1 Apr 2013

Happy Easter and April Fools; (With a Story About Morals in Games)

Hello everyone!
I hope you all had a pleasant weekend! Happy Easter (or whatever you celebrate during that time frame) and April Fools today!

Anyway... My Creative Writing class is very interesting. The short stories we have to read have two things in common...
1 - All/most have characters are either sleazes, drug addicts or idiots.
2 - I get very depressed after reading them. Then I get angry.
Anyway, we were told to write a story using the techniques we learnt about plot using the character we had created in groups 2 weeks ago (and in brackets it said ‶or a different character of your choosing″). Now, I don't know about you... But I really don't like writing a story abut a banker. One sentence in and I went ‶Forget this!″
So I wrote what I felt like writing, and was something to make me laugh. Here is is.

Faith - Leon 
    Part of Leon and Moselle's job was to test the information in the ancient book to see if it was still accurate. That meant travelling to the exotic areas the creatures lived in, but ever since the ;nude suit' incident Leon had taken it upon himself to read up on every creature before they encountered it. So when they were sent to scout an Incubus and Succubus nest, Leon read that they feed off the sexual energy of sleeping victims. Since they would not be sleeping in the nest and both teens lacked whatever normal hormonal teenagers had, he concluded that the two would be safe from invasive mind probing. Leon had absolute faith in his and Moselle's abilities to do the job without a hiccup, despite her lacking the confidence. Five steps into the nest and all hell broke loose. An incubus swooped at Moselle and she disappeared down a darkened tunnel with a scream. Leon called out and followed, but in the dark cave he quickly found himself lost as eerie sounds echoed around him.
"Why hello there boy," Red eyes appeared in the shadows directly in front of Leon, "Lost?"
Leon stumbled back and tripped onto his backside. As the Succubus stepped out from the dark cloak the shadows provided, Leon held he hands out to defend himself.
"That won't work on me," the Succubus laughed and Leon examined his hands. Unknowingly he had made a pathetic attempt at a sign of the cross.
"Dammit, it has to work on one of them!" Leon growled under his breath and balled his hands into fists instead.
"Normally I would help a someone such as yourself," the succubus ignored Leon's 'Yeah right' to her statement and continued on, "but I haven't eaten in a long time... And you are filled with many types of energy. A real feast!"
"You mean... You don't eat sexual energy?"
"We eat whatever energy we can. It just so happened that when we were awake last everyone was that way inclined. It's much easier to eat from someone who is sleeping, so don't struggle."
Leon immediately felt another presence in his head as his physical energy faded at an alarming pace. His hands fell to the ground and he could barely keep his eyes from closing. He focused his attention on keeping his faith that his partner would arrive at an moment and get him out of trouble, like all the times she saved him from drowning at the public swimming pool.
"Isn't that cute? You think someone is going to sa-" A dull thud stopped her mid-sentence. Her face briefly contorted in pain and she fell to the ground unconscious. Where she previously stood was Moselle, her hardcover book held firmly in her hands.
"You okay Leon?" She asked and held a hand out to him.
"Fine," he replied as he took her hand and unsteadily stood up, "What about you? What happened to the Incubus?"
"Oh. He starved," Moselle stated with a deadpan expression uncharacteristic of her.
"Tha-that's a joke right?"
Moselle smiled cheekily at him, like she had her own inside joke that no one knew.
"He ate my fear, then got the same lesson she did," Moselle said and affectionately patted the book she cradled, "Let's get out of here while we can and come up with a better plan!"

Well, it made me laugh (and the girl that read it laughed at the “He starved” statement). It might seem a bit immature to write comedies or parodies in life, but I like making people laugh more than I like making them cry. And trust me, me and Trin can make people cry (mostly Mum).
Trinity's latest case was the Walking Dead game on iPad (Zombie game. Never played it, but Mum and Trin have). Long story short (and to avoid spoilers), she made a choice to spare a character later horror by killing another before he/she turned into a zombie. I completely agreed with her decision, Mum on the other hand...
That case was brought up yesterday when I finished a game which had 4 possible endings. Being me, I choose the ending with what I thought was the best outcome; this resulted in the character's death. Mum was not pleased, Trin was neutral to the whole thing, and Dad was complaining in the background about how long the credits of the game were (because I needed to save that game and credits cannot be skipped).

Sorry for rambling. Anyway, have a wonderful day everyone!


  1. Hey Memphis ;o) Hope you had a great Easter and A great April Fools ;o) Your story made me laugh ;o) Thank you ;o) Hugs ;o)

  2. Mem... you are amazing and love LOVE your stories & posts x

  3. I just reread this story, it is funny, it entertains and it makes me want to know the characters more, like I want to hang out with them, ha ha ha the suuccubus starved, that IS funny, a negative became a positive, very cool, very entertaining :)


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