29 Mar 2013

Coming Home

Hello all!
I finally have a week break from Uni, so I am looking forward to staying at home with my family. Still got Uni work to do... But at least I don't have to travel much.
So, first off... One of my classes were cancelled so students could go to the 7th Asia Pacific Triennial that is on display at the art galleries (Check it out, there some neat art, though I'm more of a Impressionist/Baroque/Tradiational type of art fan). So while I was on South Bank...
Yes. I went to the museum. It really shouldn't be that much of a surprise
In one of the entrances
Robot dinosaurs are always a plus in my book!
Once I was away from the dinosaurs, I found a spy training area. These are lasers (although you can only see where they are coming from) and you have to pick your way through them to get to the other side. It was fun!

 Right. So how about a story? I wrote this one a little while ago, so enjoy!

Home – Azure
    Azure knew two things about travelling. Two warnings she was repeatedly given:
1) Those you meet at the crossroads you may never see again or you may see over and over.
2) Home may not be the same home you left.

The second warning terrified Azure. Her parents travelled a lot and sometimes her friends would go on an extended holiday. Azure would wait for them to come back, eager to greet them when they arrived so they knew they weren’t forgotten about. Eventually circumstances changed and Azure was by herself, away from the world and people she knew. She travelled along many paths, determined to find her way back. Hours turned into days, and days to weeks and each night Azure’s thoughts would drift back to those warning. She was scared of what might happen if she returned home and found things had changed so drastically that she no longer fit in. That was if she even made it back.

Along the way she met many people and she asked them her burning question…
“What if your home doesn’t exist anymore?”
“Someone is thinking of me, as long as they do my home is with them.”
“What if no one remembers you?”
“They might forget, but I won’t forget them, so I’ll just remind them.”
They told her what they thought, even offered to help her find her way home, but after they travelled together they would come to crossroads and each would walk their own path once again.

Azure reached a place, a lake the colour of ash, a large town to one side and a single path to the mountains on the other. At the crossroad with no one there, she took a deep breath.
“How long are you going to make me search?!” She shouted to the world, “I just want to go home!”
She chocked back the sobs that started and collapsed to the ground. She repeated the word ‘home’ between the tears and closed her eyes to see her family and friends as she remembered them.
Azure turned around to the person that called her name. The person was a familiar face for Azure, a female friend of hers.
“Light?” she asked the girl, not believing what her eyes saw.
“Hey, we’ve been looking everywhere for you. You were hard to find. Lucky for us, we ran into some people who knew you,” Light offered her hand to Azure, “Come on, I’ll tell you everything later. Everyone is waiting.”
Azure wiped her face of remaining tears, took her friend’s hand with a smile and walked along the path that would finally take her home.
And FACES!! Because I am still going to finish a 29 faces challenge.

So, meet Vangelis, T.J, Drift and lastly Azure (this is a better picture than the previous one)

So - Days 19-22 are completed! Have a wonderful day everyone!


  1. So happy Azure had a happy ending ;o) Love the 4 faces! And, the museum looks fantastic! The spy training area is cool!

  2. Home... Azure knew there is no place like it, it may move, people may change, but it can be found following the right paths and meeting up with people who remember... This tale was a great journey :)
    Also, I want to go see the art, dinosaurs and lasers, fun fun fun! Memphis you are such an inspired and diligent character getting your 29 Faces completed, like Azure getting home, she was never going to give up, it just took a little longer to complete the journey... Great post!!


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