28 Sep 2015

More faces

Yo! How is everyone today?

Here are some faces I have done!

Face 24 - A Male Gorgon. Because why not? Also I have reasons.
Still suck at backgrounds

Day 25 - Cloud test (failed)

Anyway, back to essay writing.

Have a wonderful day!

25 Sep 2015

Face 23 (and 23.5)

So, I was going to do things the Scottish way and count an animal's face as a face, but then Mum called and she was "Actually, AyalaArt has thought about that", and so the wolf face I drew became invalid. But I still kept it because after the amount of work I put into it I was not going to rub it out (also the space above was too much for me to handle).

Day 23 - Tala (or Yuri) from Beyblades (and Wolborg his bitbeast in the background). One of the "bad guys" that I actually like (probably because I found him cool, vicious and mean, but cool)
Ah Beyblades, the first manga that I ever read. They used to sell them at the Newsagents and I'm sure I bought most of them (although I have no doubt in my mind that Dad is responsible for the missing volumes). So despite it (to many people) being bad and stupid, it has a fond place in my memories and I will one day complete the manga series of it. Hopefully with the good quality paper and none of that crappy one that ink spreads all over and the pictures are half cut off (Believe me, I have seen it).

Oh! Day 23: Mission accomplished!

Anyway, I need something to eat, to do more essay writing, and the Cowboy Bebob movie is on later tonight - so I know what two I am going to pick - and that means a hopefully relaxed Friday night watching the movie and playing on the DS with Mitch, only to panic in the morning and later in the week. Yay.

Well, have a good day everyone!

24 Sep 2015

Days 21 and 22 for the 29 Faces

Hi everyone,

Just a quick post for some faces that I have done over the past two days, because I really need to get into writing the essays I have to do.

I initally sketched the two faces in one of my lecture notebooks and I like them enough to transfer them over to the computer.

Face 21 - I am really proud of the hair on this one.
 And a full body picture!
No shading. Mostly because I am lazy.

Face 22 - Unfinished overall, but still a face and that counts! Shame I had to cut out the battle axe, I really liked it.

Days 21 and 22: Done! Now only two days behind!!

Have a wonderful day everyone!

22 Sep 2015

How far behind am I?

Five. Five faces behind. There went my somewhat decent track record.
Well here are some quick faces that I did on the weekend with some paint that I had.

Day 18 - I'm going to call this person Bluey

Day 19 - Afoil Knight. Ok, it is silver paint, but it kinda looks like foil right?

Day 20 - ??? No clue what I was doing
There is another face on this page, but I do have standards so that will not be appearing on this blog. Ever.
Days 18-20: Better late than never. Now to get back to essay writing (or attempting to)
Have a good day everyone!

18 Sep 2015

Two more faces

I just handed in one major essay just a few hours ago. All nice and good and hopefully it is passable. So I quickly pumped out two faces for the 29 Faces Challenge. I have been staring at a computer for the past 3 days, so I will move on to try something different tomorrow, but for now, some more colour palette challenge faces - This time courtesy of Trin and Mitch (and if Owen reads this, then he can pick one too if he wants).

Face 16 - Trin's choice. Ok, so I am not the best with anatomy and stuff (I avoided biology like it had cooties - which it probably did), but whatever it's a face!

Day 17 - Mitch's choice. I decided to try my hand at an Orc who liked pink and had magic powers I guess.
Don't look at me like that, I just draw things, I don't think about them too much (which sometimes is a problem)
Days 16 and 17: Done and dusted. YAY! Now I am only one/two days behind! Although I have yet to visit everyone, I should probably do that tomorrow in my breaks.

Ok. Now.
Back to studying for an exam on Monday. And to start on the next lot of essays due on the same day.

Have a wonderful day everyone!

13 Sep 2015

Playing Catch-up and beyond

Ok. I'll admit it. I fell behind in the challenge.

But I have a good reason!


Ok, so maybe I don't have a good reason, but I still did the faces! So that's something!

Days 9, 10 and 11 - The Tactical Knight Family Unit, featuring Kellam, Robin and Morgan (from left to right). 
Uh - Ok that was a bad name but oh well.
Fire Emblem Awakening fanart 'cause why not. I decided to use the same layout as a previous family unit that I have drawn.
Because again, why not.

