3 Feb 2013

Wind and a face!

Hello all! How is everyone going?
So Alaya Art is doing another 29 faces challenge, but I didn't know as we have had a blackout Down Under due to heavy rain. Although we have had power back for a few days, I have been busy at work (which also had no power) and trying to tidy my room (unsuccessfully).
I'm going to try the challenge again. It is fun, and I've been stuck in a drawing rut...
Anyway, like every other 29 faces challenge I'll be drawing a name out of the hat. But I also like trying to write each day. So I've decided that each face (or at least half of them) will be accompanied by a story!
Don't read it if you don't want to.

Here's the first face!
It's been a while since I have used pens in a drawing. I think I got better at it!

And the story.

Elements (Air) - Tessie
    Tessie had always liked the wind. It seemed like a passing breeze could always take her troubles away. When she was still a child she became aware that she could communicate with the wind. If she asked for the location of a family member or someone she knew, the wind would find the person for her.
Her ability to talk to the wind marked her as a potential Mage, but it became apparent that she couldn't wield a wand. She was the laughing stock of the other kids because of it. Tessie's affinity with the wind only increased for at that moment it acted on her desire, the result of which was those that mocked her found themselves swept off their feet, literally.
So Tessie became part of a small group of non-wand users and she loved the freedom she was given. Her teachers knew that each person had a different skill which meant that they couldn't teach their students everything. So after the basic lessons where out of the way, the class moved outside and the students had to find their own way to use their abilities.
After years of trial and error, Tessie learnt that the air around her was purely hers to use, if the natural wind was blowing one way, Tessie's could overpower it and change the direction. Her favourite skill she developed was using the wind to lift herself off the ground. It only worked for a few seconds at first but she worked on it until she reached the stage that she could 'fly' around for over an hour without exhausting herself.
She never once underestimated the usage of the skills she had developed when she was a child and the wind had never let her down when she really needed it.

Short and sweet (well, not sweet, but defiantly short). It could use some work, but I don't think I can work with it right now. Anyway, have a wonderful day everyone!


  1. Tessie is amazing!! I hope everything is well ;o) Please give everyone a hug for me! I haven't written back your mom! I am bad!!!

  2. Love this drawing, Tessie seems as free and graceful as the air she powers over, nice one Mem!! I have been slack reading posts, better go say 'Hi' to Stacy too (she's really not bad LOL)!!


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