13 Jul 2013

Something old, something new...

And a lack of anything blue (except for the wrapping paper).
Hello all! So recently I just turned 19 ("old" according to my grandma) and after a huge fiasco about the present situation, I got a few gifts. Some new clothes, a create-your-own-monster-doll kit (from family friends), an IOU for a TV (although it has been bought), a trowel, a notebook and a wacon tablet. So I need to get really good at drawing directly onto the computer really, really fast. We went out for lunch to a place called 'Pitchforks' and Mum's cousin (and her family) along with four family friends came over for snacks. We kids, 19 and under, played the board game Cranium. It as a fantastic day!

So here's my first picture using the new tablet. I messed up some of the anatomy, but it's pretty decent.

Anyway, have a wonderful day everyone!


  1. Hi Memphis!
    Happy Birthday to you, young lady♡♡♡ Lovely to hear that you had a nice time with family and friends.
    I hope bright future waiting for you♬♬♬

    Love and hugs from Jpan, xoxo Miyako*

  2. Happy 19th young lady!!! Wow!! You are getting old! LOL! So happy it was a great birthday ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  3. Happy BIrthday. I came to say "Hi " via Stacys' site because I enjoy seeing art. Thats a great sketch!

  4. Memmy I love your passion for drawing... and writing... and learning, as a matter of fact your focus to whatever interests you to do/be more skilled at it is truly admirable, and although still a teen, it's a very mature approach (I wish I had)!!!
    Celebrating your birthday was such a fantastic day (and night) and you babes all playing Cranium, and seeing you enjoy the game so much proves no matter how old (NINETEEN!) you are still a kid at heart ;)


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