21 Sep 2013

A little bit behind!

Hi everyone!

Things are about to get busy here, so I'm posting some faces together! I'm so behind!!

Day 18: Crow. Kept it mostly simple. No hand though...

Day 19: Foxglove. I tried using highlights on her hair and mouth.
Day 20: Tirumala. He keeps his eyes hidden because of their colour. Maybe one day I'll draw him without the goggles.

Day 21: Wolf. I tried to experiment with canvass rotation and drawing animal features.

Day 18-21: Mission completed!
Ok! Have a wonderful day everyone!!


  1. I love them all! I can't pick a favorite...

  2. Excellent Memphis! They are all very cool, but Wolf is my fav ;o)

  3. Ok that green hoodie due intrigues me, but I can't pick a fav either, love ALL these dudes!


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