23 Feb 2013

Day 13 ( a little late)

Hi everyone!
It is going to get busy for me soon, so I am trying to crank out as many faces as I can right now.
Today I went to a Memorial/Funeral of a great teacher of mine. The only reason I got a good attitude to school and learning was because of her (which is funny now. Mum remembers a lot of my previous teachers were worried that we wouldn't get along and tried to switch me to a different class. In the end I got along well with her). She was a great person. A week or so ago I wrote a letter to her thanking her for everything she did (calling me out when I did something wrong, trying to make me laugh after being hit in the back of the head by a cricket ball and things like that). I was going to Brisbane on Monday. Before that I went into work to help. While I was there I got a call from Mum and Dad.
They told me that that great teacher had died.
She battled cancer for 5 years (after being given a 6 week life expectancy). Proved everyone at that hospital wrong.
The news really shook me up and today I went to her memorial with Mum. She influenced a lot of lives. Former students of hers (one of them was in his work clothes), parents of students (my friend Mitchel's parents were there), her colleagues and her family all gathered together to celebrate her life.
It hit me when they took her coffin and placed it in the car that she really was gone.
Sorry... I'm getting a bit teary eyed writing this. I'll stop now.

If you're here for a face, I'm sorry you had to read through that. If you are uncomfortable reading that, I'm sorry I put you in that situation.
I just thought that people should know that the world lost a good person.

Anyway, here's a face.

Inspired by Tron. I'll go back and change it to do the correct 80's style Tron eventually. But not right now

Day 13: Completed. Let the drawing-fest begin!


  1. Memphis, great people always live on in our hearts, their words and actions, lessons taught, memories of their life make us better people... it was obvious at Karyn's service she had touched so many people, she was inspirational, actually a true legend and we were blessed to have known her. Her service was a beautiful celebration of her life, and I'm sure there is another star in heaven... maybe with a Harley Davidson ;)
    Your Tron inspired face looks like someone who could take on a challenge... very fitting when your post was inspired by your awesome teacher Ms Buckley :)

  2. I am sorry for your loss Memphis! She was a great person, to have touched so many lives! You are lucky to have had her as a teacher!
    I love Tron!! Great face!


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