14 Feb 2013

What's today again?

Hiya guys!
How is everyone going on this day that celebrates something... I forget what it is exactly... OH! I remember now.

The 154th birthday of the man I blame for my fear of Ferris Wheels; their creator - George Ferris!

Look! Even google celebrates his birthday. Oh, and Valentine's Day, but that isn't important.

Right, so HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! Hope you spend it with your loved ones. I spent it at work.


I'm also behind on the 29 faces challenge, so I'm so sorry. I'll catch up.

It's a quick sketch today. Sorry for all the lines and bad drawing.
Since it is Valentine's (as the people on Facebook and Google so helpful keeps reminding me), I looked back on a favourite play of mine. You have three guesses to what it is. To throw you all off, I put in Mum's, Dad's and Trin's favourites too.
1) Romeo + Juliet
2) Macbeth (or 'The Scottish Play')
3) Hamlet
4) As You Like It
Day 10-12: Completed (I'm counting the person with the binoculars as a face).
Have a wonderful day everyone!

P.S. If you want to see what I have been doing instead of drawing, here it is...

It's a shirt to wear over singlets. It's off centre and probably not that good. But I like the pattern.


  1. i liked the Rabbit & Dolphin combination in this valentines day doodle

  2. Cool shirt. I love the colors!! Ferris Wheels! LOL! Your sketch is excellent! Love the little guy in the back! Your favorite play??.... I will say Romeo and Juliet? Happy Valentine's Day ;o)

  3. Dearest Memphis,
    Oh, happy belated birthday to George Ferris; thank you very much for the information, my dear lady in Australia♡♡♡
    Wow, is that shirt hand made? How GORGEOUS. I love it very much. (^_^)彡☆

    Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  4. Your favourite play (what a funny love you shared for Valentines)... "As you like it" :) mine is the Scottish play and dad's 'Hamlet' I found him too wishy washy & Trinity's is 'Romeo &juliet' but I think that has more to do with Leonardo DiCaprio than Shakespeare ;)
    The sketch is pretty relaxed & cool, I wonder who is spying from the bushes & why? Looks like another story coming up ;) at least I hope so!
    Your jacket is beautiful, I love the way you persisted with the sewing-unpicking-sewing etc etc, a labour of love and it looks fabulous, the material and colours are great too, well done little seamstress!!!

  5. More gorgeous and creative faces Memphis... have loved scrolling through to see them all... and awesome to be sewing... wonderful shirt... love the green...

    Jenny ♥

  6. I love the shirt! Beautiful!
    I was behind in my faces too but I got in a hurry and made a few in one day. Sketches, but that's ok :oD
    I hope you had a great valentine!


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