Gah, have I ever mentioned how much I suck at taking photos? No? Well now I have, and I feel like it is a good time to mention it.

Ok, so that means that I am behind 2 days now!

*Look to the left* *Look to the right*

Right so no one is in the room right now, which means TIME TO DO THINGS THE SCOTTISH WAY!! (ie the Scottish way that Dad has taught me, so maybe just the Dad way instead)

Days 12, 13, 14 and 15! Just using pens to make some small faces to fill a book
Muahahaha!! I am in the lead now! 2 days ahead! Is that cheating? I'm sorry if it is. I was just drawing small quick faces and playing around with the pens in the Driftwood Palace and it isn't very likely that I will have time to draw in the future for a bit.

Days 9-15: Completed!

Well, have a wonderful day everyone!

9 Sep 2015

A Work in Progress

Hi everyone!

How are you today? I'm a bit busy still and need to kick my butt into gear.

Anyway, here are two faces for the 29 Faces challenge. I started sketching this picture out sometime earlier this year, but I was just working out today and decided to finish the faces.

Days 7 and 8 - Letter Bee and her Dingo. I am counting the wolf's face in the challenge, because why not?
And I am so behind I need all the faces I can get.
It is a fanart of a manga series that I like called Tegami Bachi (or Letter Bee). The art from the manga is really neat and detailed, while the covers are always purple which I thought was great, and I like the characters - I am probably too attached to some of them because I get a little upset at events in the story sometimes.

The background in the picture is a mess, and it;s mostly because I am still learning how to draw them.

Where was I...? Oh yeah! Days 7 and 8: Done and dusted! Now I am only one day behind! Gah, I hope to go around an visit people later tonight or maybe tomorrow.

Well, have a nice day everyone!

6 Sep 2015

Day 6 - "That's Never Okay" or shock expression

Ok, like I said before, I am practicing different expressions. Naturally, they look stiff or off (because the mirror is behind me and I can't exactly pull faces), but hopefully it looks okay.

My friend Mitch is watching a Let's Play (which is watching someone else play a game basically) of a new horror game that came out in the last week or two. I'm in my room when the next thing I hear (after an hour or three of bone crunchs or screams) is Mitch going "Did they just kill the dog?" and here are the crob notes of the conversation;
"What?" - Me
"I think they may have just killed the dog." - Mitch
"I'm not sure, those weird creatures are attacking and the dog ran off."
"Well maybe it ran the heck away."
A few minutes later
"The dog is alive!" - Mitch
"Great!" - Me
"Yeah it's-" a loud sound comes from the computer that is remarkably similar to a dog and horror sounds, "THEY KILLED IT!!"
And then we had a moment of silence that ended with "It is never okay to kill a dog" and "Dogs deserve to live". Mitch went on the tell me that there were two dogs in the game. And he stressed the 'were'.

Day 6 - Trin gave me some pencils as a present (which is really nice) so I decided to use them for this.
It's not the best quality picutre, but meh, whatever.
Day 6: Completed.

Coincidentally, I was reminded of the Snow Dog Incident in our household. I will not dive into the details, but suffice to say Disney was banned from the house for a long period of time and Trin and I will never hear the end of it (although we also happily tell the story to others). If you want to know the story, ask Mum - she and Dad have the fullest memory of the incident (and her version is also the best [although it is funnier with all of us adding into it]).

Actually now that I think about it, I think Mum may have already told the tale, or at least mentioned it in parting on one of my old posts... Hold on, I'll check.

YES! I found it! It was in regards to sad movies, but here is the shorthand version;

"and the all time great 'Snow Dogs' a Disney film that resulted in sobbing, screaming, and vomiting from 2 young girls that literally spewed they were so upset, that was the day I banned Disney in the house, oh dear, those dogs" - Sunshineshelle 7th Feb 2014.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have study to do. Have a wonderful day everyone!

5 Sep 2015

29 Faces - Days 4 and 5

Ok, I'm justing going to post these here - 'cause it's almost midnight and it's Fathers Day tomorrow and I still haven't been very productive on the studying agenda and it didn't help that I was watching a bunch of comedy news shows just a moment ago.

