3 Dec 2011

A disastrous Physics lesson

Looking back over my school books, I remember a two hour Physics lesson that was pretty bad for the class and teacher. Now, before I tell the story it is important to know that while Physics is on, so is HPE (Health and Physical Education), OP Hospitality, Media Studies and so on. So in the 'rare' cases of being bored or nothing to do, we the Physics students would advert our gaze to the window and see the Media students watching a movie, so we would watch it for a while before we had to work again.

Anyway, this particular lesson was really, really, really bad. Two HPE students didn't have a permission form signed, so they were placed in our class for the two hours. That itself would not have been bad, but HPE students never do any homework, or work, the only thing they do is sit there and be a class clown or find some way to disrupt the class. The two students that joined us were the worst of the lot. We (physics students) were seriously focusing on quarks, leptons, gluons, electromagnetic waves (I'm just going to stop right there...) but the two HPE students were shouting in the back of class about how pointless it all was, questioning pretty much everything and tore down a few posters. When our teacher moved and separated them into the back room and outside, it only got worse.

Here's a list of what they did within the thirty minutes before being lectured for the remainder of the lesson and sent to detention;
1) They opened the door to the back room and talked to each other
2) Touched everything in the back room
3) Knocked over stuff in the back room
4) One of them thought I wasn't looking and through the fume box raised his middle finger at me
5) Got some of the media students that were on a break to join them
6) Run to their original spots when a door was opened
7) Get yelled at by the Media teacher
8) Get lectured by the science assistant
9) Dropped a power generator (I think that's what it is called)
10) Pretty much snapped Jessie's (a boy by the way) old physics assignment in half
11) And I'm pretty sure they did even more but I can't be stuffed to remember it

So after the two hour lesson, the 20 minute lecture and the many phone calls to office, four physics students stayed behind to pack up the room and chat. Me, my friend Owen, Luke and the genius Jordan (There was a saying in our year... "If Yatesy can't do it, then the rest of us haven't got a chance").
Our teacher was upset about the whole lesson and said, "I forgot that people like that existed."
"How?"We all responded in our various ways.
"I only teach physics to the senior school. Those who choose to be here"
"Well hopefully you'll never have to see them again" I responded, really wishing that I'd never have to see them again too and then remembered that I only had to tolerate it for three more weeks.
"In England we have a system to sort students into depending on their intelligence, why isn't there one here?" Our teacher commented about the education system we have set up.
And there wasn't even a moments pause when Jordan responded,
"It's called discrimination here"
Thus there were high-fives between the four students, we said a quick bye to the teacher and swiftly left the classroom, still laughing.

Now that I'm remembering the Physics lessons, I remember what Owen used to do in pretty much every second one. He would start a fight/discussion with our teacher about the teaching method or the formula being used or something. Owen wasn't really picky about what, he just had to have some fault with it. It was pretty lucky for the teacher then that I was in the same class and sitting next to Owen. I sorted out the fights by telling Owen to back off the subject and that if he becomes a teacher, then he can have his say (and that is never going to happen).

Oh, and then there was the Electromagnetic Spectrum song that Daniel would sing every lesson and the Quark song and the Pi song and some other song or five that I will never look up (or if I do, only to terrorise people). And in our first term, we did medieval physics. If anyone remembers my first post, you'd remember that I have an aversion to ball sports. One physics lesson, we had a prac, I was taking a break from testing my Mace (Yes. A hand-made Mace) and showing Owen something on my I-pod while some of the other physics students were sitting down close by, when all of a sudden a ball came flying out of the Pinbarren (our undercover basketball/netball/handball court) and went straight into my leg. Then everyone close by heard the sound of the impact, and Owen had even inspected himself incase he was hit. 

A few moments later, everyone looked at me, but it wasn't because I was crying out in pain or on the ground or nursing a wound. They looked at me because they had deduced if they were on the sidelines, and Owen wasn't hit, then surely it was me that was hit. Instead, I picked up the ball and tossed it back to one of the kids in Pinbarren like I wasn't hit. Truth is that it was me, but I didn't even feel the ball make contact with my leg. I had been kicked/kneed/punched/had other balls thrown at me in the same spot several times, so I had grown some kind of pain tolerance on that leg. For that lesson I was hailed as some kind of demigod. As fun as that lesson was however, it ended and I inspected my leg to find a huge purple bruise. So much for being a demigod huh? It's weird though, as fast as the ball was and as loud as the impact was, you would think that I would have felt or noticed it? Or at least tried to move out of the way? I guess some part of my brain knew that the ball was heading my way and if it missed the first, it'll hit the second. I don't know though, the whole incident was pretty weird.

Anyway, I guess that gives people a rough idea about what happens in our physic lessons, and that's not even going into detail about the breaks, or the maths, or the discussions or the five people that would hover around Owen's laptop every second Tuesday during the lesson to watch the countdown for the next episode of Red vs Blue. 

