29 Aug 2011

The introduction of Moselle

I have so many worlds and characters, my friends find it amazing that I can name over forty off the top of my head and know the background of the characters too. Haha, maybe I'm a little weird like that then huh? Anyway, this is part of the story of Moselle, otherwise known as 'The Dream Story'. Although many of my stories arrive in dreams, the actual landscape of this one appeared before the characters themselves and the landscape was a dreamy fantasy cove, with clear water in the middle, resting rocks to sit on and a view of the night sky (and day too, but I've only seen it at night) and the old tree growing outside.

Anyway, the first time I actually wrote of Moselle was for an English assignment, but the ending is really bad, so that won't come up on here until THAT gets sorted out. So this is Moselle when she first appears in the story as an independent character (she first appears as a little baby).

Let's just get this out of the way... This is one of my worlds and original stories, so all copyrights, reproduction rights and ownership belongs to me, Memphis Wilson. Thanks for understanding


The community pool was packed with teenagers in brightly coloured clothes. Red, Blue, Yellow and Green were the main colours, along with the odd pink or purple. Nine of the younger males lined up behind the podiums, with another nine on the chairs waiting for their turn to race, and the pattern continued for four rows. The females that just finished climbed out the sides of the pool and a teacher at the podium put something into a signal gun. He brought the head phones around his neck up to cover both his ears firmly, a whistle hanging out the side of his mouth. He blew the whistle and the nine males scaled up onto the podiums as the teacher aimed the signal gun up high. He pulled the trigger and as the loud ‘BOOM’ went off, the teen’s catapulted forward off the podium and into the chilling water. Other teens not involved in the physical fitness side cheered from their coloured tents/areas. Practiced war cries that deafened everyone nearby came from the four major gathering of teens. At the back of the blue area, in the shade and surrounded by abandoned bags, sat a petite female. Her slender figure was slightly hunched over a book in her lap, her hair was dry and she had a blue t-shirt on with brown boardies. She was obviously not paying much attention to those in front of her as some turned around to she if she was joining in. But she didn’t even look up from her book. The captain of the Blue team came over to her and kneeled down to her height. He had blue body paint everywhere with a splash of the other colours too.

“Moselle,” He grinned at the girl, “Are you swimming today?”
“Later,” she replied plainly and didn’t even bother to look up to the older boy. The captain shrugged and tried to start a conversation with her instead.
“So what are you reading then?”
“What kind?”
The captain waited for her to elaborate on her short sentence, but after a while he gave up and went back to the cheering squad. She was always like that when reading, it was like nothing else mattered in the world but that book, and then when she’d finish it, there’d be a new one to move on to.
“Could all under fifteens girls report to the marshalling area for 100 m freestyle,” the speakers around the area crackled to life and then replaced the monotone voice with music. The captain came up again with his female partner, who was just as covered in blue as he was. She didn’t bother to kneel down like the male.
“Moselle,” she stated bitterly, not liking the recluse a bit, “Get up and swim in this race.”
“Why?” Moselle questioned without looking up again.
“You’re one of our best swimmers,” the boy cut in before the female captain could say something, “And it would really mean a lot to everyone on the team if you participate in just this one race for us.”
Moselle looked up from her book curiously.
“Can I swim in my clothes?” She asked and half-closed the book, showing that she was slightly interested.
“What are you crazy? With all that weight-” The girl started to rant but the boy gave her a nudge to be quite.
“Sure, whatever you feel most comfortable in,” the boy answered and walked away with the girl. Moselle bookmarked her page and laid it carefully underneath one of the bags in her immediate area. As she stood up, she stretched her limbs out. Her figure now showed some small arm and leg muscles. She went out into the sunlight and avoided the stares her way. Every year it happened, even if it was common to every other day of the year. In the any form of light a small tint of blue was visible through her skin. She has always been that colour, her mum and dad told her that when she was little, she ate blue icing on everything because she wanted to turn into the colour, but Moselle knew that she was just born that way for whatever reason it was. It only stood out on the swimming day because she was pretty much dressed in blue, so the tint seemed to come out more. She had her name marked off as a participant and sat in the last row. Other girls from her year came up and filled the seats either side of her, but paid no further attention to the withdrawn blue girl. A tap on her shoulder made her jump out of her trance. She turned around to face a boy her age and she smiled nervously. He also had a strange skin tone; it looked like he had stripes on his skin like the coat of a tiger. He had damp and messy golden hair, slightly well formed muscles on his arms and chest and green shorts on. He grinned at Moselle.