Days 4 and 5

I need to get better at drawing facial expressions, good thing this challenge is about faces huh?

Anyway, have a wonderful day everyone!

Edit: Ok, I have fixed the dates now!

4 Sep 2015

Another Colour Palette and 29 Faces Challenge

Hi everyone? How are you going this Friday?

I am a face behind, but by tonight I will be up-to-date with 29 Faces. For this face, I asked Mitch to contribute, as in choose a palette for me to use. He choose a different one initally (one that was prodominantly pink) but he changed his mind when he remembered that I had already done a pink dude (which I sent to Mum and got a 'hubba-hubba' in response).

Anyway, here is the face for Day 3!

Here is most of the picture (sans a hand and both feet). Geez I suck at anatomy.

And a close up.
Day 3: Done!

I was just messing around with brushstrokes for the background because I thought I needed some other colour than a plain white. I kinda like having noise or music around me when I do art, so while I was doing this I had an old show I used to watch playing in the background - Samurai Jack. I used to love it, and still do. Makes me feel old though since it was released in 2001 and ran for 3 years. If you want a neat animation with little dialogue, I would recommend it.

Anyway, I better find something to eat before my stomatch decides to make noises at weird times again.

Many thanks for dropping by!


Dammit I just saw a mistake on the face! Oh well, maybe I'll fix it later.

2 Sep 2015

Day 2 - The Thief

Yay! Day 2 of the 29 faces challenge and there are only 21 participants now. That said it is still early in the month and the lure of a challenge always seems to draw people in.

So the face for today is... A Thief I designed. No particular reason as to why (yet), but I started designing a few weeks ago and didn't look at it again until this challenge started back up. I'm trying to get better with other mediums besides sketching and digital design (which I still suck at), so this one has inked lines and watercolours. Still suck at picking and choosing colours for characters except for when it comes to eyes (well, at least I think so).

Day 2 - The Thief. Have I ever mentioned how bad I am at backgrounds?
No? Well now you know.
 Day 2: Done and dusted. Now to do the uni work that I have been putting off.

Her face didn't exactly turn out the way I wanted it to - in my other sketches she has a more square or set face. Better start to practice that as well. My friend Mitch has selected a palette for me to use for the next face, so look forward to that!

Anyway! Good luck to everyone in the challenge and have a wonderful day!

1 Sep 2015

Been so long - 29 Faces again

Hi everyone!
How has everyone been for the past... Wait let me check... Ok. So it has been 7 months. Maybe that was a bit of a break from posting.

Anyway, Mum posted to me a while ago about the 29 faces for September and I said "I will remind you when the time comes". And she said "I know." Then she said "You are going to do it too right?" and I was like 'Dammit, I kinda have to now'. Ok I am paraphrasing, but that is the general gist of it.

So while I go around, updating the buttons and blog, here is my first face for the 29 Faces September 2015 edition!

Day 1 - A Dancer
I used a Colour Palette challenge - has anyone else used one before? They are really fun, restrictive in the colours, but good fun and get some really good designs.

*Ahem ahem* Day 1: Completed! Now just the other 28 faces.


Anyway, have a wonderful day everyone!

3 Mar 2015

The last of the faces for February 2015!

Can I sleep now?

I started Uni today - it was nice to catch up with some of the other students today.

Anyway, I have finished the 29 Faces Challenge! ... Right after I post them!

Harley Quinn from the Batman series - I have no idea why I drew her. I was watching a Batman Let's Play and felt like drawing her. Only one face though - the picture on the left was trying to get Mum to guess who it was.
She didn't.
 Speaking of Mum, she did post more faces, but she posted them on her old post - so you will need to go back and check them out! Please. I whined for a long time for her to do stuff.

Inked and coloured with texta pens. He looks smug doesn't he?

So I can play the clarinet, but I can also play the Tenor and Alto saxophones. But the instruments are hard to draw, so please help yourself to some faintly 1980s saxophonists.
Face 29!
And just because I was really tired when I finished drawing (2 days ago), I drew myself drawing. With one eye. Because I really had reached that stage when I say 'Screw it! I need sleep'.