Ok, I think that's it for now! Have a nice day everyone!

20 Nov 2011

School Books and the pictures in them: Part 1

You know what I loved about school the most? Decorating my books. It took me a while to find the perfect way to place the clear covering over my books without an air bubble appearing in it, but I took over Mum's job after I got a handle over it! Unlike the others in my grade, I decorated my books for two reasons
1) I couldn't bring a manga in every day and if the lesson was going to be boring I wanted something nice to look at
2) There was no way that people were going to take my books because they were easily identifiable as mine and for them to be seen with a book covered like that would be beyond embarrassing for them

And how were they easily identifiable? By decorating them with something that I like, which is anime and manga. And thus, no one would touch my stuff, expect my friends, Owen would read the comics, Mitch'o would look for familiar characters (and pay me out about what was on the back of my Maths B book) and one of the girls would rate the guys on a scale from 1-10 (she never rated below an eight though and gave one picture a 20 once).

I'll replace these pictures of the books for better ones as soon as I can (and remember to)
Ok, Chemistry!
This is my Chemistry book. It has a Naruto college (made by Mum), a picture from Soul Eater and an awesome picture of Axel from Kingdom Hearts II (which sadly can't be well seen)

Ignoring the shadow, this is an unfinished picture of Nicholas, Shin and Ptah. They are trying to not inhale Butanoic Acid. Trust me, our chemistry room still stunk of it a month later.

One lesson, I had this neat idea of Ashley rigging her outfit of anything that might help when she is desperate. I thought of triggering a shuriken to come out of an arm-guard. But not knowing when she'd need it, decided to draw her when she is first testing it out... On Ryou as it seemed.

Dissidia Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Soul Eater and Reno kicking butt (Final Fantasy Advent Children). The point of my Physics book was that it was covered in things that defied physics

This is the initials that I use with a symbol that my friend drew for my (Which you see in a earlier post). I used this design for my Year 12 leavers gift
3 pages into the Physics book, and you'll find this little drawing on the bottom of the page. Ashley, Ryou, Zakhar and Zinouy are the Physics students of the Oracle group, but surprisingly, their clan and abilities defy physics too.

These are epic hands that I drew. Very proud of them

The drawing isn't finished, but it was a prank gone wrong for the most part. Testing gravity with a bucket of water and a sleeping teenager isn't the best idea
 The English response book that we never really wrote in
Baccano! and Neon Genesis Evangelion. When I was little I used to watch Evangelion, so when the new movie came out, I was very excited and insisted that we get to Supanova on time so that we couldn't miss it

First page in and you come across a napping Tau. Yes, he has cat ears. He is a Neko, and often forgets to turn back completely human after being a cat.

While studying MacBeth, I was ahead of the class. I was determined to get good marks for it because it is Mum's favourite Shakespeare play. So, the rest of my class struggled, tried to copy my answers, instead only to find me drawing this. Ryou and Ashley studying, well... I'm sure Ryou is, I'm not quite sure if Ash is writing down notes or drawing

This was an attempt to draw a kick without any thing to go off (besides memory). It sorta sucks, but it's probably one of the better ones (sadly).

 Ok, that's it for now. Have a wonderful day everyone!!

19 Nov 2011


Yesterday, I finished my 12 years of schooling. While the girls in my year were balling their eyes out about how much everyone was good friends with each other and how much their miss others in the grade, I sat there waiting for it all to be over so I could go home and never see many of them ever again (boys and girls, not just girls). Now while that is a negative view to the process of graduation, the fact of the matter is, most of those people tortured me for twelve years, so I'm very happy at the prospect of never seeing most of them ever again.

Now the only thing is, I actually show them respect, even though they have never shown it to me. And I always wondered why I did that. Truth is I still have no idea. Probably 'Treat people the way you want to be treated', never worked, but I moved on to the idea of 'what goes around comes around'. Still hasn't worked too well though. Mum is always saying to me 'But there are some people you trust right? Just because of what happened in the past doesn't mean that it will happen now', and while Mum may say that, the truth to the matter is I just don't like most people my age because they are what I like to call 'colourless sheep'. For this reason I also dislike a huge amount of the people in the younger grades too. Still though, there are a few peers that I do like and hope to cross paths with again sometime in the future because they aren't 'colourless sheep' to me. And these few people I consider friends.

School wasn't all that bad though. I liked most of the teachers (didn't really like my last English teacher) and I enjoyed a huge majority of the lessons. I had a lot of time in school to think too. It was in those times I started to plan or flesh out my stories. Nobody would notice if I went off on my own, or that I was in the same room (in several camp and retreat cases), I don't think they even noticed that I stopped writing down notes to draw a picture instead.

