29 Feb 2012

Day 28: Nearly there...

Ok, the next face is one that I drew out on my way out of the house! His name is Ercole and is one of the Oracle characters.

He looks rather happy. I wonder what about? I hope he isn't smiling about being lost, because he does that a lot.

Day 28: Completed. Ok, one face left, but I'll finish it tomorrow, since I want it to be painted! Ok, have a wonderful day everyone!

Day 27: Almost at the end...

Hello! I haven't been on lately, and now I feel really bad. I've been meaning to go around and catch up on other people's blogs... But I just haven't had the time too. So I apologise for that, eventually, I will get around to visiting everyone who commented, and the close-to-60-something participates in the 29 faces challenge.
Anyway... Mum pulled the name out of the hat, so here is Saffron! She comes from the same world as Pari-Pari and Cinnamon.

She looks a bit more like a cat doesn't she? Sorta figures, she is the lead researcher in the story she's involved in. So Saffy's naturally curious, not so much about robots, but everything else.
Day 27: Completed! I'm a little behind, but give me time! Anyway, have a nice day everyone!

27 Feb 2012

Day 26!

Ok, so here's the last face of the picture! And no, sorry, no blue air this time! But it does start with 'B'.

His name is Hayaki, and he always seems to have this annoyed look on his face when anyone talks to him.
So now that that's done... I'm going to need another face to draw... OH! Want to see the full picture?

Since they all act more like a family, it seemed fitting to draw them in casual clothes. Probably helps when the two on the right are actually related.
Pastels were annoying to work with on the cardboard. Next time I use them it'll be on plain paper or something. Anyway, Day 26: Finito! Have a wonderful day everyone!

25 Feb 2012

Day 25: Up to date.

The next face of the team belongs to Hotaru.

Hmm.. Another blondie. Anyone want to take a guess as to the next persons hair colour?

Day 25: Done, now there's only one face left of this picture... I'll probably wait 'til midnight our time to post it. What? It's the weekend, I can stay up late and sleep-in for those two days! Anyway, have a nice day everyone!

Day 24: Next on the list...

Meet the leader of Squad Chika. Anyone want to guess her name?

How old does she look in this picture? I tried to make her look older, but she always seems to have a young face. I'm sure it from spending so much time soaking in springs...

Day 24: Completed. You know, I really liked this challenge. It's hard to believe that it's almost over...

Day 23: Part of a team

Ok, so I drew out a name, 'Squad Chika'. So, the next four faces are part of a full picture! So each part was coloured by a mixture of pastels and pencils (because I couldn't get the right skin colour I wanted with the pastels)

This guy's name in Minoru. The zipper can be detached and used as a shuriken (explaining it's shape)

Day 23: Completed! Think you can stick around for the next few faces?

Day 22

I'm a little behind aren't I? Oh well, just means I have to work harder to catch up!! So, Dad's aunt drew out today's face before she left, so here's Zakhar!

Poor poor Davi (not really). Zakhar looks rather smug about it doesn't he?

I don't have much to say about him, since he is already on this blog. Want to find out more about this character? Click here (I really can't come up with anything better than 'Click here'. Maybe 'Click this link and it will transport you somewhere else'? Bit long though... Any ideas?)
Anyway, Day 22: Done! Let's move onto the others!

21 Feb 2012

Day 21!

Righto! Let's do this! Here's Moselle, the 'lead character' from the story Leon is in.

She is fiercly protective of that book. Actually, she's like that with any book. Try to take it off her and she will keep it in her grasp. And even when it's not in her grasp it has to be next to her or in her sight.

Day 21: Done. That means I'm up to date now! Hm... I just realised Lent is coming up... Wonder what I should give up... Anime and manga is out of the question, so maybe chocolate (Yeah, I know it's not original, but I can live without chocolate for a little while. And there is a manga coming out in March that I've been eyeing, so I must have it when it is released!)

Oh right, have a wonderful day everyone!

Day 20: Only 9 to go!

Trin pulled out this person. He's name is Leon, and I've actually written him up on this blog. Click here to check out his introduction in the story he's involved with.

Doesn't he look fascinating? Want to know what the stripes are about? Well I'm not telling~! It's a secret, for now anyway. When I sort out the story, I might post it bit by bit on here (maybe)

Day 20: Completed. Now I only need one to catch-up for the missing days!

