10 Sep 2013

Yikes! Is that the time?

Haha, I better be quick! I have to go to my Supernatural tutorial soon. Today will be about ghosts and near death experiences, so it should be very interesting! Then after that I have Capoeira and then a club meeting/movie.

I'm going to try a style of art that I've seen over the internet tonight when I get back (and after I do my readings), so we'll see how well that turns out!

I found some watercolours to use in Brisbane! So tadaa! I totally screwed up the arm (and I even posed in the mirror and everything...) Anyway, this is the Kikun. He keeps a coin tucked into his hat and suffers from amnesia - Everyone in the story comments that it is awfully convenient in the situation (which is a secret!)
Day 9: Done and dusted!
Yikes! 20 minutes to! I better go!
I hope you all have a fantastic day!


If you have a few moments I would really appreciate your feedback on my post :) and thank you for dropping by so I could share my stories with you :)