I guess after this little rant, I can't really say much about my personal experience with school. Summed up; I dislike most of the people at school, but school itself I really liked. Now with more free time, I'll be able to do more drawings, write more, start going through the list of books that I've been meaning to read and start finishing video games (or start them, depends on which gaming console).

Actually, yesterday, there was a Year 12 liturgy, and it was pretty boring (and sitting on the floor for around 2-3 hours didn't help). I was lucky, I was sitting next to two of my friends. 30 minutes into the liturgy, I looked over to the friend on my left, Owen, and said "Is it sad that I'm thinking I can scale the wall and hide up there?" while I motioned to the bearings on the ceiling. He looked up and realised what I was referring to.
"Do you think it's sad I'm thinking about throat tickler's?" He replied. I looked at his hands and he was flicking them like he was activating something.
Now, I think I should explain what a throat tickler is. It is my friend's nickname for a hidden blade after he used it in a game and it went through the throat (but he had turned the blood option off for some reason), thus it was named.
This is a 'throat tickler'. Otherwise known as a hidden blade. And the game it's from (Currently in my possession)
I got the image from Google.
Talking about hidden blades, at the Graduation dinner later that day, the two of us and our other friend, Mitchell (otherwise known as Mitch'o) were so bored that we placed spoons in our watches (or bracelet in my case) and pretending that we were assassins in our seats. This happened while our principal was talking for, uh... I don't know how long he went on for. And oh yeah, he is a brother (Catholic brother not family brother). We stopped in the end, just as we saw the dessert coming out and instead focused our attention to feeding the candle something with Owen's mum and Mitch's sister, which we again stopped as soon as the servers came to our table.

And so after that night, and sleeping for 12 hours, I got up, ate breakfast/lunch, placed Assassin's Creed Brotherhood in the X-box and spent 4 hours jumping from roof to roof, sniping guards with a crossbow and the last few minutes taught Mum how to fight briefly. I was very proud; She assassinated one and killed the other three within 20 seconds. A lot better than she was in Halo were she threw a grenade in the car she was in... That was after spending ten minutes of me telling her where to turn the camera to so she could get in... And that was after her spending 30 minutes lost and her running off a cliff (although from that she did appear where I was after she fell and that solved the lost problem).

Ok, I think I'm done for now. That was a nice little rant, I feel much better. Now that school's finished, I'll be posting the pictures that I drew in my school books over the past year a few at a time. Ok, thanks for listening (well, reading, but you get the idea)! Have a nice day everyone!
This was a picture I drew to celebrate me graduating. Nice isn't it? I drew the hand on the right, Mum drew the one on the left.

30 Oct 2011

Just to show you how chaotic my mind can sometimes get...

Ok, I needed a break from doing my assignments, and besides the inking of a drawing that I'm about to do (I swear I'm about to do it!), I sorta decided to showcase most of my stories. Well... At least the basic outline. I know that I have this warning on the side of this page, but since I'm doing this, I might has well be protective (and sorry to all those who feel insulted while reading this warning);

All characters, worlds & stories that appear in this blog are my own original work, so all copyright, reproduction rights and ownership belongs to me, Memphis Wilson. I am thrilled if you like these worlds, but please don't reproduce my creations without my permission. Thanks for understanding

Ok, good. Now that that's out of the way, we can move on... The worlds that I have in my mind:

A similar reality in that technology is more or less (more like the more) up to where we are
There are 33 major-major characters in the first story (There are so many people in this world that I ended up sorting them into groups of focus: Major-major, major-minor, minor-major, minor-minor, and everyone else). The 33 are expanded on again each passing year.
In this world, the ancient myths are actually true (or at least the beings behind them)
The direct descendants of these beings inherit some pretty wicked powers/skills
Oracle is the name of the game that is popular worldwide
This world is so HUGE and my major focus, since I want to do a manga of it

Holmes and Drew Factor
Set in a high school in this world (nothing supernatural about it)
4 major characters (smallest lot so far… And one of the earlier ones)
High school detectives, hence Holmes and Drew (Sherlock Holmes and Nancy Drew respectively)

Futuristic – Science fiction
The landmasses have been fused together and there is a political struggle for power spanning for over 50 years prior to the start of the story
There are refugee towns that are filled with people not wanting to get involved with the struggle. The choices are sea, cave, underground, jungle and volcano towns
8 main characters, but one features predominantly
S-Units are underwater vessels used for many different tasks. There are seven in total

The Nightmare Story
Futuristic - Science fiction
Alien invasion
People under the age of 18 (I think) were exposed to a gas when it was released into the atmosphere that was released before they were born. These ‘kids’ were the food for the aliens because they could be tracked down (hunted)
Story told (in a journal/free thought form) from the view point of an ‘infected’ private (In the military)
There are several major characters, but each having a varying degree of majority