Days 25-29: Completed!
29 Faces Challenge: Completed! Well, half completed. I still need to visit people (and I am so sorry that I haven't!)

Anyway, Mitch is playing the 'Beautiful Katamari', because 2 Broke Girls isn't on yet and why not? Owen is out watching Pulp Fiction (for the nth time) and Akira (for the 1st time) at a friend's place. And I have been up since 6am and need sleep. I am serious - I fell asleep on the ground a few hours ago while waiting for my washing to dry and doing my archaeology readings.

Well, have a wonderful day everyone!

28 Feb 2015

Faces! Faces for everyone!

Ok, so I may not have spent the whole day doing what I was meant to do (which was drawing and writing) - but I did half of what I intended. Drawing.

Anyway, how many faces behind am I? Ok - it's the 28th in Australia, 27th on the other side of the world, and I have done up to day 18.

Oh boy.

So first off today I decided to play around with an application called Alchemy (Click here if you want to try it out - it's free and pretty neat!) and tried to make some faces that way. Here is the result

And I am totally counting this as two faces. You can see where they roughly came from too.
Calling them Monster Royalty. When I use the Alchemy program, it is mostly to make tribal inspired patterns to use for a project (because I suck at designing things).

The sketchbook got a little roughed up from the trip back home - or maybe when I tripped over the bag it was in during the middle of the night.
So the three above are just random sketchs, but two of them look like two already developed characters (or possibly their children). Either way, totally happy with how they turned out! And remember - this isn't the 29 Hands challenge. It's 29 Faces.

Here are some close-ups

Face 21
Face 22
Face 23

Huh? I'm getting somewhat better with the second eye and eyebrows. Sweet!

Also, did you know that I play the clarinet? I mean, I do play it pretty badly, and the instrument is in dire need of a good service. But I can play music.

Anyway - it has taken a few years, but I finally found my clarinet! Dad hid it a while ago and I have been searching for it for a long time. I first got it in grade 3 if I remember correctly - so I have had it for around 12 years. It's been a bit battered up, but each small dent and fix has a story behind it. Maybe I'll write a post later about my musical abilities (or lack thereof).

But, because I found it recently, I decided to draw a picture of a clarinetist (yes - that is the term used. Well, that or clarinet player).

I do have a colour version, but I decided to make it black and white just because I can!
24 faces are completed. 5 to go.


I can do this!

And now I have an idea or two to reach that goal... Fantastic!

Anyway, have a wonderful day everyone!

25 Feb 2015

More 29 Faces!

Now with 99.9% more paint!

So I am a little (lot) behind with this challenge... And so I sat down early yesterday morning and started to craft. Then I went out to the Uni to talk to some people about my academics, which dampened my mood when I later talked to Dad about it.

Anyway, I came back after a few hours and sat down at my work area - that was the dining table with all my stuff over it -

And if you look really carefully, you will notice that I did not drop the paint anywhere. Besides all over the newspaper.
- And I crafted with clay, painted with left over paint, and attempted watercolours but after colouring decided to not screw up the picture anymore by adding water.

Here is the run down of the faces.

While waiting for my clay to dry, I painted...

Day 13 - Otherwise known as 'Splat'.
Then I thought he looked rather lonely on the page, so I did...

Day 14 - A Flower Girl
Then I painted the clay and noticed more colours and more empty space on the page, so...

Day 15 - Red, with freckles or a blush. Probably freckles.

Day 16 - I was just trying out hairstyles at this stage.

By the fourth face the clay project was pretty much done.

Day 17 - Prince

It's Owen's birthday present - only a few weeks late! This is the Prince from a game called 'Beautiful Katamari' - which is an odd game but kinda fun (and the music gets stuck in your head if you listen to it long enough).

You can tell how bad I am with clay.

And lastly, at the end of the night, I pulled out my watercolour pencils and drew another face.

Day 18 - At this stage of the night I had no idea what I was doing, but decided that I would continue to do so until I was finished. For the day anyway.
HA! I am now only 7-8 days behind! Muahahaha!!


Now if you would excuse me, I have to pack my bag and charge my laptop very quickly for the trip back home.

