9 Feb 2013

Another test

Hi everyone! How are you all?
Well, today started with trial and error. I was on the X-box for most of morning (and until 3pm when Dad kicked me off) trying to fix a mistake I made on a game. But I always go over my save data so..........
I had to go back to the 24 hour mark (in a game I worked 36 hours on). But the good news is that I figured out what to do. And that's 'don't screw it up badly again'!

Anyway, today is the 9th, so here's the face for it!

She is a test. Inspired by AlayaArt's daughter (who is a wiz at drawing on the computer), I decided to try my hand at drawing straight on a document in Photoshop. This face was the result.

Day 9: ^.^ ! I'm drawing a lot of girls recently... I need to draw some of the other gender soon or I'll forget how to draw them!
Have a wonderful day everyone!


  1. She is really cute! How can you stay on the X-box for that long??? LOL! Have a great one Memphis ;o)

  2. I think this is a great way to do some of your characters, love the way you have kept her not completely rendered too, and You are right about Martha's daughter, she has fantastic artistic skills, looks like she takes after her mum with that talent!


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