5 Mar 2017

I am the one they call...


Everyone in my family runs late. The only time any of us are on time is if one of us as told the others the wrong time.

Anyway, here are the last two faces.

Day 28 - All the way from American comics!

Kimberly Rose from Zodiac Starforce
Ok, Zodiac Starforce is on my list of must reads (Next to my Miss Fisher novels, and next to my anime list), so I don't know a lot about it. But this chick is cool. Her weapon is a sheild! AND!! AND!!! SHE'S A VOLLEYBALL PLAYER!!

Volleyball was the only sport that I wasn't black-listed from in high school, but it was also the only sport that did not get any attention from teachers and whoever had the purse, because all of the sport stars did rugby (if male) and netball (if female - which I did do, but the girls were nasty and I always ended up covered in bruises). So Volleyball was cut as soon as grade 9 was over.

But I like volleyball. Only time I see it is at the Olympics and when I was at uni. And whenever the volleyball anime was in my newsfeed.

So Kim = Cool.

Now. Day 29.

"MangaMem," I hear you cry, "What about the poster girl of Magical Girls?"

Well... No, I don't hear you. My music is often loud enough to tell someone is talking to me, but not the actually words.

Anyway... Here is the one they call Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon from Sailor Moon
Now, I'm not sure if I have every talked about my... lack of interest?... with Sailor Moon.

Now, close your eyes. Imagine yourself as young child under the age of 10. Got it? Good. Because being a small child with long blonde hair and blue eyes meant several things.
1) "You're such a cute Jeannie" - Mum did not help, as she often did my hair "The Jeannie Ponytail"
2) "You'd make such a good Sailor Moon"

Maybe you wonder why a ten year old would have such a severe reaction to those.
1) Jeannie (with all due respect) dedicated her life to a man
2) Sailor Moon dedicated hers to justice (mostly- but I respect that), but holy crap she was a ditz.

It seems to be a trend that has continued in almost everything I watch.

First Supanova, Mum bought a Sailor Moon outfit for me. I have worn it twice. Once then, then again at a Book Week dress-up where I wore a long dark coat and jeans too (to be Nancy Drew who 'transformed' into Sailor Moon). And long leggings under the skirt (Mum as a picture of it next to her computer). Everyone loved it. I was netural.

And maybe that's why when I create characters, I use myself and others as a basis with the question of "What would I have liked to see when I was younger?" and "What do I still want to see because I need to fill a hole in my life?"

And sometimes, it turns out the answer is Magical Girls and (almost) every iteration and variation on them.

29 Faces: COMPLETED!

Now, if you excuse me, I may be back. Maybe because the new season of Ladybug comes out May and I need to probably learn some more French besides reciting the opening word for word (no matter how many times it causes Mitch to laugh - and he always says "Please mind the closing doors" in Mandarin which causes me to, so we are even).

Have a wonderful day!!


1 Mar 2017

Day 26 and 27


There is a breeze blowing through me room which is nice, and I hope it lasts because it was stifling hot today.

Continuing the magical girl theme and variations!

How about a genetically-enginered hero? From Argentina? The answer better be yes, 'cause I am sorry but I made the choice for you.

Cyber-6 from Argentine comic Cybersix
Look - her design is really cool. Simple, but very nice.

Oh! Mum is calling for dinner, so I better make this one quick.

I know - no politics allowed, but please allow this face because, naturally, the Australian version of a magical girl causes the (American) Christian groups to protest.

Ah... Good times.

Guy Hamdon/Shezow from Shezow


27 Feb 2017

Day 25 - Up for a little trip?


While in the inital stages of choosing which magical girls to do (or at least, find as many as I could), I thought about the Power Rangers.

Maybe they counted? Probably not, as it was (most of the time I think) a male dominated team. But they had the uniform, and the transformation sequence, and the whole "must-not-tell-normal-people". So maybe?


