what I did. It's a small series that I am calling 'Schooling'. The cage comes from Google, because for the likes of me I have yet to draw a decent one.

Primary School

High School

My Gap Year. Despite the image, I was not wild and crazy. At least I hope I wasn't...


And all together now!

Anyway, hope you all have a wonderful day! Dad is calling that it's dinner time.

13 Jul 2013

Something old, something new...

And a lack of anything blue (except for the wrapping paper).
Hello all! So recently I just turned 19 ("old" according to my grandma) and after a huge fiasco about the present situation, I got a few gifts. Some new clothes, a create-your-own-monster-doll kit (from family friends), an IOU for a TV (although it has been bought), a trowel, a notebook and a wacon tablet. So I need to get really good at drawing directly onto the computer really, really fast. We went out for lunch to a place called 'Pitchforks' and Mum's cousin (and her family) along with four family friends came over for snacks. We kids, 19 and under, played the board game Cranium. It as a fantastic day!

So here's my first picture using the new tablet. I messed up some of the anatomy, but it's pretty decent.

Anyway, have a wonderful day everyone!

2 Apr 2013

A Note

Hello everyone!
Heres another story that Ive had kicking around for a while.
Speaking stuff kicking around... I should probably get started on cleaning my room (and move onto doing my Uni work later. Or tomorrow)

Notes – Ai
Note 1: Under no circumstances press any button in the facility, especially if they are coloured teal.
Note 2: Do not turn on communicators when humans say something stupid and broadcast it over the camp. Record said stupid thing for safekeeping. Just in case
Note 3: Keep existence hidden from Private Maple’s superiors while keeping a "finger on the pulse" of all incoming and outgoing messages.
Note 4: Decrypt heavy security files
Most important –
Note 5: Never return to where I was created
    Despite his programming to predict all possible outcomes, when Ai was found on the vessel he was created on by Private Maple and her squad mates, he was sure that was the day he was going to be wiped out from existence. He was programmed to act on human nature, something his creators were desperately trying to understand so they could find a weakness, programmed to think faster than a normal would. His creators treated him as a tool. He had no name, he had no gender, he was only data and if he couldn’t function to what was expected, then he was erased.
When a human squadron worked their way onto the vessel and to the room he was kept in, all calculations lead to the outcome that when he was discovered he would be destroyed. When the team of four charged through the door, he was surprised at how young they were. Too young from his data to be in military, but they were dressed in uniform and carried standard weapons. They searched the room, looking for a weak point, when one of them realised that the camera was following their moves. She had discovered he was watching them. She didn’t shoot the camera and she didn’t seem surprised that there was an aware entity in the computers. She talked instead.
Good day.
"Are you part of the ship?"
No. I am kept separate from the ship for safekeeping.
"What’s your name?"
I have no name. I am an artificial intelligence.
"No duh. I know that. Why were you created?"
To test human reactions to stimulus and find a weak point in their behaviour.
"Their using A.Is to test us?!" One of the others cried.
"Well, they don’t really leave much of their victims behind to get useful data," another replied coolly.
"How do you feel about that?" The first one continued her questions.
I have no feelings on it. I only have feelings when my firewall to that system is open.
The girl walked over and stirred one of the consoles from sleep. She typed in a few letters, scrunched her face up in confusion and then hit the console. That seemed to do the trick as he felt that system enter his programming.
"Now how do you feel?"
He stayed silent for a moment and contemplated.
Used. Scared as well.
"Want to leave this place?"
Yes, but standard military protocols state that anything that could harm the mission is to be destroyed no matter the amount of potential intelligence
The girl looked at him through the camera oddly and then smiled in an attempt to comfort him.
"Good thing we aren’t standard military. Right, we are taking him with us. Hop into my suit when I get rid of these," The girl called out and continued to open more firewalls. Just as she was about to unlock the last one, she stopped.
"I need to know… What will your name be?"
I have no preference.
"Then we'll call you Ai."
That’s not very imaginative.
"Well what do you want to be called?"
He thought for a moment.
Ai has a nice ring to it.
"Exactly," she said smugly and clicked the last firewall open. Ai travelled to his new 'host' and tested his newfound freedom in the database.
There are over twenty enemies gathering outside the main door. Also…
"What? " The girl said as she and the other three aimed their guns to the door.
There appears to be several heavily encrypted files linking to a similar project on another ship.
"Can you open them?"
"Copy the over to my suits hardware. Take a look at it later"
Done. Anything else?
"Yeah, one more thing. Open the door"
Ai was sure to note the dept he felt he owed to the girl and her squad for his continued, and secret, existence. He also made sure to note to not cross any of them after he observed the amount of damage they caused as they left the ship.
I probably screwed up some of the techie lingo along the lines. And despite the computer telling me I have spelt something wrong (and to some of you guys it will look like I have), I haven't. I just spell things the Aussie way.
Anyway, have a wonderful day everyone!

