11 Feb 2012

Day 11 (Or Day 9 part... You get the idea)

Last face (for now anyway). Let's introduce you to the final member, Sasumu. Here's the hint
He trains birds and is the first to know about many things outside his home/town.
Seems like he is the one Kiyo is peeved at. Yes, that's a scar over his right eye.
MagicLoveCrow, you should know this guy!
Anyway... Days 9-11: Done. Want to see the idea I had?

That's them! Each face was just one part of the whole image! Was it a neat idea?
Mission accomplished!! Can anyone guess what they are?? Here, I'll expand the hints:
Kiyo gets into a lot of fights with enemies, he has a scar on his stomach from when he was tortured and trains all animals in tracking and fighting. He has a wolf as a partner. 
Naoko specialises in tracking down people and can see chakra from a great distance. 
Sasumu trains birds and is the first to know about many things outside his village because his family are the people that look after the messenger birds and aviary.

If you guys watch a particular anime, then you should be able to guess correctly (what they are wearing should give a hint). But I should say... You remember when I said when I do a lot of something, or not enough, that my dreams start to fill my head with that? Well, that idea applies for these guys too (and anyone in their world/story).

Anyway, I'll leave you guys for now. Three posts in one day is enough for me. I'll reveal what they are tomorrow. Ok, have a nice day everyone!


  1. Kiyo and Sasumu look a bit afraid of Naoko. Looking forward to tomorrow to hear their stories!

  2. Your faces and characters are absolutely awesome Memphis... can't wait for the reveal...

    Jenny x

  3. I guess it would be cheating if I guessed he he, I had already asked who was who so I know... Memphis these guys look FANTASTIC... a totally terrific trio :)

  4. Ok Memphis, I am really bad at games, but I am guessing is it Sasumu? If I am wrong, that's ok ;o) I love the three of them! Fantastic!

  5. I am so stupid, you had Sasumu in the post! LOL! OK, it's too late! Sorry Memphis!


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