“So Moss?” He said still grinning, “You swimming then?”
She nodded her head, suddenly aware that her voice wasn’t going to work for her right then since she was away from her book, but the boy continued.
“That’s pretty cool!” He said and leaned on the back of her chair, “You swim really well, and well I think I’m going to drown within the first ten metres.”
“R-really?” Moselle got out of her mouth, “T-then w-w-why are y-you…”
“Doing it?” The golden boy finished for her and he shrugged his shoulders, “It’s for the participation point, and I haven’t been in the water for a while now, so I’m all sticky… Wanna see?”
He opened his arms out wide and Moselle shook her head fiercely, now aware of the blush that spread like wildfire over her cheeks.
“Ok,” the boy laughed placing his arms back by his side and everyone moved up a row. Moselle moved up to the next seat and the boy sat down directly behind her.
“Moss, can you do me a favour?” He asked seriously and Moselle turned around, “If I sink to the bottom of the pool, can you jump in and get me? I don’t really trust these guys with that.”
He jabbed his thumb to a group of boys behind him and Moselle nodded to accept the possible job. The boy smiled thanks as one of the boys came over.
“Leon! Already to go!” He said and sat down next to the golden boy. Moselle turned back around and moved up another row as the second last line of the younger boys lined up behind the podium. Two more shifts of rows later, butterflies started to form in her stomach and she melted deeper into her chair. One of the girls to her side looked over and laughed.
“Hey Moss, you look a little blue. Are you sick or something?” She mocked and looked over her shoulder to the boys behind, Moselle also sneaking a glace too. Most of them were trying not to laugh at the comment, but Leon wasn’t impressed with the lack of sportsmanship displayed and showed it by the scowl on his face. A low growl came from him and the girl was suddenly quite. She turned away from his glare and back to her friends. Moselle moved her attention back to the pool just as the whistle sounded for the next race, which was hers. She stood up and looked over to Leon, who was moving to her previous spot.
“I-if it’s j-just p-patic-i-pa-pation…” She stuttered and looked at the ground, “T-then y-you can al-always j-just pull y-youself a-along the l-lane ropes…”
Leon smiled at her, “Thanks, I hadn’t thought of that! Good luck!”
Moselle nodded and quickly made her way over to her podium. The whistle was signalled again as the line of girls climbed up, but Moselle slipped and landed back on the ground. She could hear the mocking voices of everyone inside her head as she climbed attempted to get on the podium. A teacher came up behind her to help her on. The teacher with the signal gun surveyed the line and once he was certain that no one was going to fall off, aimed up high and pulled the trigger. As soon as it sounded, Moselle had pushed herself off the podium and flew smoothly into the water. She didn’t kick when she was under, just let the water do the work for her and when she resurfaced, she was already halfway down the 25 m lap pool. As she started her freestyle stroke, she risked a glance behind her. Many of the girls in her race were just resurfacing a less then 10 metres behind. Noise came in from all sides and the commenter’s joined in the noise, their voices booming over the speaker system. 


Whew, that was a long one! Hope you read it to the end though! If you have any feedback or anything, I'd like to hear it. Again, just a reminder; MY story and world, so all copyrights, reproduction rights and ownership belongs to me, Memphis Wilson.

Okay then! That's pretty much it from me! Have a nice day!!

20 Aug 2011

The Caged Bird

This was actually an English assignment of mine. So enjoy!

The future can change,’ she always said, ‘The only thing set in stone is the past’. She could see the future, that was her gift, but she always tried to change it – interfere with it.
“Protecting my family and my friends is worth more than my life,” she said to me as we sat around the dying embers of the fire. The others were inside the mouth of the cave, sleeping. Night had fallen and the moon and embers supplied faint light. We were along the outside of the mouth, just the two of us.
“I’m going to die today,” she whispered to me, but she looked at the embers, “I’ve seen it in a vision. If I don’t die, then we all die.”

She knew when she was allowed to interfere and when she couldn’t, but she kept trying. She was strong, nothing fazed her, and when she was horribly beaten, she stood back up no matter what. She wouldn’t stop until the second she died. Maybe that’s why everyone liked her, no, that’s not right. That’s why they adored her, respected her and maybe even feared her, a little. But above all that, she was our sister at times, our mother at others, our confidant, our ‘partner in crime’, our guardian angel, our leader and more importantly, our friend.