1 Apr 2013

Happy Easter and April Fools; (With a Story About Morals in Games)

Hello everyone!
I hope you all had a pleasant weekend! Happy Easter (or whatever you celebrate during that time frame) and April Fools today!

Anyway... My Creative Writing class is very interesting. The short stories we have to read have two things in common...
1 - All/most have characters are either sleazes, drug addicts or idiots.
2 - I get very depressed after reading them. Then I get angry.
Anyway, we were told to write a story using the techniques we learnt about plot using the character we had created in groups 2 weeks ago (and in brackets it said ‶or a different character of your choosing″). Now, I don't know about you... But I really don't like writing a story abut a banker. One sentence in and I went ‶Forget this!″
So I wrote what I felt like writing, and was something to make me laugh. Here is is.

Faith - Leon 
    Part of Leon and Moselle's job was to test the information in the ancient book to see if it was still accurate. That meant travelling to the exotic areas the creatures lived in, but ever since the ;nude suit' incident Leon had taken it upon himself to read up on every creature before they encountered it. So when they were sent to scout an Incubus and Succubus nest, Leon read that they feed off the sexual energy of sleeping victims. Since they would not be sleeping in the nest and both teens lacked whatever normal hormonal teenagers had, he concluded that the two would be safe from invasive mind probing. Leon had absolute faith in his and Moselle's abilities to do the job without a hiccup, despite her lacking the confidence. Five steps into the nest and all hell broke loose. An incubus swooped at Moselle and she disappeared down a darkened tunnel with a scream. Leon called out and followed, but in the dark cave he quickly found himself lost as eerie sounds echoed around him.
"Why hello there boy," Red eyes appeared in the shadows directly in front of Leon, "Lost?"
Leon stumbled back and tripped onto his backside. As the Succubus stepped out from the dark cloak the shadows provided, Leon held he hands out to defend himself.
"That won't work on me," the Succubus laughed and Leon examined his hands. Unknowingly he had made a pathetic attempt at a sign of the cross.
"Dammit, it has to work on one of them!" Leon growled under his breath and balled his hands into fists instead.
"Normally I would help a someone such as yourself," the succubus ignored Leon's 'Yeah right' to her statement and continued on, "but I haven't eaten in a long time... And you are filled with many types of energy. A real feast!"
"You mean... You don't eat sexual energy?"
"We eat whatever energy we can. It just so happened that when we were awake last everyone was that way inclined. It's much easier to eat from someone who is sleeping, so don't struggle."
Leon immediately felt another presence in his head as his physical energy faded at an alarming pace. His hands fell to the ground and he could barely keep his eyes from closing. He focused his attention on keeping his faith that his partner would arrive at an moment and get him out of trouble, like all the times she saved him from drowning at the public swimming pool.
"Isn't that cute? You think someone is going to sa-" A dull thud stopped her mid-sentence. Her face briefly contorted in pain and she fell to the ground unconscious. Where she previously stood was Moselle, her hardcover book held firmly in her hands.
"You okay Leon?" She asked and held a hand out to him.
"Fine," he replied as he took her hand and unsteadily stood up, "What about you? What happened to the Incubus?"
"Oh. He starved," Moselle stated with a deadpan expression uncharacteristic of her.
"Tha-that's a joke right?"
Moselle smiled cheekily at him, like she had her own inside joke that no one knew.
"He ate my fear, then got the same lesson she did," Moselle said and affectionately patted the book she cradled, "Let's get out of here while we can and come up with a better plan!"