Day 19: Some-kind of Prince Charming

Hm... I'm not sure how to say this, but sometimes I don't comment on people's blog, and apparently to Mum, it makes me look like I'm not interested. I am interested, but I'm always afraid that whatever I write can be misinterpreted. For example, a friend of ours dog died last year. When I offered by condolences, I asked how it was before it passed.
"Happy," she said, to which I replied "That's good."
She then got really upset with me. I didn't mean to say something hurtful, I just meant at least the dog was happy before it passed. However I still avoided her for the week. It happens in all social circumstances, even my friends misinterpret what I say. Heck, family do as well. SO, what I want you all to know, is that while I don't always comment, I'm always reading and looking at what everyone is doing. And the reason I don't comment is so that none of you think I'm the most horrible person on the face of this current earth because I said something and it sounded like I'm a heartless being. That and I don't know what to say 9/10 of the time.

Anyway, the face for Day 20 was pulled out by Dad's aunt. So here's Davi.

... He's from Brazil, I'm not sure where in Brazil but he's from there. How does he look?

Let me tell you why he is nicknamed Prince Charming - It's an insult. The girls in Oracle have this image of him as cheating on his girlfriends. As a result Will, Ashley and Natalie dubbed him as Prince Charming, while they were reading a 'Fables' comic. A perfectly logical nickname as he flirts a lot and has been caught in the girls room. What I found out (from the older versions of the girls and his half-brother), is that he doesn't cheat on any of his girlfriends and finishes a relationship before starting a new one. In fact, he is on friendly term with pretty much all of his ex's. As for the girls room incidents, he is just in the wrong place at the wrong time and doesn't see anything since he attempts to leave straight away (only to get caught). He also has a sharp eye in picking up on indecent men (and women), something evident when he showed a intense dislike to the guy Harmony was seeing in the 3rd year and (along with the others) proceeded to monitor the date. And while Ashley was comforting her heartbroken sister, Davi helped himself by severely punishing the boy. But while he has those redeeming qualities, he is still pretty up himself, still a flirt, doesn't particularly like his half-brother and is still the punching bag. Most of the time.

ANYWAY!! Got a little carried away...
Day 20: Completed! Have a nice day everyone!

19 Feb 2012

Day 18: A face and a tale

Let me tell you what happened yesterday. Dad's aunt was coming up to Queensland for a visit, and so we picked her up from the Brisbane airport. We spent the day on South Bank, which has the art galleries (modern and traditional), the museum and performing arts theatre. Well, me and Trin were thrilled that we could wander around by ourselves, and thus we spent a huge majority of the time at the museum. We also met-up with Owen there. Ok, so here are the dot points of what happened (in no order)

  • I scared Trin in a nature exhibit. "Look a little closer Trin, it's just a fake Strangle Fig Tree" and while I was saying that, I wrapped my hands lightly around her neck. As a result she screamed and jumped, scaring not only the little kids, but the adults too.
  • Next where the dinosaurs, which Trin insisted on getting her photo next to no matter what. There are picture of her kissing the Triceratops (Me and Owen told her to wash her mouth)
  • Having wandered and seen everything in the free part, we then paid to see all the science stuff (which is total cool by the way!) Me and Owen had a game of 3-D Connect-Four (which I won!) We laughed as Trin got dizzy from an optical illusion. We also spun ourselves to an extreme level (as extreme as we could) and tried to walk in a straight line (Trin ran into an exhibit, Owen almost went into the floor and I walked in a straight line. The funny thing was I had my eye open the whole time I was getting spun, so I wonder if that affected my ability...)
  • Then we went to another part which had a fake dead body. We spent an hour or two in there, before I was unwillingly dragged out by Trin and Owen. Me and Trin decided to do a impromptu scene inspired by a TV show, 'Psych' (our video as seen below. It was just for laughs and Owen had no idea what he got himself into for a few seconds)

And that was just the museum! So overall, the whole day was a blast!
Opps, I got a little excited again! Anyway, the face for day 18 is the twin brother of Lady Kimiko, and his name is Takumi.
Doesn't he look smart? Does he look like an adult? When I told Mum that he was an artist, she said "No wonder he is good looking"

Hmm.... I just realised I have two sets of blue haired twins, but at least the two ninja have a more ice blue colour!
Day 18: Completed! I'm catching up! Slowly... Ok, have a nice day then everyone!

Day 17: A little bit late (again)

Busy busy busy! But no excuses! Anyway, the 17th was Dad's birthday, so he drew the name out of the hat! He actually drew out two names, and thus saved the issue for the next days face. Anyway, he drew out Lady Kimiko, the leader of the village that Kiyo, Naoko and Sasumu belong to. So here is the 17th face!

I wonder... How old does she look to you?? I try very hard to draw adult-aged characters, but I'm never sure how they really look...

Day 17: Done! Onto the next (late) one!

16 Feb 2012

Day 16: Three faces?

