29 faces

The 29 faces challenge is on for the month of February! This means trying to draw/paint/sculpt/etc a face everyday day (for 29 days)! First done on the February of 2012, it is celebrating its third year! Click here if you want to see everyone else that is competing, then click on their link and take a look at their art (I'm assuming you know the page, since you where able to get here).
Anyway, click on the day or name you want to take a look at here and the link (should) lead on to the post and picture!

Let's go! Round 6!

Step up for September!

These faces are from February 2013!

The faces from the second round!

And here are the faces for the first round! If you're interested and want to check them out, just click on the name!
Yes, I know Day 29 is missing... Here's why; I lost the picture!! I'll need to redo it... Bugger.

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