The Dream Story (well they all are, but this is the title I gave to one)
Set in a reality with the same technology, but with supernatural capabilities
There are only two major-major characters, but there are many others that appear from time to time
Focuses around an out of date book filled with mythical monsters and beings, and it is the job of the two major characters to fix any details in it

The really confusing one that has every single other story in it
Set in a world where travelling to the different stars/worlds are possible
A form of darkness is taking over and destroying the worlds one by one in order to open the door to the dark realm (Don't ask. I think the mastermind is an idiot)
Story focuses on a ‘foreigner’ and the people that she meets throughout her journey to stop the darkness (a quest she was rather reluctant to agree to)
………………… I’d try to count the characters that pop up… But think of it as every single one of the characters on these pages, plus a possible 6-10 more

Way alternate reality in which both magic and science co-exist (Think Final Fantasy)
There is a massive war going on, I have yet to discover over what
Told from the viewpoint of the Keeper of Memories, who wiped his own for some reason or other (yet another thing I’ll need to find out)
There are 6 characters that I have seen or met (2 of which won’t tell me a thing about them, so I asked their boss. Those suckers don’t know what they’ve got coming to them now!)

Ghost Walkers
This was the first one I had set in a different reality, and the person telling the story states it too (and it isn’t me telling the story! Well it is, but I heard it from someone else, so… Yeah)
Walkers are people who have a ghost fixed with them from the moment they are born. Their life-job is to get the ghost back their body
The ghosts are people who have died an unfair death, or early, or have worked their butt off in the afterlife to get a second chance. Many of the ghosts are good, but occasionally a bad one sneaks through
Story focuses around the Walker Laura and her ghost Gale
It’s gets pretty confusing at some point (Have yet to pin it down exactly) but there is a psycho ghost walking around

Set in a world with a mixture of modern technology, but most old fashioned in many life-style aspects (Not attitude… Well, some characters are, but many are ‘new-age’ thinkers. Or too scared to say anything)
I’ve got a fair idea of what is going on in the story, but I have yet to exactly pin-point it on one line to summarise it. However, since the characters are already there, I just gave them a world to run around in
Nine characters, excluding sensei (teachers), leaders of villages, animals, enemies, students and anyone outside the village. There are however, around 33 that have had their existence confirmed (Including everyone that was previously excluded)

Territory Battle
This world is defiantly an alternate reality; there is better technology, but not really traditional sci-fi material.
Think of it like a huge gang war, between like… 5 gangs, and one secret one, but sshhhh…
There are strict rules in place to prevent deaths, and there are a lot of areas called neutral territory, in which if there is a fight, verbal or physical, the punishment is severe (not death though)
Even in the clash zones there are many rules that have to be followed, or else
The secret group (from what I can gather) are so secret, that members of it are announced as dead or missing
There are a group of friends that have been split up by the territory ‘war’, and two of them are trying to fix the relationships from ‘beat-up-everyone-not-in-our-group’ to ‘can’t-stand-them-but-will-not-fight-with’. I think that the two know it is hard to aim for much better than that

Communications World (This is only a temporary name until I figure out a better one than what I already have, which is Azure)
This world is one where it is possible to communicate with the other worlds
I know this because Azure (one of the people from this world) knows some of the older versions of those in Oracle
Outside of that… I have no idea of the purpose that this world serves… I guess that I keep it with me though because MOST of the characters in this story are much easier to talk to (and don’t get mad at me for some of the things that I create about them)

Ok, I think that's it for now. Have a nice day everyone!

13 Oct 2011

An article that I did for school

First off. I'M SO SORRY! I still haven't inked my witches, but I just borrowed out a heap of new (to me) manga and I'm reading 'The Power of Six' (sequel to 'I am Number Four'), so again I apologise. I still intend to keep my promise.

Anyway, to post a post, in Australia, we have a festival called 'Voices on the Coast'. It's a festival with Australian writers, artists and occasionally performers. I first went when I was in grade 6 or 7. Mum went to as a chaperone to the group of over-excited kids. Since my first time, I've been going to the festival ever since. I've picked up different techniques in writing and drawing, or things to try (most of which I suck at, but I still try). Anyway, my first year of High School was the first time they decided to try taking a group there. We were small, and at the end of the day, I wrote up an article on it. Every year since then, I've written an article and this was my last year doing it.

There was a mistake in the article (ONE mistake) but on this post I fixed it up. Teacher did a lousy check-over. Anyway, moving on to the actual article.


