29 Feb 2012

Day 27: Almost at the end...

Hello! I haven't been on lately, and now I feel really bad. I've been meaning to go around and catch up on other people's blogs... But I just haven't had the time too. So I apologise for that, eventually, I will get around to visiting everyone who commented, and the close-to-60-something participates in the 29 faces challenge.
Anyway... Mum pulled the name out of the hat, so here is Saffron! She comes from the same world as Pari-Pari and Cinnamon.

She looks a bit more like a cat doesn't she? Sorta figures, she is the lead researcher in the story she's involved in. So Saffy's naturally curious, not so much about robots, but everything else.
Day 27: Completed! I'm a little behind, but give me time! Anyway, have a nice day everyone!


  1. Yes, she does look like a cat! I really like her ;o)
    Memphis, you should go by my blog ;o) You have won something ;o) Yeh!

  2. Have loved seeing your fabulous faces Memphis... what a wonderful challenge it has been... your work is amazing and beautiful...

    Jenny x

  3. A winner - no question - great expression, great face :)


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