3 Mar 2015

The last of the faces for February 2015!

Can I sleep now?

I started Uni today - it was nice to catch up with some of the other students today.

Anyway, I have finished the 29 Faces Challenge! ... Right after I post them!

Harley Quinn from the Batman series - I have no idea why I drew her. I was watching a Batman Let's Play and felt like drawing her. Only one face though - the picture on the left was trying to get Mum to guess who it was.
She didn't.
 Speaking of Mum, she did post more faces, but she posted them on her old post - so you will need to go back and check them out! Please. I whined for a long time for her to do stuff.

Inked and coloured with texta pens. He looks smug doesn't he?

So I can play the clarinet, but I can also play the Tenor and Alto saxophones. But the instruments are hard to draw, so please help yourself to some faintly 1980s saxophonists.
Face 29!
And just because I was really tired when I finished drawing (2 days ago), I drew myself drawing. With one eye. Because I really had reached that stage when I say 'Screw it! I need sleep'.

Days 25-29: Completed!
29 Faces Challenge: Completed! Well, half completed. I still need to visit people (and I am so sorry that I haven't!)

Anyway, Mitch is playing the 'Beautiful Katamari', because 2 Broke Girls isn't on yet and why not? Owen is out watching Pulp Fiction (for the nth time) and Akira (for the 1st time) at a friend's place. And I have been up since 6am and need sleep. I am serious - I fell asleep on the ground a few hours ago while waiting for my washing to dry and doing my archaeology readings.

Well, have a wonderful day everyone!