On the 6th of June 2011 at Sunshine Coast University, the ‘Voices on the Coast’ 30 students and 3 teachers from St Asbjörn’s attended this literacy festival. The number of students had been cut in half, but none the less no-one’s spirits for the excitement of that day were dampened. The day’s highlights included going to writing, drawing and performing workshops, listening to the stories of the talented authors and illustrators there and of course, getting autographs. The St Asbjörn’s students showed their best behaviour as they were swept with the unparalleled excitement of the day.
As soon as the group stepped off the bus, everyone was gearing to go to the first session. Olivia from 8.6 said that after attending the Steph Bowe talk she would “really like to read the book ‘Girl saves Boy’ because it sounds interesting”. Brigette from 9.4 went to a Pat Flynn talk, afterward saying “I really enjoyed this session as he entertained a comical side to his lecture capturing everyone’s attention”. Meanwhile over on the other side of the grounds, many went to a talk with Oliver Phommavanh, and were in agreement that even with the child-like sense of humour (and attention span) that it was the funniest talk of the day and a huge highlight.
In session 2, Rianna from 8.4 went to a talk with fantasy author Kate Forsyth saying, “I always loved fantasy and it had some good writing tips for me”. Several students went to a printing workshop and all agreed that it was one of the most fun things of the day; Trinity said “I enjoyed this workshop because it showed how talented some people are”. Grace from Penola 3 explained that the ‘Shake and Stir’ workshop “Was not what I had first expected. It was an unbelievably awesome workshop”!
In the last session, Darcy from 9.3 went to see James Phelan and had some harsh criticism: “It was alright, it needed more writing techniques’. Finian went to Michael Bauer saying it was a “great inspiration and very funny”. Sacha said that “Tristan Bancks showed us how to set up and write stories”.
Unfortunately, the day had to come to an end (much to the disappointment of all), and at the bottom of each of the sheets I have in front of me there are the words ‘Best day ever’ or ‘Great fun’ scrawled across in all different handwritings.
It’s been a pleasure reporting the St Asbjörn’s students’ day during ‘Voices on the Coast’ for the past five years; it’s hard to believe that we started with only 10 students and one teacher.
Memphis Year 12
CLC Club

And just on another note, all last names were deleted from this article and I changed the name of the High School, just incase some creep comes along. I'm not saying any of you are creeps, but it's better to be safe than sorry. And incase the name 'Saint Asbjörn' is stubbled upon, it comes from a web-comic called 'Scandanavia and the World' and was created by Humon. I just lack the imagination right now to create a name, and I was re-reading some comics yesterday.

I hope I did everything correctly... If not, I'll probably take the post down. Anyway, Have a good day everyone.

8 Oct 2011


Haha, I sorta kinda spent my day painting and playing on the computer, when I was meant to be finishing off a different drawing... Opps... Anyway, I liked the outcome of the painting I did, so I decided to show you guys the picture. The picture is of Ashley (an older version of her I think) and it's done in a 1970's knitting book. I plan to fill the other pages with my other characters. There are only three pictures though because I'm really lazy when the camera's out of my reach.

Would you believe me if I said that I actually drew that hand?
And here is the fully coloured picture. Like it? I do. It seems kinda steam-punk to me, but I found the outfit in one of the 70's knitting books! Although, the outfit had no colour, so that part's all me!
And then I decided to add an outline for her wings in the end just to use up some of the paint I had left

Short post, but the next one will have my witches I promise! I'll draw all day tomorrow if I have to (actually, I might do that anyway). Ok, have a fun day everyone!

3 Oct 2011

Holidays and My friend's artwork

Holidays are a great thing. Travel, sleep, video games, reading, drawing and writing! The only issue is that it has to be crammed into 2 weeks. That and there was little internet access time (and whatever time there was a certain younger sister made sure she had it). Doesn't matter though. I enjoyed reading out my favourite bits to Mum from the book I was reading, 'Witches Abroad' by Terry Pratchett, while mum told me about hers, 'Small Gods' also by Terry Pratchett. And now I really, really, really need to find the other 30-something novels of Discworld.

On the first day of the holidays, I sent an e-mail to my friend (the one who likes the purple hair) asking if I could put the pictures she drew for me on here, but she didn't check her inbox, so I had to wait until school today when she came bouncing up to me excited to talk about her holiday (mainly watching anime). But before I show the pictures on here, you need to know the back story (well, not really, but it clears up some details).

1) She (my friend) is a really gifted manga artist. She is like me in that she draws in her school books, but if you flip through hers, you'll see some school work on a page and then a full page dedicated to a character on the next. Man I get so jealous of her sometimes... She tells me about her pictures and I REALLY want to see them... Moving on.

2) Three weeks before the end of the term, she had started to get back into an anime called 'Beyblades', something that I re-watched three years ago (and keep re-watching when I'm in the mood). She was very excited about it, and throughout the week, we talked about the parts that she was up to and what she remembered from before.

3) During the exam week, she came up to me with a picture that she had drawn of two of the characters, and I decided I was going to draw her as a beyblader with a dragon bitbeast, but I wanted her to be happy with it. So during the study block, I asked her what were her preferred colours and if she still adored dragons (overall, her tastes vary depending on how she is feeling). So I did the picture (with a dragonology book for a reference) and gave it to her at the end of the day. If I interpreted the squealing correctly, she was really happy.