Instead, I decided to do a Kamen Rider. Before you ask - No. I don't actually know much about the Kamen Rider TV series. There are something things that I do;
1) One of them carries around a spare pair of clean underwear
2) Most of them ride motorcycles
3) There is a small handful of dudettes who transform
4) There are movies where they have fought the Super Sentai (Original Power Rangers) and some people called Space Sheriff - all in all a misunderstanding each time, but it all worked out.
5) I may have watched most of the movies

In my defence (which lets face it, I proudly admit to many things I watch no matter what age or quality, so I really don't have much a defence), there was some really, really, really good choreographed fights and action scenes.

So, here is one of the female Kamen Riders that appears in the movies.

Day 25 - Kamen Rider Nadeshiko
Look - buddy - I know the armor is crap. And the shadows are off. And the body is uneven (to be fair, I only added the body because I didn't like the superimposed idea I had before). And that it is a lazy background. But this picture has been sitting in my to-do pile for too long and was taking up some space.

Moving on...

It's getting late, and I have work tomorrow.
Aaaaannnnnnd 4 faces to crank out. So...


26 Feb 2017

Day 24 - Read all about it


Well, now that I am behind, and three days until the end of February - it seems that I need to crank out faces.

And it seems like I will be leaving out some faces that I really want to do - so maybe I will do more than 29.

Anyway, here is Day 24! Continuing the Magical Girl Family thing that I am imagining

The young magical from the 1970s Blue Fairywren
Oh... I just noted a mistake in the text. Opps
The text says;
Sydney’s New Saviour? A Small, Blue Fairywren

'Yesterday, traffic grinded to a halt along George Street as another dark mass dropped from the sky and caused chaos. As people fled from the street, the dark mass continued to grow unabated until the arrival of a young girl dressed in blue. She quickly set-up a barrier and warned people away. The Crimson Rosella appeared minutes later and the two went in to combat the mass. After a tense wait, a blue and red light flashed as the mass retreated into nothingness, the two saviours left standing among the abandoned cars.

The Crimson Rosella took off as quickly as she appeared, but the other young girl remained and ensured that the general public were safe.

A reporter that was at the scene questioned her about her name, how long she has been active.

“I’m the Blue Fairywren,” she responded, “I’ve been around helping the Crimson Rosella for a few years from the sidelines.”

When questioned about being related to the Scarlet Robin she laughed.

“The Scarlet Robin and her team are quite an inspiration to live up to and model ourselves off, having been told many stories of their heroics by my father.”

Perhaps sensing that the reporter would keep her there the afternoon, the Blue Fairywren cited that she needed to return to her homework and she disappeared into the moving crowd.

This makes her the second magical girl to appear in 5 years, after the Crimson Rosella, and 20 years after the assumed retirement of Sydney’s first Scarlet Robin. How many more girls are there that will take up the mantle and example of Sydney’s saviour?'

Anyway, have a wonderful day!

22 Feb 2017

Star vs Winx


Bit busy with work, but hopefully this weekend I will have the time needed to visit other blogs.

Day 19 - An American magical girl this time

Star Butterfly from Star vs. the Forces of Evil
Days 20-23 - How about we go back to Italy?

From left to right - Musa, Flora and Tecna from Winx Club
I used to have a toy of Tecna. ... I wonder where it went...

And - wait - what?! 




Screw it. I'm going to sleep tonight. I obviously need it if I can't count correctly.

Have a wonderful day!

19 Feb 2017

Days 17 and 18


Fell a bit behind - we had a small, energetic visitor who requires attention and supervision.

So, today I decided to visit some early origins of the Magical Girl genre in Japan.

Sally from the 1960s Sally the Witch
Sally the Witch is considered one of the earliest magical girl shows around - its basic set up of "magic-that-must-be-hidden-in-normal-world" is the standard for plenty of others. It was also initially in black and white - so it was early!

Naturally, with going to the origins of magical girls, I wondered if the Father of Manga had done something (for those who don't know who the title belongs to, it is Osamu Tezuka - famous for Astro Boy and many, many other series - I have a wonderful book on his work, my uncle gave it to me). Anyway, he did. And it was called Marvelous Melmo.

