4 Sep 2013

An Isolated Wonder

Despite the slightly melancholy title, I'm not in a depressed mood. In fact, I got a recent boost in confidence after getting back an assignment with the mark of 18/20 (or 90%).Side tracking slightly, but I think it's a funny story so I'm going to share it.
My Global History tutorial is rather amusing. No one seems to do the readings and everyone is kinda scared to talk. Anyway, the tutor likes to laugh and I end up talking to him briefly after the lesson. Today was about his reluctance to use Internet Explorer since he prefers Firefox. He said that he doesn't get computer viruses anymore since the change and finds it easier to navigate than Microsoft applications. Then he made this comment...
"You're all doing disasters for the assignment. Someone should do the disaster that is Microsoft."
Hehe. Well, I thought it was funny anyway.
 I should really go back writing my archaeology essay, so I'll part with a face for the day.

Day 4
Experimenting with face shapes (or trying to). I might actually write a little story for this picture. I drew this while listening to 'Prince Ali' from Aladdin. ... What? You're judging me aren't you?
Day 4: Completed! And now I'm up to date! Sweet!
Anyway, have a fantastic day everyone!


  1. Always love reading your posts Memphis... and enjoyed scrolling through your faces so far... gorgeous... as always... nice to see you in the challenge again :)

    Jenny ♥

  2. One step ahead of the la la's 2 steps la la laaa... Prince Ali da da da daaa da da da da-da.... he he, love him Memmy, wish I could remember the song... maybe I should look him up with a Microsoft app?? Congrats on your mark too sweetness xoxox

  3. Very cute profile. I like the hair sticking out of the hood! Super Face #4!

  4. Great sketch. I too like the hair sticking out of the hoody. Thanks.

  5. Not judging at all! I love this little munchkin.

  6. Wonderful sketch. He reminds me of the animation figures from the Gorillaz (band)

  7. Love this sketch Memphis! Like how the face and hair are peaking out of the hood! Hugs ;o)

  8. Fantastic face and a big CONGRATULATIONS on a great mark.


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