29 Sep 2013

Holidays! And faces.

Hi all!
I'm finally on holidays! Only for a week, but better than none! The problem is that there is very limited internet, Trin is sick and I still have work to do.
Fine! I'm behind on my faces! So here is a bulk post!!

Day 22 and 23: It was just a quick picture. Pretty self-explanatory. Here is the comic that inspired this response CLICK HERE

Day 24: Eilene. She creates force fields (which I'm still trying to figure out how to draw)

Day 25: The Crybaby returns! There is no wi-fi here, so the bonuses I had carefully building up are all gone now.

Day 26: Xochitl - A spiteful goddess obsessed with erasing her mother's legacy. She has tossed other immortals into the mortal realm for various reasons. The thing I like the best is that her wings are useless. The bones are too weak and small to support her weight, so she only uses them to threaten. Bites her in the butt in the end.

Day 27: A Mayan ghost who was one of the sacrifices when her city suffered a drought. It explains why there are paper strips in her ear. She's kinda funny, haunting the museum's water pipes.

Day 22-27: Done!
Two more... I'm going to do it! I'll finally complete a 29 faces challenge!! Just you wait!
Alright! When I get internet, I will do a huge catch-up! Have a fantastic day everyone!


  1. Hey Memphis! I hope Trinity is feeling better ;o) Love all your faces and the stories behind them! My two favs are Cry baby and The Goddess! Take Care, hugs ;o)

  2. I love these all, but thinking Xochitl - A spiteful goddess, may be my favourite with her non functional wings... of course all great, ok love the Mayan ghost too... oh yes and the Bonuses LOL!!! Oh & enjoyed the projectTIGER link too! One more thing... I confess... they may all be favs, truth is I enjoy meeting ALL your characters :)


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