31 May 2012

Hello again and sorry (again)

Hehe... Opps... I get caught up in everything around me that I don't have enough time for it all! Is that a bad thing? At least I'm never bored in that sense.
Anyway, sorry that I haven't been on or posted in a while. I plan to catch up with everything (or mostly everything). The faces for days 24-26 are recent creations. Actually, I felt inspired to do something I had never done before. Fan art. So, here they are. Done in my little sketch book and then inked, but I left the original lines in because I wanted to see how I did them in the first place. Anyway, the thing that I felt very inspired by was Final Fantasy XII, which I have gotten back into playing since I vacuumed out the Playstation 2.
Hmm... Speaking of inspiration... I've been having a lot of Beyblade dreams recently... I might need to watch a few episodes. Anyway! On with the faces!

Day 24
Normal hume. I still need to work on the feet... I liked her outfit, although I kept changing it while I was drawing.
Face close up, since this is 29 faces.

Day 25
A Viera. As you can see, she is lacking shoes and toes. And a hand but let's not get into that! She was difficult to draw because I wanted her to look more mature. She also ended up being a lot taller than I thought so her ears are cut off.

Day 26
And one of my favourite pictures, mostly because it isn't mostly human and it's so CUTE! Look at that face! *Ahem* Sorry about that. Anyway, this little guy is a Moogle. 

Day 24-26: Completed. I'm sorry I'm so behind, keep an eye out though. I hope to pump through them! And I also promise that I'll do a vampire. Actually, Mum said something about Vampires and MagicCrowLove, and made me promise to do one. So I will! Anyway, have a wonderful day everyone!

Oh, a little bonus (or hinderance. Whatever you feel fits), this is what they look like in my book.
Space for another character too!

16 May 2012

Day 16: Caught up now!

Ok! The last post for today, and I'll be up to date!
Right, so on Mother's day, I had a really wonderful dream. Lots of action, lots of adventure, several alternate realities and an infinite amount of mystery!! I'm telling you, it was AMAZING!! Of course, it has now been added to the list of stories I'll work on. Anyway, back on track... Today's face was the character that I briefly shadowed to get a better understanding of the story. So, here she is!

Her working name is Ice-cream girl, since I forgot to ask what it was...

Day 16: Mission completed! I really need to learn another language so my brain doesn't feel... Dull. Anyway, have a nice day everyone!

13 May 2012

Day 10-13: A Beast, and Calmness?

Ok, I'm sorry it's late, and also...
HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers! We took Mum on a picnic, but if you want to know the details, you'll probably see them on Mum's blog. I'll tell you, there was a lot of screaming, and we weren't even at the place yet!!

Day 10:
He's a sketch in my notebook. I was attempting to mix beasts and human parts together. For a first attempt, I though it was pretty good. You should see his feet/shoes.

Day 11-13:
From the front to back: Meet Torrie, Asher and Yuuta. They come from a chaotic story, so this is a picture from before the madness begins.
Days 10-13: Completed, and sorry they're so late! Have a wonderful day everyone!

9 May 2012

Day 9: A Quick Pic and Post

Hello everyone! Just a quick post, because Mum wants me to turn the computer off! So, here is the person she pulled out of the hat. His name is Cajun, and he's got stripes in his hair... But I forgot to put them in, so I'll have to do that tomorrow.

If you want to know what he is pointing at, it's is breakfast. Burnt toast that has been cruelly tortured. In other words, Cinnamon (February 29 faces) cooked it. 

Day 9: Complete, now have a wonderful day everyone!!