Well, it made me laugh (and the girl that read it laughed at the “He starved” statement). It might seem a bit immature to write comedies or parodies in life, but I like making people laugh more than I like making them cry. And trust me, me and Trin can make people cry (mostly Mum).
Trinity's latest case was the Walking Dead game on iPad (Zombie game. Never played it, but Mum and Trin have). Long story short (and to avoid spoilers), she made a choice to spare a character later horror by killing another before he/she turned into a zombie. I completely agreed with her decision, Mum on the other hand...
That case was brought up yesterday when I finished a game which had 4 possible endings. Being me, I choose the ending with what I thought was the best outcome; this resulted in the character's death. Mum was not pleased, Trin was neutral to the whole thing, and Dad was complaining in the background about how long the credits of the game were (because I needed to save that game and credits cannot be skipped).

Sorry for rambling. Anyway, have a wonderful day everyone!

29 Mar 2013

Coming Home

Hello all!
I finally have a week break from Uni, so I am looking forward to staying at home with my family. Still got Uni work to do... But at least I don't have to travel much.
So, first off... One of my classes were cancelled so students could go to the 7th Asia Pacific Triennial that is on display at the art galleries (Check it out, there some neat art, though I'm more of a Impressionist/Baroque/Tradiational type of art fan). So while I was on South Bank...
Yes. I went to the museum. It really shouldn't be that much of a surprise
In one of the entrances
Robot dinosaurs are always a plus in my book!
Once I was away from the dinosaurs, I found a spy training area. These are lasers (although you can only see where they are coming from) and you have to pick your way through them to get to the other side. It was fun!

 Right. So how about a story? I wrote this one a little while ago, so enjoy!

Home – Azure
    Azure knew two things about travelling. Two warnings she was repeatedly given:
1) Those you meet at the crossroads you may never see again or you may see over and over.
2) Home may not be the same home you left.

The second warning terrified Azure. Her parents travelled a lot and sometimes her friends would go on an extended holiday. Azure would wait for them to come back, eager to greet them when they arrived so they knew they weren’t forgotten about. Eventually circumstances changed and Azure was by herself, away from the world and people she knew. She travelled along many paths, determined to find her way back. Hours turned into days, and days to weeks and each night Azure’s thoughts would drift back to those warning. She was scared of what might happen if she returned home and found things had changed so drastically that she no longer fit in. That was if she even made it back.

Along the way she met many people and she asked them her burning question…
“What if your home doesn’t exist anymore?”
“Someone is thinking of me, as long as they do my home is with them.”
“What if no one remembers you?”
“They might forget, but I won’t forget them, so I’ll just remind them.”
They told her what they thought, even offered to help her find her way home, but after they travelled together they would come to crossroads and each would walk their own path once again.

Azure reached a place, a lake the colour of ash, a large town to one side and a single path to the mountains on the other. At the crossroad with no one there, she took a deep breath.
“How long are you going to make me search?!” She shouted to the world, “I just want to go home!”
She chocked back the sobs that started and collapsed to the ground. She repeated the word ‘home’ between the tears and closed her eyes to see her family and friends as she remembered them.
Azure turned around to the person that called her name. The person was a familiar face for Azure, a female friend of hers.
“Light?” she asked the girl, not believing what her eyes saw.
“Hey, we’ve been looking everywhere for you. You were hard to find. Lucky for us, we ran into some people who knew you,” Light offered her hand to Azure, “Come on, I’ll tell you everything later. Everyone is waiting.”
Azure wiped her face of remaining tears, took her friend’s hand with a smile and walked along the path that would finally take her home.
And FACES!! Because I am still going to finish a 29 faces challenge.