Melmo from Tezuka's 1970-1972 Marvelous Melmo
Only counting as one face, since it is that same character (who takes a candy to switch between being a 9-year old and a 19-year old). Now, this is kinda funny, because Melmo was created as a children's introduction to Darwinist evolution and sex education, which caused problems because parents did not want to have that conversation with children. Hilariously, it was only aired in Japan and Italy. There was also some social commentary about the trials that girls experience while growing up.

Honestly Tezuka is one of the most interesting people to read about (I find anyway) - he was a pessimist of humanity (war, discrimination, etc), but seemed to hold children in high regard in that with proper encouragement, they would learn, change and florish.

I was told to not go political with 29 Faces, and I am not. But the more I read about Magical Girls, it is amusing just how political some of them are (natually overlooked and treated as only child things, and girl things on top of that).

That said, still won't watch Sailor Moon. Maybe one day, but not any day soon.

I have my reasons.

Well, have a wonderful day!!

16 Feb 2017

Day 16 - An Oldie but a Goodie


When I started my theme of Magical Girls (and a boy) I was not going to create anything original.

Then I got ideas.

So I did.

I thought, 'wouldn't it be cool to have a family of magical girls'.

So, using my family as the basis, I decided to do just that.

So, the first - The Scarlet Robin. A magical girl from the 1930s/40s. She was the leader of her group (hence the red)
No shading. A colour test so to speak.

Don't be fooled by the walking cane - she only carries it because she can't hit people with her handbag and the family have placed no rules on the cane (yet).
So taa-daa?

Anyway, John Wick is on and I have a bag to pack.


15 Feb 2017

The Valentine Post


Although a day late, Happy Valentines!

You all hopefully know my usual (don't particularly like it or Ferris Wheels).

Anyway, back in Novemeber last year, I went to Supanova. Naturally dressed up. Me and Mitch caught up with an old school mate of ours, who was dressed as Bill (from Gravity Falls) one day and Rocket Raccoon (from Guardians of the Galaxy) the next. Mitch had two outifts as well, and I had slaved and hit the sewing machine over one to avoid a catastrophe, so I was getting my wear out of it.

We were in line for an audio book thing, but were talking about an author talk me and Mitch went to - called "Death of the Anti-Hero: and other tropes". We talked about what we would like to see less of in TV and books and movies. Naturally, I said "I would like to see a lot less romance."

"That's kinda hilarious coming from you," Mitch laughed.

"Yeah. I admit I haven't watched the show you're from, but isn't your character a little bit on the romantic side?" Our friend (as Rocket Raccoon) added.

"A little?" Mitch burst into another round of laughter, "Try a lot!"

"I appreaiacte the purr-fect irony," I said as I mimicked a pose that my character does and flicked my recently cut hair (as Mitch called it, "The French Boy").

There was (and still is) a little joking debate between us as we talked about our favourite pairings in the show, but then line started moving, so in we went.

During Supanova there was also a dad and his son watching me as I walked around.
"Must be Catwoman," The 'all knowing' father mumbled (what he thought was low enough so I couldn't hear).
"No, Cat Noir," The son responded. I think the Dad was going to say something about why would a girl dress as a male character, when another Cosplayer that I had talked to (and seen everyday) came by with a "Hey Chat Noir! Found your ring?"
"Miraculously yes," I smiled back as she continued by. A quick glance showed me that the Dad was eager in trying to look away and the kid smiled - so I gave him a wave and continued trying to find Mitch.

Anyway, you aren't here for a story or two. Nor hear about anything else (most likely), so here is the face for Day 14! A Magical Boy this time.

Chat Noir from Miraculous: Les Aventures de Ladybug et Chat Noir (or Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir)
The punny partner of Ladybug, which is coincidentally why I dressed up as him. And I wanted to wear something with pockets. Also I wanted a haircut. The hairdresser thought it was hilarious when I pulled out a cartoon picture and said "As close as possible to this please".

