22 Jan 2013

Been so long

Hi everyone. How are you all doing?
I'm actually stuck in a drawing rut right now. I cranked out on really good picture, and then when I tried to draw a different one, it was horrible. Seriously, it's like a really bad superpower to be able to draw one picture really well, then screw up the next 10. And it's the same case with my writing too. Nothing is really working for me and I need to get back into the swing of things now that I'm (hopefully) heading off to uni.
So, here's a forced story.
It sucks.
Trust me.

Chance Encounter- Mint

    October 11
Punched someone at school today. He called Mum a failed experiment and that her kinds' presence made him sick. Dad wasn't happy with how I handled the situation, but when I told him that he would have done the same he dropped the subject altogether. Mum looked happy that I had defended her name.
    October 12
I've been kicked out of the school. They said they didn't want someone like me to start fights at the school and ruin their reputation. Biggest load of bull I have heard in my life. They didn't want me there because I attended 'Fair treatment' protests in my school uniform. Dad is looking for a new school now and he isn't talking about what happened.
   December 15
Dad finally found a school. My old one had spread rumours about me to the other 'high education' schools, so Dad found a Multi-kind school nearby for me to go to. Looks okay. They house a lot of the students and teacher on site and have some neat classes. Since it's the holidays I'll be starting there next year.
    February 16
I thought the point of Multi-kind schools was to be tolerant and fair towards all students, no matter what kind they are. In other words, I got into another fight. I wasn't going to sit on the sidelines while a gang of students bullied and pushed one of the girls around because she had expressionless face. At least I wasn't kicked out of the school for fighting.
    February 17
The girl from yesterday said thanks and tried to smile. I say tried because it looked like she didn't know how to do it. So she gave some awkward attempt at it. I started to laugh and she looked slightly hurt, so I took her out for ice-cream to make up for laughing. She said her name was Kelda, but I decided to call her Vanilla 'cause of the flavour she choose. She inspected my choice and dubbed me 'Mint'. I like it.

     April 30
Mum and Vanilla get along really well, coming form a similar background. Vanilla spends a lot of time around the house on her days off and keeps trying to smile. She's getting better. Slowly.
    May 20
Today Vanilla called me her friend. I wasn't there when she said it, but apparently most of the school was. Someone insulted my family and Vanilla immediately stood up for us. She's in the hospital now, but she'll recover. I visited her and she had the goofiest smile on her face when I walked in. It was a real one, but still...
I had to by her ice-cream from the cafeteria to make up for laughing at her.
    May 24
Vanilla was discharged yesterday and was back at school today. A new student also arrived. Introduced herself as Fawn and kinda vanished into thin air for most of the day. Vanilla and I found her being bullied by a group of students. There was another fight. One group had injured egos at the end of the day, and the other had ice-cream. Fawn is now known as Honeycomb.
    July 1
Something weird is going on at the school. After Honeycomb's arrival, a lot of odd things have started happening. I feel like I'm caught up in something way bigger than a new arrival.

Urgh... So bad... But a bit better than expected.
Anyway, have a wonderful day.



  1. I think you are too hard on yourself girl! Your story had a lot of meaning in it! About friendship, caring for people, fighting for what you believe in! I like it ;o) Great to hear from you! Happy New Year and all the best in University! Give the rest of the family a big hug from me ;o)

  2. Hello, my dear Memphis;
    Oh, it was really lovely to hear from you, thank you SO much for stropping by♡♡♡
    Kind of made me smile to read your story, good luck for the university!!!
    Have a wonderful year 2013, my girl in Australia.

    Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  3. Actually I like this diary approach to the incidents (or should I say 'dairy' because of the ice-cream??) Sounds like true friendships are being formed and maybe we will end up with 33 flavours in the school and the bullies will be licked??? I love that you compared you 1 in 10 drawing to a super power that sucked LOL, I feel a bit like that now ;) Great read Memmy!!!

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