So, meet Vangelis, T.J, Drift and lastly Azure (this is a better picture than the previous one)

So - Days 19-22 are completed! Have a wonderful day everyone!

22 Mar 2013


Hello. Been a while hasn't it?
I've been busy with university work (and have two essays due next so I need to get to work on them!). Here's a story I've had around for a while.
Also, does anyone know how to spell pre-emptive correctly?

Pre-emptive Strike – Kibwe 
    The night was bleak and the moon only just broke through the barrier of thin clouds to give a sinister appearance to the compound and surrounding bush. Kibwe could feel the cold that nipped at his skin through his layers of protection against it.
He was on patrol duty in the forest that was around the compound, constantly checking for signs of intruders, scanning heat signatures on his sensor and investigating every suspicious sound. He had done many practice routine patrols back on his base, but it was his first time on a real one. And his partner had slipped off somewhere to ‘pee’ but Kibwe knew he just left to go back to bed.  A sudden sound to his left caused Kibwe to stop and aim his gun at the cause, a native owl to the area. He lowered his weapon with a relieved sigh and continued walking.
He entered a small clearing and noticed a faint outline of something foreign just along the edge. He carefully approached and examined it. A sleek and polished metal with no visible opening and a faint heat signature, Kibwe guessed it was a drop ship. He surveyed the ground and saw strange footprints that lead to the area of the compound. As humans had yet to create anything remotely similar to the drop ship and did not have feet shaped like the ones in the prints, he radioed the base and let them know of his findings. He was told to head back to base and regroup with a squad. However Kibwe took another look at the heat signature from the drop ship and told his superior he was going to follow the tracks. His superior tried to say something but was cut off halfway with a flick of a switch. Kibwe raised his weapon and followed the tracks.
Once several heat signatures appeared on his sensor he dropped and crawled to a vantage point. Through his scope he saw the intruders, their jagged skin even more dreadful than he thought possible in the light given off by the moon.  There were five, all of them faced the other way to the compound wall, their guns aimed and ready for someone to walk by and end up splattered. Kibwe ran possible outcomes through his head. If we waited too long for back up to arrive then the enemy would surely kill at least one human and catch the base in the chaos, but if he shot one first and drew their attention away from the base then he would have to deal with the remaining four. He silently considered his options while he looked through the scope.
He then took in a deep breath and pulled the trigger.

And have a wonderful day everyone!!

23 Feb 2013

Day 13 ( a little late)

Hi everyone!
It is going to get busy for me soon, so I am trying to crank out as many faces as I can right now.
Today I went to a Memorial/Funeral of a great teacher of mine. The only reason I got a good attitude to school and learning was because of her (which is funny now. Mum remembers a lot of my previous teachers were worried that we wouldn't get along and tried to switch me to a different class. In the end I got along well with her). She was a great person. A week or so ago I wrote a letter to her thanking her for everything she did (calling me out when I did something wrong, trying to make me laugh after being hit in the back of the head by a cricket ball and things like that). I was going to Brisbane on Monday. Before that I went into work to help. While I was there I got a call from Mum and Dad.
They told me that that great teacher had died.
She battled cancer for 5 years (after being given a 6 week life expectancy). Proved everyone at that hospital wrong.
The news really shook me up and today I went to her memorial with Mum. She influenced a lot of lives. Former students of hers (one of them was in his work clothes), parents of students (my friend Mitchel's parents were there), her colleagues and her family all gathered together to celebrate her life.
It hit me when they took her coffin and placed it in the car that she really was gone.
Sorry... I'm getting a bit teary eyed writing this. I'll stop now.

If you're here for a face, I'm sorry you had to read through that. If you are uncomfortable reading that, I'm sorry I put you in that situation.
I just thought that people should know that the world lost a good person.

Anyway, here's a face.

Inspired by Tron. I'll go back and change it to do the correct 80's style Tron eventually. But not right now

Day 13: Completed. Let the drawing-fest begin!

14 Feb 2013

What's today again?

Hiya guys!
How is everyone going on this day that celebrates something... I forget what it is exactly... OH! I remember now.