5 May 2012

Day 5, Heroes and a guilt trip

Mum was doing that Heroes thing on The Butterfly Effect, and she's been bugging me to enter it for a while now, but I didn't feel any inspiration. Mum suggested that I draw Naruto (and she kept suggesting it too. Every 10 minutes. I don't think she realised I liked other characters and other shows too), but there is an issue there as I don't draw fan art (I have no talent for it). The second issue that emerged was among the charcters and my own characters too: I don't really classify any of them as a 'hero' of any sort, not even if they do save a world or twelve, or wear the spandex costume, or anything related to heroes. All I see are people/aliens (I'm not discriminating) who make a decision and be moral, whichever way their morality goes. Yes, that applies to Villains as well. Anyway, Mum guilted me into doing it in the end, so here my face for the day and for her thingy too.

Hotaru returns again! I actually just started drawing a pose and then she popped up as the person to fit it.
The Questions...

1. What Super Power would you posses?
I would posses the ability to create and breath life into the worlds in my head and travel to them whenever I feel like it. Apparently that wish scared many of my former classmates 

2. What's your costume of choice?
Runners, long pants and a sleeved shirt with a jacket incase I'm somewhere cold and a bag for neat things that I like (the bag will need to be enchanted to house a lot of stuff then...). Probably with the colours green, blue and black. I'd melt into the background dressed like that!

3. Do you have/want a sidekick? 
Na, not really. I'd want my friends and family, but I wouldn't treat them (or address them) as a sidekick. Genre Savvyness because sidekicks are doomed and I really don't want that to happen

4. What's your weakness?
... Moody, stubborn, scared of Weeping Angels, Darleks, Cypermen and the things that might be in the dark (but not the dark itself)

5. You a lover or a loner?
Loner really.

6. Do you have a secret identity/ordinary life to juggle?
Ordinary life is fine, it's the travelling to the worlds I create that will cause the trouble ~ I'll get recognised there easily, so I'll need a disguise (maybe I should add a wig to the costume)

7. Being a hero can make you enemies - who's/what's yours?
Bullies, but I'll just throw them into one of my worlds and see how they cope.

8. What's your motto or catchphrase?
'Anyway' is common from me and 'No prop'. But when I pop into one of the worlds, I might say something like "Yo guys! How are you all today? Now you know the drill, tell me what's going on or I'll make something happen."
I'm not that mean. Maybe...

Day 5: Finito! Voila is next I promise. Have a nice day everyone!

2 May 2012

Day 2!

Hello again! Time for the second face for the 29 faces challenge! You probably won't believe me, but in February, the first name Dad drew out was Phoenix, the first name he drew out for May was Isabelle - Phoenix's older twin sister. I just found it really funny. She was also done using pencils and coloured pens (for the hair and ribbon)
Unlike her sister, Isabelle does not go well in a fight, since she did not grow up on the seas. She is quick though and has excellent memory.
Day 2: Done! Thanks for coming by and have a nice day everyone.

1 May 2012

An old English story...

While in grade 11, we started to look at poetry for some reason. I'm pretty sure I've said this before, but I've never really been interested in poetry. Mostly because I could never understand it. Where was I? Oh right. So we were doing poetry, and the English teachers thought it would be great if they could somehow test that we could interpret poems. Thus we were giving a writing assignment.
We needed to pick a poem from our book, and write a short story on it. The hardest thing was finding a poem in the first place for many people. Lucky for me, I write lots of stories and always have three at the ready for a moments notice. So all I had to do, was find a poem that matched the story (in my view). Now I love mythology, so it's no surprise that many of my stories take on qualities from those stories. So flicking through the book, my eyes land on a familiar name. No, not a poet/author, but a character. Andromeda from Greek mythology to be exact. Reading trough the poem a few times, every time going "This is perfect! I can use this!" until I decided enough of the reading and more editing.
Now, my teacher was the English teacher that doesn't like me (so I don't like her), so anything that I write will automatically get graded lower. To prevent this, I showed my story to another teacher. The head of Senior English in fact. Everyone loves this teacher, her enthusiasm about the subject infects others and she's chatty outside the subject too. Anyway, this teacher once said to show her my work because she loved reading them. And I showed her the poetry/short story assignment. The next day I get it back in the morning - It had a smiley face at the bottom of the page and ticks on every paragraph (It was the final version of the story so all editing had been done).
The next term, the teacher I don't like handed me the assignment back. The page had the teacher's remark on how childish it was and some other criticism, but had an 'A' on it. I think I only got that 'A' because I showed it to the other teacher.
Thus my habit for paying out poetry started, but that's not what this post is about (although I have rambled on for long enough... Sorry)

