6 Feb 2013

A New face!

I'm a day behind now... I had a face for yesterday, but in went 'poof' during the night and I can't find it.
Anyway, I did this face last night. I felt inspired to try something different and it was my friend's birthday. So I decided to draw him a picture. Here it is!

It's a Salarian from the game Mass Effect. I had to find a few references to draw the basic head. And then I gave up on that and went with what look good to me. Anyway, this type of alien reminds me of my friend. Talks too fast about tech stuff that I don't understand.

Day 5: Complete!
This is the second draft of the picture. First was drawn on lined paper, then this one. Next one I'll ink and colour (so I have to look up skin paint techniques). Have a wonderful day!


  1. Very cool Alien!!! I hope you're having a wonderful day too ;o)

  2. I actually did write about this blue alien artwork... but then didn't remember my login & shutdown my computer before it posted, I think I also saw someone on Mass Effect wandering by who had this awesome look? I bet I know who's birthday this was created for to celebrate, both your close friends have blue eyes, but only one had a birthday recently! Really like how this alien looks so intelligent and seems to have a kind face, and the eyes, love those eyes :)


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