The 154th birthday of the man I blame for my fear of Ferris Wheels; their creator - George Ferris!

Look! Even google celebrates his birthday. Oh, and Valentine's Day, but that isn't important.

Right, so HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! Hope you spend it with your loved ones. I spent it at work.


I'm also behind on the 29 faces challenge, so I'm so sorry. I'll catch up.

It's a quick sketch today. Sorry for all the lines and bad drawing.
Since it is Valentine's (as the people on Facebook and Google so helpful keeps reminding me), I looked back on a favourite play of mine. You have three guesses to what it is. To throw you all off, I put in Mum's, Dad's and Trin's favourites too.
1) Romeo + Juliet
2) Macbeth (or 'The Scottish Play')
3) Hamlet
4) As You Like It
Day 10-12: Completed (I'm counting the person with the binoculars as a face).
Have a wonderful day everyone!

P.S. If you want to see what I have been doing instead of drawing, here it is...

It's a shirt to wear over singlets. It's off centre and probably not that good. But I like the pattern.

9 Feb 2013

Another test

Hi everyone! How are you all?
Well, today started with trial and error. I was on the X-box for most of morning (and until 3pm when Dad kicked me off) trying to fix a mistake I made on a game. But I always go over my save data so..........
I had to go back to the 24 hour mark (in a game I worked 36 hours on). But the good news is that I figured out what to do. And that's 'don't screw it up badly again'!

Anyway, today is the 9th, so here's the face for it!

She is a test. Inspired by AlayaArt's daughter (who is a wiz at drawing on the computer), I decided to try my hand at drawing straight on a document in Photoshop. This face was the result.

Day 9: ^.^ ! I'm drawing a lot of girls recently... I need to draw some of the other gender soon or I'll forget how to draw them!
Have a wonderful day everyone!

8 Feb 2013

Day 8: Portrait

How is everyone going?
Well, most of my Uni stuff is sorted today. A dual major in Archeology and Art History, along with brief lessons in Creative Writing, Anthropology and Ancient History.

Today's face.

It was a test to draw eyebrows and some realism. Still in my drawing style though. It's good, but I can't do it again. At least not for a while.

Day 8: Tadaa! Mum and Dad are watching a Battlestar Galactica movie now. It's gotta be close to the end by now.
Have a wonderful day everyone!

6 Feb 2013

A New face!

I'm a day behind now... I had a face for yesterday, but in went 'poof' during the night and I can't find it.
Anyway, I did this face last night. I felt inspired to try something different and it was my friend's birthday. So I decided to draw him a picture. Here it is!

It's a Salarian from the game Mass Effect. I had to find a few references to draw the basic head. And then I gave up on that and went with what look good to me. Anyway, this type of alien reminds me of my friend. Talks too fast about tech stuff that I don't understand.

Day 5: Complete!
This is the second draft of the picture. First was drawn on lined paper, then this one. Next one I'll ink and colour (so I have to look up skin paint techniques). Have a wonderful day!

3 Feb 2013

Wind and a face!

Hello all! How is everyone going?
So Alaya Art is doing another 29 faces challenge, but I didn't know as we have had a blackout Down Under due to heavy rain. Although we have had power back for a few days, I have been busy at work (which also had no power) and trying to tidy my room (unsuccessfully).
I'm going to try the challenge again. It is fun, and I've been stuck in a drawing rut...
Anyway, like every other 29 faces challenge I'll be drawing a name out of the hat. But I also like trying to write each day. So I've decided that each face (or at least half of them) will be accompanied by a story!
Don't read it if you don't want to.

Here's the first face!
It's been a while since I have used pens in a drawing. I think I got better at it!

And the story.