Anyway, the monster in this story I found in a monster book (which was constantly borrowed out under my name), so the info for it I got out of the book.
Here's the poem:

She was the first pin-up.
Naked and bejewelled,
she was chained to a rock,
then thrown by heavy-breathing
winds into wild postures:
at each new angle, lightning
popped like a photographer’s flash.
The gold circling her neck
matched her hair, the emeralds
her eyes, the rubies her nipples,
and the amethysts those bruises
covering her skin, once pearl-white
as for all princesses.
In lulls of wind, she pulled
against iron, stood almost straight.
The sky was a mouth swallowing her,
the sun a glimmering eye;
lolling in the tide, a sea-dragon
slithered and gargled like
some vast collective slob.
From afar, Perseus saw her first
as a creature writhing on a rock;
close up, she was a whirlpool
of rage and terror and shame.
The dragon he changed to stone
with hardly a thought. But
his strength almost failed him
in breaking those chains.
Looking away from her nakedness,
he smooths her ankles, wrists.
She waits for the moment
when he will meet her eyes.

Note that the teachers said how we interpret the poems, that means what we individually feel about it... Right? So anyway, enjoy the story (and I'm sorry for the ramble above)

The two poked their heads out from behind the pillar and wall that they were hiding behind. The creature gave a stifled yawn and turned its attention to the treasure behind it at the back of the room. Leon slipped over to Moselle as some of the treasure was sent flying around the room, hitting the walls and leaving dents behind.
“Right, what’s this one then?” He asked and peered over Moselle’s shoulder as she flipped through her book. All her nervous energy evaporated as she scanned through the book and matched an old, carefully hand-drawn picture to the creature in front of them.
“A ‘Vouivre’,” she said and continued to read the passage that accompanied the image, “All are females and can only see by the gem that sits between their blind eyes. They guard large amounts of treasure and lurk in ruined castles, monasteries or mountain caves.”
Leon nodded and peeked at the creature again, “Anything else?”
“They only attack people that wear clothes, so the best defence and offence is to be naked, then she’ll make a run for it,” Moselle concluded and shut the book firmly and wrapped the cords securely around it. Then she realised what she said and a very visible shade of red crossed her cheeks and Leon’s well.
“N-naked?” He asked uncertain and somewhat nervous.
“T-that’s what… I-it said…” Moselle mumbled and curled up into a tighter ball than before, as she hugged the book closer to her chest and hid her brightly flushed face in her knees. The two stayed silent as the clanging of thrown treasure continued in the next room.
“I t-think you should d-do it,” Moselle stammered out and choked on her words as Leon gave her a dirty look back, she realised what she had said and her eyes widened as she tried to explain, but her voice decided to take a break from working.
“W-why?!” He partly demanded, and shot up from his squatting position, taking care to not appear from out of the wall. Moselle shivered slightly and tried to keep her nerves in check as she gripped onto the book harder for the confidence it gave her.
“Well… For one reason… You’re a boy, Vouivre are girls, and I think a naked boy would freak anyone out…” She reasoned. Leon calmed back down, but remained standing.
“I think a naked girl would freak out anyone has well,” he reasoned back, turned red again and sat back down, “There has to be a better way then to strip off…”
He pondered for a moment and his eyes became hazy and unfocused as he tried to think of something, and smiled as his eyes lit up. He turned to Moselle.
“Hey, listen, keep watch here, ok? I’ll be back in a sec,” he said before he slipped off around the corner at a startling speed. Moselle calmed down as Leon left and uncurled herself, her recognisable blush instantly dieing down. She breathed out and gazed around the wall to the Vouivre, who had decided to sit up on the very top of the tower of numerous different treasures. 