So, with a Chat Noir singing his partner's graces, I naturally thought of another face.

Alya and Marinette from Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir
 I got lazy with the colouring

And so...

Days 14 and 15 - Done and dusted.

That's it. I see a bunch of problems with them (Chat in particular), but I have yet again slaved over it and I need a break. My brain is trying to think of more puns, but my stomach is saying "FOOD FIRST".

14 Feb 2017

Day 13 - Sometimes You Have To Be A Little Naughty!


I lied - one more face.

But first, a story.

Mum, Trin and I love musicals and we love going to performances. For a Christmas present, Mum bought Trin and I tickets (with two more to bring a friend along) to a show.

And long story short, we really liked it and I am listening to the soundtrack as I write. Although I wish Mum got a ticket for herself to come along to. And my friend from Uni got a bit of a shock - it was her first time going to a performance - but said that she enjoyed it.

So, for Day 13, the face is of a Miracle Girl (and totally counts as a magical girl).

Matilda from Roald Dahl's Matilda

This Matilda is based off the little actress/singer that performed.

Hm.... I feel like I drew her too old... Do you think so?

Oh well!


13 Feb 2017

Day 12 - Rock and Roll


Last post for the day (maybe), then I am only a day behind - but I already have an idea about what to do.

Anyway, a storm seems to be blowing in which is nice and hopefully gives us a cool break during this heatwave.

So, how about a Roller Derby magical girl?

Lydia Bloom (AKA "Thorn To Run") from Stardust Slammers (link to the comic)
My Volenteer supervisor played roller derby - her partner would freak out with every injury, and us volenteers would wince and marvel while she recounted her teams exploits (as sometimes her injuries made it that we had to climb and lift things).

Huh. Now that I think about it, with Guardians of the Galaxy 2 coming out, she will be going to the cinema a lot when it does.

Anywho. The storm has hit full swing. And if Mum taught me anything, it is to get off the computer when it does. So...


A Catty Witch and a Teenage Witch


I'm a few days behind again! So here is a quick post and maybe another tonight!

Days 10 and 11

Salem and Sabrina from Sabrina the Teenage Witch, but with some style cues from the Archie comics
Now, I know that somewhere in the 29 Faces rule book there is a rule that says "No animals". But technically, Salem is a witch cursed to stay in animal form - so logically still a person, just stuck as a cat.

That works right?

9 Feb 2017

Days 6-9

Good evening!

I fell a little behind in my faces, but I caught up quickly (I couldn't have Mum gloat over being a head for too long).

Day 6 - Buttercup from The Powerpuff Girls
 Funnily enough, Buttercup was my favourite. I started liking the colour green from a young age obviously.

Day 7 - Blossom from The Powerpuff Girls
 Blossom was my third favourite out of the PPGs. Ok, I know that seems harsh (maybe it is), but she was still good!

 Anyway, marching on with the theme...

I was doing some research and found a nice little blog/tumblr that is very passionate about magical girls and has done a history of it. As well as made several lists of different countries magical girls.

So, here is a Canadian Magical/Super Girl!

Day 8 - Betty from Atomic Betty
 Look at that - a much better chibi!

Close up
"MangaMem," I hear you say, "What about something that isn't in English/French/Japanese?"
Well, I have one (of many) answers... Meet Day 9 - flying in all the way from Germany!

Bibi Blocksberg from Bibi Blocksburg

Ok, I am being called for dinner, so have a wonderful evening!

5 Feb 2017

Day 5 - POW! er... I mean... Puff.


Something felt to be missing in my theme, that once I realised what it was I was shocked and ran out of my room to exclaim to Mum;


She just laughed her head off.

So naturally I had to fix that.

Bubbles from the Powerpuff Girls
... Dammit. I knew I forgot something. I forgot to colour the tongue. Oh well. You know, I used to be somewhat decent at drawing cute characters.

Day 5 - POW! DONE!

Have a wonderful day!