Have a wonderful day everyone!

19 Feb 2015

Just a quick face


Dungeons take forever to clean up. And work takes up lots of time.

And then there is a worrying situation with Trin.

Oh. And a Category 2/3 cyclone is heading this way. I actually really really like the rain, the sound of it on the roof, the bright green leaves after it passes...

I don't like hearing zombies from the front room - Mum and Dad are watching the Walking Dead and it must be a pretty intense scene, but the rain is drowning out most of the sound, so yay!

Anyway, here is a quick face that I drew up a little while ago (and I do mean a little while ago, like an hour or so)

A character for a table-top game that I will be playing on the weekend. In chibi form.
Because sometimes you need a chibi in life
So... Day 12: Done!

How many days behind am I? Oh well, at least not as far behind as Mum, and I do nag at her to do some art.

Hehe, have a wonderful day everyone!

14 Feb 2015

Please don't remind me...

I'm sure that people who have visited here know that I don't like Valentines day - or Ferris wheels (and by default the guy who made them) - and it all coincides today. Instead, Goodle has decided to tell that it is the Cricket World Cup today, so I have mixed feelings ('cause I don't like that either).

Anyway! I have been in a bit of a bad mental spot recently and nothing was really working, which resulted in this...

You see? This is what happens when I get left alone with nothing to do! I find the chalk and draw on the driveway - which solves the 'nothing to do' problem.
It has been long established in my family that some people are born a cynic - I am one of those people. I'm also the child of a guy who got a degree in philosophy. This probably doesn't count as a face for the 29 Faces Challenge, so I won't make it one.

Continuing through the week, my mood got worse around the Tuesday-Wednesday mark which resulted in these faces...

Day 7

A rough sketch - but I liked it (considering what a bad mood I was in when I did it)
Day 8 and 9
So I decided I was going to make a small series about wishes - something like a before/after thing with some stand-alone wishes in between (does that make sense?)

And on Thursday... I felt better and there were three reasons for that - 1) I wrote five sentences that made me smile - 2) I found an old game that I used to play, which made me draw one of the characters from that game

Yue - the merchant from Rune Factory 2. I really like the art style from the Rune Factory games and you can see the shift from game to game, but its still cool
Day 10
And reason number 3) I bought the lastest game in the series! I can finally play as a female!!! YAY!

I read an article once about someone who justified the lack of female player characters in games by 'guys don't want to play as girls - in case there is romance in the story and have to kiss a guy'. And I was kinda ticked off, because I have been playing males in games for years - YEARS. I have played as guys who kiss females, does the same logic not apply? (Well, maybe not to me 'cause close my eyes and then open them after a good 5 minutes). The person who wrote that article pointed out that flaw. And once when I was talking to Owen about a game called Mass Effect (which he started way before me and still hasn't finished) the following happened;
"Did you play as male Shep, 'cause default Shep is best Shep." - Owen
"No. I played as female, because I'm a female and liked the option." - Me
"... Fair enough." - Owen
Which then lead to a different conversation about how I regretted being nice to characters, because I accidently romanced one of them - which sucked.

So the fact I can now play as a female in the Rune factory series (without being a second generation kid) is great for me. Anyway, I was playing the game when something happened...

Only counts as one face, because I cheated and copy/pasted
Day 11

Mitch would know. He would understand.


One line of spoken dialogue and I heard a bit of a character from an anime I watched. So I did a quick search and confirmed my guess - there are other spoken lines from the game that sound nothing like Tamaki, except for when the character in the game is excited.


Where was I? Sorry, I got sidetracked looking at pictures and now my desktop is overflowing with them... Uh... I need to clean it up now.

So Days 7-11: Mission Accomplished! The mission being to get back into the mood of doing creative things.

Now if you excuse me... I have a dungeon to sweep (and some pizza to eat)! Hehe.

Have a wonderful day everyone!

5 Feb 2015

Days 4,5 and 6 - A Red-haired Family Unit

Hi all!

How is everyone going?

First off...

You probably still read this thing, so hi - also can you say 'hi' to Mitch for me?

Moving on.

