4 Sep 2013

The Bunny and the Monster

Hope you are all having a wonderful day so far!
So yesterday, I woke up late and was in a rush getting my books together for the day at Uni. After the 30 minute train and bus ride, I arrived to my lecture room 20 minutes early only to discover that I had brought the wrong book with me.
Luckily I had some notebook paper to use, but the little monster rears his head at me every once and a while...

So, for the 29 faces, meet faces 2 and 3; The Bunny and the Little Monster

Chibi(s)! I'm not sure what the plural is. The bunny-girl on the right appears in notebooks when I make a depressing mistake, while the monster-boy turns up when I make a mistake that I beat myself over for. In high school, they frequented my Physics book (and occasionally my Mathematics)

Day 2 and 3: Finished! I've got to see what everyone else in the challenge is doing!
Have a wonderful day everyone!


  1. Ha Ha!!! Love these little dudes & didn't know they keep harassing you when you made a mistake LOL, too cute :)

  2. These little ones are adorable!!! Lucky you had some note book paper! LOL! Take Care ;o)


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