4) And now we arrive to the last week of the term. In the last block she was absolutely determined to give me the picture before the end of the day. Since my chemistry class only had seven kids in it, after we packed up the library, we could sorta wander around for a bit before going back to the classroom. My friend was in the library and said she'd give the picture if I tagged along with her. After wandering around, she realised that the picture was in the art room, so we went there (the class also had seven kids) and she happily told me all about the drawing process and joined my chemistry class for a bit before she took off.

So that is the very brief backstory. Now some of you are wondering why I'm putting my friend's work on here, even though I've been drawing over the holidays, am I right? The truth is... I need to fix up my drawings, and organise them, and possibly locate one or two. BUT I was originally planning to post this on the last day of the term and I decided I'd still go though it. Besides, it an awesome picture and I like showing people awesome things.

Oh, I just realised I didn't tell you what the picture is of. It's her interpretation of me as a beyblader and what my bitbeast would look like. She always puts so much work into her artwork... I feel bad now... I think mine is really, really, really poor compared to hers...

Anyway! To the pictures!

I'll put up better quality pictures as soon as I can and I promise Magaly, I'll keep my self-made promise to put up my witches, but the pictures of them went walk-abouts and now I have to find them (or redraw. There's not that much work yet).

Anyway, thanks for reading and bearing with me on this one! Have a nice day everyone!

29 Aug 2011

The introduction of Moselle

I have so many worlds and characters, my friends find it amazing that I can name over forty off the top of my head and know the background of the characters too. Haha, maybe I'm a little weird like that then huh? Anyway, this is part of the story of Moselle, otherwise known as 'The Dream Story'. Although many of my stories arrive in dreams, the actual landscape of this one appeared before the characters themselves and the landscape was a dreamy fantasy cove, with clear water in the middle, resting rocks to sit on and a view of the night sky (and day too, but I've only seen it at night) and the old tree growing outside.

Anyway, the first time I actually wrote of Moselle was for an English assignment, but the ending is really bad, so that won't come up on here until THAT gets sorted out. So this is Moselle when she first appears in the story as an independent character (she first appears as a little baby).

Let's just get this out of the way... This is one of my worlds and original stories, so all copyrights, reproduction rights and ownership belongs to me, Memphis Wilson. Thanks for understanding


The community pool was packed with teenagers in brightly coloured clothes. Red, Blue, Yellow and Green were the main colours, along with the odd pink or purple. Nine of the younger males lined up behind the podiums, with another nine on the chairs waiting for their turn to race, and the pattern continued for four rows. The females that just finished climbed out the sides of the pool and a teacher at the podium put something into a signal gun. He brought the head phones around his neck up to cover both his ears firmly, a whistle hanging out the side of his mouth. He blew the whistle and the nine males scaled up onto the podiums as the teacher aimed the signal gun up high. He pulled the trigger and as the loud ‘BOOM’ went off, the teen’s catapulted forward off the podium and into the chilling water. Other teens not involved in the physical fitness side cheered from their coloured tents/areas. Practiced war cries that deafened everyone nearby came from the four major gathering of teens. At the back of the blue area, in the shade and surrounded by abandoned bags, sat a petite female. Her slender figure was slightly hunched over a book in her lap, her hair was dry and she had a blue t-shirt on with brown boardies. She was obviously not paying much attention to those in front of her as some turned around to she if she was joining in. But she didn’t even look up from her book. The captain of the Blue team came over to her and kneeled down to her height. He had blue body paint everywhere with a splash of the other colours too.

“Moselle,” He grinned at the girl, “Are you swimming today?”
“Later,” she replied plainly and didn’t even bother to look up to the older boy. The captain shrugged and tried to start a conversation with her instead.
“So what are you reading then?”
“What kind?”
The captain waited for her to elaborate on her short sentence, but after a while he gave up and went back to the cheering squad. She was always like that when reading, it was like nothing else mattered in the world but that book, and then when she’d finish it, there’d be a new one to move on to.
“Could all under fifteens girls report to the marshalling area for 100 m freestyle,” the speakers around the area crackled to life and then replaced the monotone voice with music. The captain came up again with his female partner, who was just as covered in blue as he was. She didn’t bother to kneel down like the male.
“Moselle,” she stated bitterly, not liking the recluse a bit, “Get up and swim in this race.”
“Why?” Moselle questioned without looking up again.
“You’re one of our best swimmers,” the boy cut in before the female captain could say something, “And it would really mean a lot to everyone on the team if you participate in just this one race for us.”
Moselle looked up from her book curiously.
“Can I swim in my clothes?” She asked and half-closed the book, showing that she was slightly interested.
“What are you crazy? With all that weight-” The girl started to rant but the boy gave her a nudge to be quite.
“Sure, whatever you feel most comfortable in,” the boy answered and walked away with the girl. Moselle bookmarked her page and laid it carefully underneath one of the bags in her immediate area. As she stood up, she stretched her limbs out. Her figure now showed some small arm and leg muscles. She went out into the sunlight and avoided the stares her way. Every year it happened, even if it was common to every other day of the year. In the any form of light a small tint of blue was visible through her skin. She has always been that colour, her mum and dad told her that when she was little, she ate blue icing on everything because she wanted to turn into the colour, but Moselle knew that she was just born that way for whatever reason it was. It only stood out on the swimming day because she was pretty much dressed in blue, so the tint seemed to come out more. She had her name marked off as a participant and sat in the last row. Other girls from her year came up and filled the seats either side of her, but paid no further attention to the withdrawn blue girl. A tap on her shoulder made her jump out of her trance. She turned around to face a boy her age and she smiled nervously. He also had a strange skin tone; it looked like he had stripes on his skin like the coat of a tiger. He had damp and messy golden hair, slightly well formed muscles on his arms and chest and green shorts on. He grinned at Moselle.