Day 4 - Small Rockstar


I am a day behind, but that's because I downloaded a mobile game and got sucked into it (naturally). This face was done yesterday though.

Anyway, it seems that after Japan, France and Italy have the magical girl market cornered. Today's face is a different French Magical Girl.

The magical form of Talia from LoliRock
And a close up!

Wow I suck at taking photos. Maybe I should just leave it for Mum to do. And maybe one day I'll do hands and backgrounds, but who knows? (I sure don't)
Day 4 - Completed!

Have a wonderful day everyone!

P.S. For anyone interested, W.I.T.C.H. (of Day 3) is Italian made, however it is set in America - since I felt the need to double check.

3 Feb 2017

Day 3 - A WITCHy Girl

Good evening (or morning)!

Continuing my theme of magical girls, Day 1 was French, Day 2 was one of the many Japanese, so for Day 3 I decided to draw an Italian magical girl. Which magically coincided with me finding my old comic collection of the series.

Taranee from W.I.T.C.H.
The colours look much better in reality. I swear.

I say Italian, the series is set in something like America ('cause I doubt Heatherfield is a name of a town in Italy, but maybe I am wrong), but the writers are Italian as well as the original release of the comic. 

Have a wonderful day!

2 Feb 2017

Day 2 - The Card Captor

Good evening/morning,

How are you?

Sakura from Cardcaptors
Cardcaptors was a large part of my childhood. When I went back to watch it years ago, I found it hilarious the differences between what the American and Japanese versions found (and continue to find) appropiate for children. And also that the last movie was only in Japanese or British English.

Anyway, I'm going to continue my theme beyond a shadow of a doubt.
Have a wonderful evening.

1 Feb 2017

29 Faces 2017 - The Bug Lady


Me and mum have been hard to pin down. Hard to spot. It's a cat-astrophe really. So we said "Fox it!" and decided to get down to buzz-ness.

Any of that make sense? No? Good!

Ladybug from Miraculous: Les Aventures de Ladybug et Chat Noir (or Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir)
A hard lady to spot.

Except when she isn't.

If the bird-brained puns don't make sense, don't scratch your head over them - they are just something that I enjoy.

Have a great day!

28 Sep 2015

More faces

Yo! How is everyone today?

Here are some faces I have done!

Face 24 - A Male Gorgon. Because why not? Also I have reasons.
Still suck at backgrounds

Day 25 - Cloud test (failed)

Anyway, back to essay writing.

Have a wonderful day!

25 Sep 2015

Face 23 (and 23.5)

So, I was going to do things the Scottish way and count an animal's face as a face, but then Mum called and she was "Actually, AyalaArt has thought about that", and so the wolf face I drew became invalid. But I still kept it because after the amount of work I put into it I was not going to rub it out (also the space above was too much for me to handle).

Day 23 - Tala (or Yuri) from Beyblades (and Wolborg his bitbeast in the background). One of the "bad guys" that I actually like (probably because I found him cool, vicious and mean, but cool)
Ah Beyblades, the first manga that I ever read. They used to sell them at the Newsagents and I'm sure I bought most of them (although I have no doubt in my mind that Dad is responsible for the missing volumes). So despite it (to many people) being bad and stupid, it has a fond place in my memories and I will one day complete the manga series of it. Hopefully with the good quality paper and none of that crappy one that ink spreads all over and the pictures are half cut off (Believe me, I have seen it).

Oh! Day 23: Mission accomplished!

Anyway, I need something to eat, to do more essay writing, and the Cowboy Bebob movie is on later tonight - so I know what two I am going to pick - and that means a hopefully relaxed Friday night watching the movie and playing on the DS with Mitch, only to panic in the morning and later in the week. Yay.

Well, have a good day everyone!

24 Sep 2015

Days 21 and 22 for the 29 Faces

Hi everyone,

Just a quick post for some faces that I have done over the past two days, because I really need to get into writing the essays I have to do.