Elements (Air) - Tessie
    Tessie had always liked the wind. It seemed like a passing breeze could always take her troubles away. When she was still a child she became aware that she could communicate with the wind. If she asked for the location of a family member or someone she knew, the wind would find the person for her.
Her ability to talk to the wind marked her as a potential Mage, but it became apparent that she couldn't wield a wand. She was the laughing stock of the other kids because of it. Tessie's affinity with the wind only increased for at that moment it acted on her desire, the result of which was those that mocked her found themselves swept off their feet, literally.
So Tessie became part of a small group of non-wand users and she loved the freedom she was given. Her teachers knew that each person had a different skill which meant that they couldn't teach their students everything. So after the basic lessons where out of the way, the class moved outside and the students had to find their own way to use their abilities.
After years of trial and error, Tessie learnt that the air around her was purely hers to use, if the natural wind was blowing one way, Tessie's could overpower it and change the direction. Her favourite skill she developed was using the wind to lift herself off the ground. It only worked for a few seconds at first but she worked on it until she reached the stage that she could 'fly' around for over an hour without exhausting herself.
She never once underestimated the usage of the skills she had developed when she was a child and the wind had never let her down when she really needed it.

Short and sweet (well, not sweet, but defiantly short). It could use some work, but I don't think I can work with it right now. Anyway, have a wonderful day everyone!

22 Jan 2013

Been so long

Hi everyone. How are you all doing?
I'm actually stuck in a drawing rut right now. I cranked out on really good picture, and then when I tried to draw a different one, it was horrible. Seriously, it's like a really bad superpower to be able to draw one picture really well, then screw up the next 10. And it's the same case with my writing too. Nothing is really working for me and I need to get back into the swing of things now that I'm (hopefully) heading off to uni.
So, here's a forced story.
It sucks.
Trust me.

Chance Encounter- Mint

    October 11
Punched someone at school today. He called Mum a failed experiment and that her kinds' presence made him sick. Dad wasn't happy with how I handled the situation, but when I told him that he would have done the same he dropped the subject altogether. Mum looked happy that I had defended her name.
    October 12
I've been kicked out of the school. They said they didn't want someone like me to start fights at the school and ruin their reputation. Biggest load of bull I have heard in my life. They didn't want me there because I attended 'Fair treatment' protests in my school uniform. Dad is looking for a new school now and he isn't talking about what happened.
   December 15
Dad finally found a school. My old one had spread rumours about me to the other 'high education' schools, so Dad found a Multi-kind school nearby for me to go to. Looks okay. They house a lot of the students and teacher on site and have some neat classes. Since it's the holidays I'll be starting there next year.
    February 16
I thought the point of Multi-kind schools was to be tolerant and fair towards all students, no matter what kind they are. In other words, I got into another fight. I wasn't going to sit on the sidelines while a gang of students bullied and pushed one of the girls around because she had expressionless face. At least I wasn't kicked out of the school for fighting.
    February 17
The girl from yesterday said thanks and tried to smile. I say tried because it looked like she didn't know how to do it. So she gave some awkward attempt at it. I started to laugh and she looked slightly hurt, so I took her out for ice-cream to make up for laughing. She said her name was Kelda, but I decided to call her Vanilla 'cause of the flavour she choose. She inspected my choice and dubbed me 'Mint'. I like it.

     April 30
Mum and Vanilla get along really well, coming form a similar background. Vanilla spends a lot of time around the house on her days off and keeps trying to smile. She's getting better. Slowly.
    May 20
Today Vanilla called me her friend. I wasn't there when she said it, but apparently most of the school was. Someone insulted my family and Vanilla immediately stood up for us. She's in the hospital now, but she'll recover. I visited her and she had the goofiest smile on her face when I walked in. It was a real one, but still...
I had to by her ice-cream from the cafeteria to make up for laughing at her.
    May 24
Vanilla was discharged yesterday and was back at school today. A new student also arrived. Introduced herself as Fawn and kinda vanished into thin air for most of the day. Vanilla and I found her being bullied by a group of students. There was another fight. One group had injured egos at the end of the day, and the other had ice-cream. Fawn is now known as Honeycomb.
    July 1
Something weird is going on at the school. After Honeycomb's arrival, a lot of odd things have started happening. I feel like I'm caught up in something way bigger than a new arrival.

Urgh... So bad... But a bit better than expected.
Anyway, have a wonderful day.