“So Moss?” He said still grinning, “You swimming then?”
She nodded her head, suddenly aware that her voice wasn’t going to work for her right then since she was away from her book, but the boy continued.
“That’s pretty cool!” He said and leaned on the back of her chair, “You swim really well, and well I think I’m going to drown within the first ten metres.”
“R-really?” Moselle got out of her mouth, “T-then w-w-why are y-you…”
“Doing it?” The golden boy finished for her and he shrugged his shoulders, “It’s for the participation point, and I haven’t been in the water for a while now, so I’m all sticky… Wanna see?”
He opened his arms out wide and Moselle shook her head fiercely, now aware of the blush that spread like wildfire over her cheeks.
“Ok,” the boy laughed placing his arms back by his side and everyone moved up a row. Moselle moved up to the next seat and the boy sat down directly behind her.
“Moss, can you do me a favour?” He asked seriously and Moselle turned around, “If I sink to the bottom of the pool, can you jump in and get me? I don’t really trust these guys with that.”
He jabbed his thumb to a group of boys behind him and Moselle nodded to accept the possible job. The boy smiled thanks as one of the boys came over.
“Leon! Already to go!” He said and sat down next to the golden boy. Moselle turned back around and moved up another row as the second last line of the younger boys lined up behind the podium. Two more shifts of rows later, butterflies started to form in her stomach and she melted deeper into her chair. One of the girls to her side looked over and laughed.
“Hey Moss, you look a little blue. Are you sick or something?” She mocked and looked over her shoulder to the boys behind, Moselle also sneaking a glace too. Most of them were trying not to laugh at the comment, but Leon wasn’t impressed with the lack of sportsmanship displayed and showed it by the scowl on his face. A low growl came from him and the girl was suddenly quite. She turned away from his glare and back to her friends. Moselle moved her attention back to the pool just as the whistle sounded for the next race, which was hers. She stood up and looked over to Leon, who was moving to her previous spot.
“I-if it’s j-just p-patic-i-pa-pation…” She stuttered and looked at the ground, “T-then y-you can al-always j-just pull y-youself a-along the l-lane ropes…”
Leon smiled at her, “Thanks, I hadn’t thought of that! Good luck!”
Moselle nodded and quickly made her way over to her podium. The whistle was signalled again as the line of girls climbed up, but Moselle slipped and landed back on the ground. She could hear the mocking voices of everyone inside her head as she climbed attempted to get on the podium. A teacher came up behind her to help her on. The teacher with the signal gun surveyed the line and once he was certain that no one was going to fall off, aimed up high and pulled the trigger. As soon as it sounded, Moselle had pushed herself off the podium and flew smoothly into the water. She didn’t kick when she was under, just let the water do the work for her and when she resurfaced, she was already halfway down the 25 m lap pool. As she started her freestyle stroke, she risked a glance behind her. Many of the girls in her race were just resurfacing a less then 10 metres behind. Noise came in from all sides and the commenter’s joined in the noise, their voices booming over the speaker system. 


Whew, that was a long one! Hope you read it to the end though! If you have any feedback or anything, I'd like to hear it. Again, just a reminder; MY story and world, so all copyrights, reproduction rights and ownership belongs to me, Memphis Wilson.

Okay then! That's pretty much it from me! Have a nice day!!

20 Aug 2011

The Caged Bird

This was actually an English assignment of mine. So enjoy!

The future can change,’ she always said, ‘The only thing set in stone is the past’. She could see the future, that was her gift, but she always tried to change it – interfere with it.
“Protecting my family and my friends is worth more than my life,” she said to me as we sat around the dying embers of the fire. The others were inside the mouth of the cave, sleeping. Night had fallen and the moon and embers supplied faint light. We were along the outside of the mouth, just the two of us.
“I’m going to die today,” she whispered to me, but she looked at the embers, “I’ve seen it in a vision. If I don’t die, then we all die.”

