11 Feb 2012

Day 9: A little bit late.

Sorry it's late, but my sister still hasn't given me the photos that I wanted, and so I had to improvive. This included drawing a name out of a hat, but do you think I drew out one name? Well, I did, but it had 'Squad Daichi' on it, so that meant three faces. And I thought to myself 'Awesome, now how am I going to do this?'. There are going to be three posts today, to make up for the days missed and to show just what I did. So here is the first (sorry, ninth) day, Kiyo.

He looks a little bit peeved doesn't he? Wonder who at...
Want to play a guessing game? Everyone is allowed to play (expect Mum who might remember these characters).
Kiyo gets into a lot of fights, as a scar on his stomach and trains all types of animals (except birds).
Ok, talk to you in the next post!


  1. These are superb & keep getting more accomplished each day! Love this dude :)

  2. I agree with mom, this is superb! I love the scar under his eye and the way he is looking! Sorry, I can't guess, I don't remember!


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