I initally sketched the two faces in one of my lecture notebooks and I like them enough to transfer them over to the computer.

Face 21 - I am really proud of the hair on this one.
 And a full body picture!
No shading. Mostly because I am lazy.

Face 22 - Unfinished overall, but still a face and that counts! Shame I had to cut out the battle axe, I really liked it.

Days 21 and 22: Done! Now only two days behind!!

Have a wonderful day everyone!

22 Sep 2015

How far behind am I?

Five. Five faces behind. There went my somewhat decent track record.
Well here are some quick faces that I did on the weekend with some paint that I had.

Day 18 - I'm going to call this person Bluey

Day 19 - Afoil Knight. Ok, it is silver paint, but it kinda looks like foil right?

Day 20 - ??? No clue what I was doing
There is another face on this page, but I do have standards so that will not be appearing on this blog. Ever.
Days 18-20: Better late than never. Now to get back to essay writing (or attempting to)
Have a good day everyone!

18 Sep 2015

Two more faces

I just handed in one major essay just a few hours ago. All nice and good and hopefully it is passable. So I quickly pumped out two faces for the 29 Faces Challenge. I have been staring at a computer for the past 3 days, so I will move on to try something different tomorrow, but for now, some more colour palette challenge faces - This time courtesy of Trin and Mitch (and if Owen reads this, then he can pick one too if he wants).

Face 16 - Trin's choice. Ok, so I am not the best with anatomy and stuff (I avoided biology like it had cooties - which it probably did), but whatever it's a face!

Day 17 - Mitch's choice. I decided to try my hand at an Orc who liked pink and had magic powers I guess.
Don't look at me like that, I just draw things, I don't think about them too much (which sometimes is a problem)
Days 16 and 17: Done and dusted. YAY! Now I am only one/two days behind! Although I have yet to visit everyone, I should probably do that tomorrow in my breaks.

Ok. Now.
Back to studying for an exam on Monday. And to start on the next lot of essays due on the same day.

Have a wonderful day everyone!

13 Sep 2015

Playing Catch-up and beyond

Ok. I'll admit it. I fell behind in the challenge.

But I have a good reason!


Ok, so maybe I don't have a good reason, but I still did the faces! So that's something!

Days 9, 10 and 11 - The Tactical Knight Family Unit, featuring Kellam, Robin and Morgan (from left to right). 
Uh - Ok that was a bad name but oh well.
Fire Emblem Awakening fanart 'cause why not. I decided to use the same layout as a previous family unit that I have drawn.
Because again, why not.

Gah, have I ever mentioned how much I suck at taking photos? No? Well now I have, and I feel like it is a good time to mention it.

Ok, so that means that I am behind 2 days now!

*Look to the left* *Look to the right*

Right so no one is in the room right now, which means TIME TO DO THINGS THE SCOTTISH WAY!! (ie the Scottish way that Dad has taught me, so maybe just the Dad way instead)

Days 12, 13, 14 and 15! Just using pens to make some small faces to fill a book
Muahahaha!! I am in the lead now! 2 days ahead! Is that cheating? I'm sorry if it is. I was just drawing small quick faces and playing around with the pens in the Driftwood Palace and it isn't very likely that I will have time to draw in the future for a bit.

Days 9-15: Completed!

Well, have a wonderful day everyone!

9 Sep 2015

A Work in Progress

Hi everyone!

How are you today? I'm a bit busy still and need to kick my butt into gear.

Anyway, here are two faces for the 29 Faces challenge. I started sketching this picture out sometime earlier this year, but I was just working out today and decided to finish the faces.

Days 7 and 8 - Letter Bee and her Dingo. I am counting the wolf's face in the challenge, because why not?
And I am so behind I need all the faces I can get.
It is a fanart of a manga series that I like called Tegami Bachi (or Letter Bee). The art from the manga is really neat and detailed, while the covers are always purple which I thought was great, and I like the characters - I am probably too attached to some of them because I get a little upset at events in the story sometimes.

The background in the picture is a mess, and it;s mostly because I am still learning how to draw them.