She knew when she was allowed to interfere and when she couldn’t, but she kept trying. She was strong, nothing fazed her, and when she was horribly beaten, she stood back up no matter what. She wouldn’t stop until the second she died. Maybe that’s why everyone liked her, no, that’s not right. That’s why they adored her, respected her and maybe even feared her, a little. But above all that, she was our sister at times, our mother at others, our confidant, our ‘partner in crime’, our guardian angel, our leader and more importantly, our friend.

I had opened my mouth to say something against her statement, I don’t even know what, but she must have seen me from the corner of her eye.
“No ‘buts’!” She snapped and lifted her eyes to take me in, “No matter what happens, if I don’t die before any of you, than we all die!”
Her eyes fell on mine, silently begging for me to understand, to help her.
“I’ve been trying my whole life to change things out of my control. I’ve been trying to change destiny for the better, this time I get a chance!” She pleaded, “I have the chance to choose how I die. I’m going to die protecting those dear to me, not what destiny has written for me.”

I didn’t say any thing; nothing I could possibly have said then would have changed her mind. She’d made her decision. Nothing was going to sway her.
“I’ve been blessed to have been friends with you all... Thank you all for everything,” she came over me and gave a brief hug.
“You’re in charge now. Look after them. Tell my family I said bye.”

After her departure, the tears slipped down my face. In a way, I was happy that she chose how she was going to die, she was finally going to be free of her fortune-telling burden, but I was upset too. I wanted to spend more time with her. I didn’t try to stop her, even though I could have.

Maybe if the others where awake, they would have talked her out of leaving, but me by myself, I could do nothing. Maybe I trusted her in that she’d be happy and doing what she thought was right, but that didn’t stop the guilt I felt. Like a bird in a cage watching another fly free outside the bars, I watched her travel far away. A voice travelled along the wind. It was hers; she was singing a song about never being alone, about sweet memories, about believing, about never giving up. The others from inside stirred and came to the opening, naturally drawn to the sweet voice and the bittersweet song. There was a smile on her face, I could tell that. If she was going to die then, she was going out with a smile. A moment later there was complete silence. No voice, no melody, no rustling, no wind.


What do you think about the story? Is it too childish?? That's what my teacher said, and some other stuff that really made me feel lousy...

Anyway! Hope you enjoyed the story!

Just to clarify... This is one of my worlds, so all copyrights, reproduction rights and ownership belongs to me, Memphis Wilson. Thanks for understanding

4 Aug 2011

Yo! What's up?

Hi everyone!

It's taken a while, but I'm pleased that I've finally started up this blog. But now that I have, I don't know how to start... OH! I know!!

I'm Memphis Wilson! That's a good start, need to get the names out of the way. Um...

Likes: Manga, anime, drawing, writing, reading, school, videos games, music collecting lots of different stuff, creating, sleeping, family and friends.

Dislikes: Bullies, many sports - actually anything that involves running over 200 metres without a break and any with a ball (people seem to think that there is a target sign on the back of my head permanently)

Favourite shows: Red vs Blue, Naruto and Naruto Shippuden, Soul Eater, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Psych, Eureka, Lone Gunmen, and probably a whole lot more.

Ok, I know you guys are giving me weird looks as I'm writing this now. It seems more like Facebook with all the likes, dislikes and favourites, so I'll stop that now.

Hm... Right! I live with a lovely mum named Shelle, a surfing dad named Fraser, a little sister that goes through my room when I'm not around called Trinity and a chocolate/tan coloured spoodle (it's a breed of dog) named Milo. For those who notice or know, the Shelle here is none other than SunshineShelle (http://sunshineshelles.blogspot.com/), so I'll do my best to not be bias and promote her too much on these blogs, but you know. No guarantees though!!

What else would you need to know...? I'm currently working on over 13 different stories and one of them I hope one day will turn into a manga (Japanese graphic novel) that people will read. I guess then you guys should know that I'm very, very, very protective of my characters and their stories. I think it's because they are close to me, so I see them more as friends than figments of my overactive imagination (Is that weird?)

So why am I writing this blog? I figured it was about time for these characters to see the outside world and how people react to them. So please, if you have any criticism good or bad, don'e be afraid to comment. I don't bite. Anymore at least.

Moving on! Please don't take them! They are my characters and worlds, so all copyrights, reproduction rights and ownership belongs to me, Memphis Wilson. This is the internet, so I assume some idiot is going to come along and attempt to take a character or five. That said, I'm placing a lot of trust in believing that that won't happen, so don't muck up the trust. Thanks for understanding, since I'm protective over all of them.

Ok, so let's get off to a good start then! Thanks for reading! Hope none of you are insulted by the above outburst.

   Memphis     =^.^=

P.S. Sorry if it seems like I'm rambling about nothing, it's just how my brain works.