30 Sep 2017

The last push - Days 27-29

HA AH! I finished!

Day 27 -
 Day 28 -
"Nervous Ninja"
 Day 29 -
"Star Child"
Challenge: Completed!

Thanks Ayala Art for hosting the challenge!

Have a wonderful day or night everyone!

Day 23 - 26


I had a busy week at work, so... I'm a little bit behind!

Day 23
"Golden Warrior"
 Day 24
"Pretty in Green"
 Day 25
"Man 2"
 Day 26
"Woman 2"

Have a wonderful day!

26 Sep 2017

20, 21 and 22


So I fell a little bit behind, but I did some drawing over the weekend!

Day 20 -
 Day 21 -
"Icing on the cake"
 Day 22 -
"Grey coat"
Well, three faces before I am up-to-date!

Have a wonderful day!

20 Sep 2017

Days 18 & 19


I have a headache and it's a little/lot late, so I need to go to bed.

Here are the faces!

"There is something behind you"
Days 18 & 19 - Completed! Now I am up-to-date. For now.

Have a great day!

18 Sep 2017

Days 16 & 17


How is everyone today?

Yesterday I was a DM for a Dungeons and Dragons game, so I feel very lazy today. So I just drew some faces with a pencil I had nearby while Mitch is playing Skyrim.

Day 16

"Bob Cut/e"
 Day 17

"What a mess of hair"
I have fencing this evening, and we are being tested to see if we (beginners) can move onto novice.

Anyway, have a wonderfu evening!

16 Sep 2017

Day 14 & 15

Hello all!

I've got a Dungeons and Dragons game to plan, so this will be a quick post.

Day 14 -
Day 15 - 

Mitch and I have been playing Monster Hunter most of the evening, so I thought I better post this. And try some cleaning!

Have a wonderful day!

14 Sep 2017

Days 11-13

Oh good. I'm running late. Wouldn't be a challenge without it.


Here are some faces.

Day 11 -
"After Dark"

So I took a break from my self-imposed palette challenge to draw some semi-realistic faces as a character study (and get better at drawing older looking faces).

Day 12 -
"Man 1"
 Day 13 -
"Woman 1"
As you can see, I'm great at naming things.

Have a wonderful evening!

12 Sep 2017

Day 10 - Power!


So last Sunday, I was watch Pop-Asia, playing my favourite game (Which is called "Fake or Real" and it's just me saying which hair colours are natural and which aren't, but has expanded to eye colour now), when the last music video for the day played.

It was upbeat, and cute, had Nerf guns and it made me laugh. Also I have kinda maybe sorta been listening to it (almost) non-stop.

Anyway, one of the singers (I don't know names, I would need to ask my friend Zodiac - she likes the group) pulls a particular face. I'm not sure why it is so familiar to me though... Like, is it reminding me of some other person I have seen (but can't remember) or something?

Or maybe I just like smug grins.

Anyway, here is the face for Day 10!

And for the sake of comparison... Here's the music video. Don't worry. You'll find the face I like.

Huh... There's a comic?


Well. Enjoy the music. And enjoy your day!

I gotta go see if I can find something.

EDIT/P.S. Chen. That's the dude's stage name.
Still need to find that comic.

Day 9


Here is the face for Day 9!


Now I'm only 3 days behind!

10 Sep 2017

Day 8 - Flashy Admirer


One more post for the day, then I've got a game I want to continue making.

Day 8

Day 8 - Look, my sense of timing isn't exactly worthy of a photo finish, but it is done!

Well. Enjoy your day!

Day 6 & 7

Hello everyone!

I had a job interview today - so you know what I'm doing?

Second guessing every answer I gave and wondering if I used the right words, etc.

Anyway, I am a few days behind, so here are some faces!

Day 6

"Nighty Night"
Day 7

My lovely sister picked which colours to use this time!

"Lollipop Dancer"

Days 6-7: Done and dusted!

Enjoy your evening/day!

5 Sep 2017

Day 5 - Exo Powder

Hello everyone!

Here is the face for today.

"Exo Powder"

Look - don't ask about the name. I'm trying to name the pictures after the palette I use, which is easier sometimes. So either this is a performer name, or a make-up example for EXO (a K-Pop group if you are curious).

Have a wonderful day!

4 Sep 2017

Day 4


Only two good things came out of today; Fencing class and this face.

"The Maiden"
Day 4 - Completed!

Enjoy you day/night!

3 Sep 2017

Face 3 - Joy


I have a guest staying over today.

He is very cute. And likes to jump onto comfy things. And whines when left alone.

It's Milo the Wonderdog!

He kept stepping and sleeping on the material I was cutting for a jacket. Maybe he was trying to help?

It's Fathers Day here in Australia today - so me and my sister had brunch with Mum and Dad (and Milo) which was nice!

Anyway, here is another face!


Day 3 - Completed!

Have a wonderful night everyone!

2 Sep 2017

Face 2 - Muted


In relation to the creepy smile the game I'm playing, it turns out it was not a possession.

But it was a lot worse.

And the scene got worse.

It got creepier. And bloodier.


Here is another face. Mum chose the colours for this one.

"Muted Portrait"
Day 2 - Done!

I like this dude's nose (and colours), but I don't think I used them that well... Oh well.

Have a wonderful day!

1 Sep 2017

September 29 Faces - Electric Punk


How is everyone going?

I sorta/kinda/maybe called Mum today while I was going out to do some Fathers Day shopping and said "Do a face". Which she pretty much responded with "If you join and remind me."

So here I am.

You should go and check out everyone else in the challenge (which has spread to other posting websites as well).

Day 1
"Electric Punk"


Now, if you excuse me, I have a game to finish and I know some crap is about to go down in it because of 2 reasons;
1 - The next mission is attend a party
2 - One of the characters had a really creepy smile AND I'VE SEEN THAT SMILE IN THE COMPANYS OTHER SERIES AND THAT IS NOT A GOOD SMILE!!

So yeah.
I think a character got possessed or something. So I'm going to go and get the crap beaten out of me.
Then I'll beat him. And whatever possessed him.

Anyway, have a wonderful day!