I decided with Cinnamon, that she should remain looking like a boy. Because when you live with a house full of boys for five years and have a twin brother, than your bound to stop caring about appearances eventually. Somehow, I get the idea that Cinnamon didn't really care about them in the first place. Or anything else that a female should do according to social and gender expectations in society (And yet, people still wonder why I don't like social situations). Basil (another character from the story) once made this little comment about her cooking ability (while she was out of the room);
"It may look like it's withering in pain, and was brutally tortured with fire before it was thrown up in the air and dropped a few times for good measure, but I assure you, it is still toast and has all it's original nutrition value. It's just a little bit burnt and it didn't hit the floor anymore than two times. So eat it, or else she will pass it off to one of us. And you will never hear the end of it."

Yes, I got a little bit sidetracked there for a moment. Anyway, today is Day 16 of the 29 Faces challenge! I just had Trin draw out today's name, and that name is Ping (don't give me that weird look. It's a real name!), but Mum showed me something really cool on the internet, so I decided to give that a go instead (and thus did a different character. Although I still did two drawings of Ping anyway). Here's the first!

Meet Ping. He looks pretty baby-faced to me. Funny, his cousin is baby-faced too. It must be a gene in their family... Or maybe the long life that comes with being a dragon effects their growing patterns.

Ok, so my first attempt for this thing Mum showed me is a dragon. This is how THAT turned out.
And just so you know... This is also Ping. Also, ignore the line coming out of his stomach, I had no idea what happened, but it just suddenly appeared...................... Ok fine, I tell you what happened. I lost control of the mouse and couldn't get rid of it.
And you probably figured out by now, I don't really know how to draw anything relating to animals of any kind, or buildings, or hands, or feet. Pretty much everything I don't know how to draw... Anyway, my second attempt was much better (with Mum's help). Do you know how fast she's grasped the basics? And her drawing is fantastic too! Anyway, onto the second attempt!

She's a girl, just so we are clear. Although everyone calls her Will, her actual name is Willow. Despite her appearance, she can be really vicious if someone threatens either of her brothers. Mum fixed the chin. She also attempted to fix the hair, the blush, the nose and everything else. But then I kicked her off before she could do anything else other than the chin.

I love the picture of Will. Best attempt ever. You guys want to try the thing that I was using? (I say 'thing' because I don't really know what to call it. Yeah. I'm just that good with words... And I want to be a writer. I see that career going down the drain...) Click here. If you don't want to try it, don't click here.
Anyway, Day 16: Completed! Three faces in one day (do dragon faces count as a face?)! I'm going to run out of subjects soon enough. Although maybe not... Anyway have a wonderful and fun day everyone!

15 Feb 2012

Day 15!

Here's the picture for Day 15! It's the character that Dad drew out. Her name is Cinnamon and she comes from the same story as Pari-Pari.

Does she look a bit like a boy? Maybe her hair should be a bit longer... Or is there something else I can do??
Anyway, Day 15: Completed!! Just a simple post for today. Ok then, have a wonderful day everyone!

Day 14: Valentines?

Hey everyone! Happy Valentines Day!! I don't pay much attention to romance (in any form) and very often I get weirded out by people displaying affection in public. And on TV too. The affection doesn't even need to be in real life! I skip anything in books that looks like romance or anything related to it (So there went most of the Hunger Games series, because the author didn't write enough fighting scenes and apparently, everyone likes romance) and clamp my eyes shut when something happens on TV that even looks like someone is too close to someone else! ... I'm off track slightly, sorry about that. Anyway, Dad did draw out the name for today's face, but I haven't been bothered to colour her in (What? It's late here, and I want to go play a game). So instead, I did a quick little sketch of a Valentine-like thing. What? Are you all giving me another look? Look, I don't like medium-to-heavy romance, but light ones I can handle perfectly fine. I'm off track again, sorry. Here's a picture to make up for it!

I'll tell you what he does. He doesn't give her the gift, instead he tells his best friend's sister to give it to her (and not say it's from him)
Day 14: Completed (Ok, well not the original drawing for Day 14, but there's one in its place instead). Have a wonderful day everyone!!

13 Feb 2012

Day 13 of 29 faces challenge

Alrighty! Once this guy is up, then I'll be up-to-date! Ok, Mum pulled the name out of the hat, and she selected Pari-Pari (like the seasoning you put on food). He is actually from a Science Fiction story I was writing. dad said he looked very mysterious in this picture, but then I showed him another one and he said "Not so mysterious now".

Don't worry about the look he is giving you. He gives that look to everybody that comes too close when he is eating.

Day 13: Done! Thanks for dropping by everyone! Have a wonderful day!

