5 Mar 2017

I am the one they call...


Everyone in my family runs late. The only time any of us are on time is if one of us as told the others the wrong time.

Anyway, here are the last two faces.

Day 28 - All the way from American comics!

Kimberly Rose from Zodiac Starforce
Ok, Zodiac Starforce is on my list of must reads (Next to my Miss Fisher novels, and next to my anime list), so I don't know a lot about it. But this chick is cool. Her weapon is a sheild! AND!! AND!!! SHE'S A VOLLEYBALL PLAYER!!

Volleyball was the only sport that I wasn't black-listed from in high school, but it was also the only sport that did not get any attention from teachers and whoever had the purse, because all of the sport stars did rugby (if male) and netball (if female - which I did do, but the girls were nasty and I always ended up covered in bruises). So Volleyball was cut as soon as grade 9 was over.

But I like volleyball. Only time I see it is at the Olympics and when I was at uni. And whenever the volleyball anime was in my newsfeed.

So Kim = Cool.

Now. Day 29.

"MangaMem," I hear you cry, "What about the poster girl of Magical Girls?"

Well... No, I don't hear you. My music is often loud enough to tell someone is talking to me, but not the actually words.

Anyway... Here is the one they call Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon from Sailor Moon
Now, I'm not sure if I have every talked about my... lack of interest?... with Sailor Moon.

Now, close your eyes. Imagine yourself as young child under the age of 10. Got it? Good. Because being a small child with long blonde hair and blue eyes meant several things.
1) "You're such a cute Jeannie" - Mum did not help, as she often did my hair "The Jeannie Ponytail"
2) "You'd make such a good Sailor Moon"

Maybe you wonder why a ten year old would have such a severe reaction to those.
1) Jeannie (with all due respect) dedicated her life to a man
2) Sailor Moon dedicated hers to justice (mostly- but I respect that), but holy crap she was a ditz.

It seems to be a trend that has continued in almost everything I watch.

First Supanova, Mum bought a Sailor Moon outfit for me. I have worn it twice. Once then, then again at a Book Week dress-up where I wore a long dark coat and jeans too (to be Nancy Drew who 'transformed' into Sailor Moon). And long leggings under the skirt (Mum as a picture of it next to her computer). Everyone loved it. I was netural.

And maybe that's why when I create characters, I use myself and others as a basis with the question of "What would I have liked to see when I was younger?" and "What do I still want to see because I need to fill a hole in my life?"

And sometimes, it turns out the answer is Magical Girls and (almost) every iteration and variation on them.

29 Faces: COMPLETED!

Now, if you excuse me, I may be back. Maybe because the new season of Ladybug comes out May and I need to probably learn some more French besides reciting the opening word for word (no matter how many times it causes Mitch to laugh - and he always says "Please mind the closing doors" in Mandarin which causes me to, so we are even).

Have a wonderful day!!


1 Mar 2017

Day 26 and 27


There is a breeze blowing through me room which is nice, and I hope it lasts because it was stifling hot today.

Continuing the magical girl theme and variations!

How about a genetically-enginered hero? From Argentina? The answer better be yes, 'cause I am sorry but I made the choice for you.

Cyber-6 from Argentine comic Cybersix
Look - her design is really cool. Simple, but very nice.

Oh! Mum is calling for dinner, so I better make this one quick.

I know - no politics allowed, but please allow this face because, naturally, the Australian version of a magical girl causes the (American) Christian groups to protest.

Ah... Good times.

Guy Hamdon/Shezow from Shezow