I've kinda been down in the creative slumps recently (well, actually a few years), I am also a worrywart about everything and current government in the backwards land of Down Under, so my mood has not been the best recently. Most of my free time is spent trying to get to sleep which I have lost a lot of to avoid headaches, so I haven't crossed any books or games off my to-do-list.
However I play for a short burst in the afternoons (after failing to nap) because if one thing bothers me the most in video games, it's people/bosses that I can't beat. And don't even get me started on an X-box game where I completed all the other stories for, but the main one because I couldn't beat a angsty teenage boy (my friend Mitch will vouch for that, since we kept switching after every attempt). I beat all the tougher and more strategic characters, but the guy that keeps running in to attack me? Apparently not.


Where was I? Oh yeah, short bursts and unbeatable characters. The game I have been playing for a while is a game that I do play in short timeframes, because as soon as I hit the two hour mark the game says "Remember to take breaks" (and it rewards breaks too which is a bonus). And there are two people on my map that I had passed at Supanova, and their level is ridiculously high (and 3 characters in their army can transform in high level dragons - it's so not fair when I only have 2 mid-level).

Now to tie the two points together...
I have not been able to draw any of my own characters to a satisfactory level now for a very long time (due to the lost in confidence), but I still get the itch to draw (especially when competing in the 29 Faces), so I drew a family from the game that I have been playing to level my characters up and slaughter beat the people on my map.

So here are the faces!

I used watercolours. Yay~! ... Can you detect the sarcasm? I have to learn how to use them properly.
So from left to right; Gregor, Cordelia and Severa from the game Fire Emblem Awakening. I decided to only paint in the shades of red in the hair and outfits.

Oh, and I had asked Mum for help with Gregor due to him being a more mature age. Turn my back and Mum rubbed out almost half of what I had done and did a semi-realistic face. So I kinda lost the old pose/layout and as I inked, realised that he and Cordelia look a little odd in their pose. Severa was initally smaller, so drew her bigger and made lots of mistakes.

Sorry, you guys aren't here for rants are you? This is why I keep to myself a lot of the time.

Anyway, day 4, 5 and 6 are completed and ready for combat!

Have a wonderful day everyone!

3 Feb 2015

The Immigration Officers of Here


I am already behind in the challenge! And I do solomly vow that I will visit most of the people in the challenge. Probably on weekends mostly though.

Anyway, so here's something - I'm in the Writer's Club at Uni, who are putting together an anthology of short stories which I am contributing to. I have a signed contract and everything (the writers are nice, but overly cautious and funny which may be why I like them). So I recently finished my full first draft, and since I am two days behind, decided to draw my two characters that feature in the short stories.

So here are two quick sketchs that were done while watching Castle and Vikings.

Day 2
Olesia is a big alien that handles the Immigrations Office. A bit rough but she normally means well. She can't stand the smell of the hospital and is a good fighter.

Day 3

Suke is a different kind of alien and he eventually becomes Olesia's apprentice. He can't speak the common language properly, but he can understand it. Oh, and he can fly too.

So, days 2 and 3 are completed, as well as my draft. Whew! I feel much better - almost. Someone who created a show that I liked died the other day at 33 years old, so I'm a bit upset. I went to a panel of his when he was in Australia and he was a cool guy, so I feel sorry for his work-mates and family.

Well, I don't want to bum anyone out, so be sure to smile!!
Have a great day everyone!

1 Feb 2015

Restart the clock!


It's been so long since I have done a post. So... Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, Pinch-and-a-Punch-for-the-first-of-the-Month (no backsies by the way)!

And the main reason I am doing one is to get back into the habit of painting/drawing and writing (hopefully). So I noticed AyalaArt is doing another 29 faces challenge, and so I asked Mum if she would do it - Because there is nothing quite like peer-pressuring your mother into doing art.

Mum was doing art, but Trinity is starting her film college tomorrow in Brisbane (which is exciting for all of us) and so Mum was checking in on her.

And so, here is the first face of the new 29 Faces round!

Done with photoshop, this is an early design for a character whose name I do not know. GAH! I just realised there is a shadow missing on her left arm!

Be sure to go and visit other people in the challenge. You might learn a new technique or find a favourite artist, more people join everyday!

Anyway, have a wonderful day everyone!