Where was I...? Oh yeah! Days 7 and 8: Done and dusted! Now I am only one day behind! Gah, I hope to go around an visit people later tonight or maybe tomorrow.

Well, have a nice day everyone!

6 Sep 2015

Day 6 - "That's Never Okay" or shock expression

Ok, like I said before, I am practicing different expressions. Naturally, they look stiff or off (because the mirror is behind me and I can't exactly pull faces), but hopefully it looks okay.

My friend Mitch is watching a Let's Play (which is watching someone else play a game basically) of a new horror game that came out in the last week or two. I'm in my room when the next thing I hear (after an hour or three of bone crunchs or screams) is Mitch going "Did they just kill the dog?" and here are the crob notes of the conversation;
"What?" - Me
"I think they may have just killed the dog." - Mitch
"I'm not sure, those weird creatures are attacking and the dog ran off."
"Well maybe it ran the heck away."
A few minutes later
"The dog is alive!" - Mitch
"Great!" - Me
"Yeah it's-" a loud sound comes from the computer that is remarkably similar to a dog and horror sounds, "THEY KILLED IT!!"
And then we had a moment of silence that ended with "It is never okay to kill a dog" and "Dogs deserve to live". Mitch went on the tell me that there were two dogs in the game. And he stressed the 'were'.

Day 6 - Trin gave me some pencils as a present (which is really nice) so I decided to use them for this.
It's not the best quality picutre, but meh, whatever.
Day 6: Completed.

Coincidentally, I was reminded of the Snow Dog Incident in our household. I will not dive into the details, but suffice to say Disney was banned from the house for a long period of time and Trin and I will never hear the end of it (although we also happily tell the story to others). If you want to know the story, ask Mum - she and Dad have the fullest memory of the incident (and her version is also the best [although it is funnier with all of us adding into it]).

Actually now that I think about it, I think Mum may have already told the tale, or at least mentioned it in parting on one of my old posts... Hold on, I'll check.

YES! I found it! It was in regards to sad movies, but here is the shorthand version;

"and the all time great 'Snow Dogs' a Disney film that resulted in sobbing, screaming, and vomiting from 2 young girls that literally spewed they were so upset, that was the day I banned Disney in the house, oh dear, those dogs" - Sunshineshelle 7th Feb 2014.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have study to do. Have a wonderful day everyone!

5 Sep 2015

29 Faces - Days 4 and 5

Ok, I'm justing going to post these here - 'cause it's almost midnight and it's Fathers Day tomorrow and I still haven't been very productive on the studying agenda and it didn't help that I was watching a bunch of comedy news shows just a moment ago.

Days 4 and 5

I need to get better at drawing facial expressions, good thing this challenge is about faces huh?

Anyway, have a wonderful day everyone!

Edit: Ok, I have fixed the dates now!

4 Sep 2015

Another Colour Palette and 29 Faces Challenge

Hi everyone? How are you going this Friday?

I am a face behind, but by tonight I will be up-to-date with 29 Faces. For this face, I asked Mitch to contribute, as in choose a palette for me to use. He choose a different one initally (one that was prodominantly pink) but he changed his mind when he remembered that I had already done a pink dude (which I sent to Mum and got a 'hubba-hubba' in response).

Anyway, here is the face for Day 3!

Here is most of the picture (sans a hand and both feet). Geez I suck at anatomy.

And a close up.
Day 3: Done!

I was just messing around with brushstrokes for the background because I thought I needed some other colour than a plain white. I kinda like having noise or music around me when I do art, so while I was doing this I had an old show I used to watch playing in the background - Samurai Jack. I used to love it, and still do. Makes me feel old though since it was released in 2001 and ran for 3 years. If you want a neat animation with little dialogue, I would recommend it.

Anyway, I better find something to eat before my stomatch decides to make noises at weird times again.

Many thanks for dropping by!


Dammit I just saw a mistake on the face! Oh well, maybe I'll fix it later.