I had opened my mouth to say something against her statement, I don’t even know what, but she must have seen me from the corner of her eye.
“No ‘buts’!” She snapped and lifted her eyes to take me in, “No matter what happens, if I don’t die before any of you, than we all die!”
Her eyes fell on mine, silently begging for me to understand, to help her.
“I’ve been trying my whole life to change things out of my control. I’ve been trying to change destiny for the better, this time I get a chance!” She pleaded, “I have the chance to choose how I die. I’m going to die protecting those dear to me, not what destiny has written for me.”

I didn’t say any thing; nothing I could possibly have said then would have changed her mind. She’d made her decision. Nothing was going to sway her.
“I’ve been blessed to have been friends with you all... Thank you all for everything,” she came over me and gave a brief hug.
“You’re in charge now. Look after them. Tell my family I said bye.”

After her departure, the tears slipped down my face. In a way, I was happy that she chose how she was going to die, she was finally going to be free of her fortune-telling burden, but I was upset too. I wanted to spend more time with her. I didn’t try to stop her, even though I could have.

Maybe if the others where awake, they would have talked her out of leaving, but me by myself, I could do nothing. Maybe I trusted her in that she’d be happy and doing what she thought was right, but that didn’t stop the guilt I felt. Like a bird in a cage watching another fly free outside the bars, I watched her travel far away. A voice travelled along the wind. It was hers; she was singing a song about never being alone, about sweet memories, about believing, about never giving up. The others from inside stirred and came to the opening, naturally drawn to the sweet voice and the bittersweet song. There was a smile on her face, I could tell that. If she was going to die then, she was going out with a smile. A moment later there was complete silence. No voice, no melody, no rustling, no wind.


What do you think about the story? Is it too childish?? That's what my teacher said, and some other stuff that really made me feel lousy...

Anyway! Hope you enjoyed the story!

Just to clarify... This is one of my worlds, so all copyrights, reproduction rights and ownership belongs to me, Memphis Wilson. Thanks for understanding

4 Aug 2011

Yo! What's up?

Hi everyone!

It's taken a while, but I'm pleased that I've finally started up this blog. But now that I have, I don't know how to start... OH! I know!!

I'm Memphis Wilson! That's a good start, need to get the names out of the way. Um...

Likes: Manga, anime, drawing, writing, reading, school, videos games, music collecting lots of different stuff, creating, sleeping, family and friends.

Dislikes: Bullies, many sports - actually anything that involves running over 200 metres without a break and any with a ball (people seem to think that there is a target sign on the back of my head permanently)

Favourite shows: Red vs Blue, Naruto and Naruto Shippuden, Soul Eater, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Psych, Eureka, Lone Gunmen, and probably a whole lot more.

Ok, I know you guys are giving me weird looks as I'm writing this now. It seems more like Facebook with all the likes, dislikes and favourites, so I'll stop that now.

Hm... Right! I live with a lovely mum named Shelle, a surfing dad named Fraser, a little sister that goes through my room when I'm not around called Trinity and a chocolate/tan coloured spoodle (it's a breed of dog) named Milo. For those who notice or know, the Shelle here is none other than SunshineShelle (http://sunshineshelles.blogspot.com/), so I'll do my best to not be bias and promote her too much on these blogs, but you know. No guarantees though!!

What else would you need to know...? I'm currently working on over 13 different stories and one of them I hope one day will turn into a manga (Japanese graphic novel) that people will read. I guess then you guys should know that I'm very, very, very protective of my characters and their stories. I think it's because they are close to me, so I see them more as friends than figments of my overactive imagination (Is that weird?)

So why am I writing this blog? I figured it was about time for these characters to see the outside world and how people react to them. So please, if you have any criticism good or bad, don'e be afraid to comment. I don't bite. Anymore at least.

Moving on! Please don't take them! They are my characters and worlds, so all copyrights, reproduction rights and ownership belongs to me, Memphis Wilson. This is the internet, so I assume some idiot is going to come along and attempt to take a character or five. That said, I'm placing a lot of trust in believing that that won't happen, so don't muck up the trust. Thanks for understanding, since I'm protective over all of them.

Ok, so let's get off to a good start then! Thanks for reading! Hope none of you are insulted by the above outburst.

   Memphis     =^.^=

P.S. Sorry if it seems like I'm rambling about nothing, it's just how my brain works.