Day 12

Ninja!! Thats what the past three faces are. Haha, I love ninja, the ones that you can see and the ones you can't. As I'm writing this, I'm re-watching the newest movie (well, my favourite parts anyway)! Anyway, the characters (and others) have their own little (did I say little? It's pretty big) world that they live in, and I use them to practice writing and drawing fights. Anyway, we had a family friend over and she pulled out the name Dusk. So here he is.

Another sketch, I hope the picture is good enough for you all to see him and the weapon.

Day 12: Completed. I'm a little bit behind, but I'll catch up... Eventually. Anyway, have a nice day everyone!

11 Feb 2012

Day 11 (Or Day 9 part... You get the idea)

Last face (for now anyway). Let's introduce you to the final member, Sasumu. Here's the hint
He trains birds and is the first to know about many things outside his home/town.
Seems like he is the one Kiyo is peeved at. Yes, that's a scar over his right eye.
MagicLoveCrow, you should know this guy!
Anyway... Days 9-11: Done. Want to see the idea I had?

That's them! Each face was just one part of the whole image! Was it a neat idea?
Mission accomplished!! Can anyone guess what they are?? Here, I'll expand the hints:
Kiyo gets into a lot of fights with enemies, he has a scar on his stomach from when he was tortured and trains all animals in tracking and fighting. He has a wolf as a partner. 
Naoko specialises in tracking down people and can see chakra from a great distance. 
Sasumu trains birds and is the first to know about many things outside his village because his family are the people that look after the messenger birds and aviary.

If you guys watch a particular anime, then you should be able to guess correctly (what they are wearing should give a hint). But I should say... You remember when I said when I do a lot of something, or not enough, that my dreams start to fill my head with that? Well, that idea applies for these guys too (and anyone in their world/story).

Anyway, I'll leave you guys for now. Three posts in one day is enough for me. I'll reveal what they are tomorrow. Ok, have a nice day everyone!

Day 10! (Or Day 9 Part 2)

Second post! Here is the next face, Naoko. Here is a hint of what she is;
She (and her team) specialise in tracking and she can see something that her friends can't.

Isn't she sweet? Mum likes her the best.

One more face to go~! Hope you are all sticking around for the 'big' reveal!

Day 9: A little bit late.

Sorry it's late, but my sister still hasn't given me the photos that I wanted, and so I had to improvive. This included drawing a name out of a hat, but do you think I drew out one name? Well, I did, but it had 'Squad Daichi' on it, so that meant three faces. And I thought to myself 'Awesome, now how am I going to do this?'. There are going to be three posts today, to make up for the days missed and to show just what I did. So here is the first (sorry, ninth) day, Kiyo.

He looks a little bit peeved doesn't he? Wonder who at...
Want to play a guessing game? Everyone is allowed to play (expect Mum who might remember these characters).
Kiyo gets into a lot of fights, as a scar on his stomach and trains all types of animals (except birds).
Ok, talk to you in the next post!

9 Feb 2012

Day 8: A Simple Sketch

Ok, so my 'lovely' sister won't download the photos until tomorrow, so for Day 8, I did do another manga picture. I did a quick draw out of the hat, and pulled out Kun. I love drawing her, I don't think I do it enough. She always seems to look more elegant than the other girls I draw.

It's a simple drawing, but it suits her (at least I think so)
Day 8: Done! Now let's hope Trin remembers to download the photos (and give them to me) so I can do something different for tomorrows face! Ok, have a wonderful day everyone!

7 Feb 2012

Day 7: Partners

Hi everyone! How are you all going?
Ok, so the name I drew out of the hat was 'Eva', but when I was drawing her, I decided to add in her little partner, Squirt. Now, a little explanation... Sometimes, when I watch/read/play a lot of something, or don't watch/read/play enough, then my dreams start remind me that I might have a small problem. Anyway... These characters appeared after I was given the latest Pokemon game; Pokemon White, and spending pretty much a whole day on it too, my dream to keep up my little daydreams.
Moving on... Here are the faces for Day 7!

I'll put in a better picture tomorrow, but this will do for now. Are they cute?

Day 7: Done! Tomorrow I'm going to try something a little (sorry, a lot) different. Ok, have a wonderful day everyone!

6 Feb 2012

Day 6: Green with... Drowsiness?

Ok, so the name that Owen drew out of the hat was 'Vangelis', a character that, besides a brown and white vest and his ultra cool goggles, is pretty much decked out in green! I love this guy! Total gamer, green hair, yellow eyes, gives his advice by saying "As a third party to this whole thing..." and... Whoa, sorry. Got a little over excited there. You're all here for the face, not the character! Anyway, here the face for Day 6!