A little while later, the sound of footsteps got Moselle out of her trance of sketching the creature and she turned and looked up to face Leon, in what appeared to be nothing. Her face instantly flared back up into the colour red from before and she quickly pulled up the book to block her vision.
“I-I-I-” she tried to form a sentence, but she kept forgetting what she was meant to say, since the situation had just transferred to her brain, and there were many responses that bounced back.
“I-I-I d-didn’t me-mean for y-y-you t-to…” Moselle tried to convey her embarrassment across to Leon. She felt him kneel in front to her and try to pry the book away from her. After a slight struggle, he succeeded in doing that; only to have Moselle clamp her hands across her eyes.
“Haha, come on Moss, it’s not what it looks like,” he laughed and rubbed his arm against her skin. ‘It’s covered in fabric…’ Moselle realised and reluctantly opened a small gap in her hands so she could get a better look. Sure enough, Leon was wearing a skin colour fabric tightly around his body. The shadows fitted the correct areas and whatever body muscle Leon had showed through the fabric. ­Moselle didn’t dare to look lower until one thing was cleared up.
“You are wearing u-undies, r-right?”
“Ah, the big question in life… Is the boy in the nude suit wearing undies, and to answer your question, yes I am wearing undies.”
Moselle lowered her hands and gave a small annoyed sigh while crossing her arms.
“Tell me next time you do a stupid stunt like this!”
“Alright, alright, calm down, I promise I’ll try,” Leon attempted to calm her down, but she flared up again and made a face between a pout and an angry look. Leon gave up and gazed to the creature behind Moselle. He stood up and motioned Moselle to stay hidden. As he moved forward, she quickly grabbed his hand, forcing Leon to look down at her as she mouthed ‘She has a ruby in her forehead’ and let go of his hand.
He smiled and nodded, “Maybe she’s short-sighted.” 

Leon made his way to the entrance of the room and picked up a piece of treasure next to him. He threw it into the air, caught it, looked at in all its wonder and splendour, and then hurtled it at the head of the creature with a grunt. It hit right in between the eyes, but missed the red gemstone etched in its forehead. The Vouirve gave a startled cry and reared its head at him. Its eyes took a moment to adjust to Leon and upon realising what he looked like, yelped in surprise and moved hastily over to the window, which it slithered out of. Leon ran over to the window and looked down below to see nothing but the bottom of the tall mountain they had climbed up to get to the monastery. He sighed and hauled himself away from the window to face Moselle.
“Nude suit works then,” he stated and Moselle nodded as she wrote down on a piece of paper and slid it into the page.
“And appears to need glasses,” she added on sarcastically and smiled confidently at Leon. He rubbed the back of his neck and grinned sheepishly.
“Hey, um… Moss, mind doing me a favour?” He laughed nervously.
“What?” Moselle asked politely.
“Um… There is a lot of sweat in here, can you get my clothes from around the corner?” He pointed back to where they originally were. Moselle turned her head around to see and faced back to him. She left without a word and when she was around the corner, Leon quickly unzipped the suit and pulled it down to about his waist. He waved his wands in a fanning motion to cool himself down and turned to face out the window. He forgot where he was until a startled yelp came from behind him. He turned around to see Moselle hiding her face in his clothes and he slightly blushed.
“I’m going to need those,” he commented and walked over to her. When he halted a metre in front, she gave a low bow and brought out the clothes from underneath. Leon had just grabbed onto the clothes when Moselle withdrew her hands and ran away back around the corner, tripping several times while she was at it.
“Thank-you!” He called out; sure that she was probably hiding in the book again. He sighed and focused on getting out of the suit, while keeping an eye out for the Vouirve, or else he might actually be nude if it decided to come back up

That's it! What do you all think of it? Thanks for reading, and have a nice day everyone!