His hair is normally more gravity defying... But I assume that's because he is just waking up from a nap that his hair is naturally going to be 'dull' until he is fully awake. And yes; he is drooling.
Day 6: Mission FINALLY Accomplished!!! Ok, thanks for dropping by everyone! Hope you all have a great day!

The face for Day 5 is...

I'm sorry that this is a bay late, but better late than never right?
Anyway, my 'lovely' little (but taller than me) sister Trinity pulled the name out of the hat this time, and she picked Sam from Oracle. So I thought and thought and thought, then I went out for a movie with Owen and his sister and gave him his present. Then I came back home and thought, and I thought 'I never could draw dreadlocks... What the heck am I doing to do?'. And the solution was simple: I'd just Google it. So anyway, here is Sam and an attempt to draw dreadlocks.

You know what? It looks better in real life. I'll see if I can get a better picture later (when I don't have two parents yelling at me to do work (even though I want a break from working all day)!).

My friend Owen drew the name out of the hat for today's face, so I'll post it up when I've done it. Anyway, have a nice day everyone!

4 Feb 2012

Day 4 and...

Ok, to start off, thank-you all for the complements on my artwork, and I hope that I can work my way around to each of yours and do the same thing.
Anyway, today is Day 4 of the 29 faces challenge. Yesterday afternoon, I skipped up to Dad with a hat and asked him to draw out a name. The name was Phoenix, and I laughed that he picked out that name. She's from an old story (discontinued) and it was the first story Dad ever complemented me for. For the picture I used both pens (markers) and pencils!

She is a 13 year-old pirate. She also lives up to her name. If she is beaten or knocked down in a fight, she'll spring right back up with more energy.

And as for the '...' in the title, today is also Owen's birthday (a friend of mine. If you want to know what he is like, think Sheldon from the Big Bang theory. Or you can look at the post A Disastrous Physics Lesson or Graduation for a rough idea). Anyway, I found out he reads this blog, so I'm posting his present on here.

She's a character from the game Skyrim. Her name is Lydia. There is some reason as to why she's popular, but I've forgotten (It might be because the player can kill her several times or maybe because she's a NPC that makes the same mistake over and over again).

Like it Owen?? I'm not sure if you wanted another character, but I thought she was a pretty safe bet. I'll give her to you tomorrow!

Day 4: Completed!! My sister, Trinity, has picked the name out of the hat for tomorrow. Ok, that's it for now. Have fun everyone!

3 Feb 2012

Day 3: Ashley

And now it's time to reveal the name that Mum drew out from the hat. Against pure odds (seriously, 50:1 or something similar) Mum drew out the name of the one character I draw the most! So the face for Day 3 is Ashley Oak (although when I talk about her, I always say Ash - her nickname). It's a quick little sketch I did while at work, but I liked it so much that I couldn't bring myself to add any colour to it or try and get rid of excess lines...

She's actually drawn on brown cardboard, so I'm curious as to how  it seemed more white when I took the picture... She's also meant to have a really small smile, can you see it?

Anyway, Day 3: Completed!! Dad has drawn the name for tomorrows face, but you won't know who until then! Ok, have fun everyone. I'm off to look at some more faces!

Day 2: Thomas

Ok, it's a bit late, but something weird happened and has I was about to put this post up, I felt really sick. I'm better now, but this post is still a little bit late, so sorry about that. The second face for the 29 faces challenge was drawn out of a hat. This is Thomas Finch (from Oracle). It was a toss up between this one, and one of him eating. Mum choose this.

I have this creeping feeling that I messed up his skin colour, but it might be because the background isn't the yellow I originally wanted it to be... 
Day 2: Done! Now onto Day 3, and Mum drew the name out of the hat this time... OK, have a nice day everyone!

1 Feb 2012

29 faces in February: Day 1

When Mum told me she was joining the 29 faces activity, I immediately said that I was joining her. Man, sometimes it's so hard to find the inspiration to draw, so with the activity/challenge to draw a face everyday, why not accept it? So, to kickstart the challenge, I started with the face of a original character. Light. Originally she was crying, but I thought she looked much better smiling and scrapped the first idea.

Light. I wonder who or what she is smiling at...

Day 1: Mission accomplished! Sorry, I meant to say 'Day 1: Done', but I sorta got a little over excited over this picture. Though I think it looks much better when you have it in your hand, but the picture is still good (just different). This picture is going on my door (as soon as I have the free time to laminate it). Anyway, have a nice day everyone!

*Edit. Anyone looking for the other faces will have to look in the February in the side bar. Mum posted a link when I told her it wasn't ready.... But I'm not blaming her (or anything like that)