21 Feb 2012

Day 21!

Righto! Let's do this! Here's Moselle, the 'lead character' from the story Leon is in.

She is fiercly protective of that book. Actually, she's like that with any book. Try to take it off her and she will keep it in her grasp. And even when it's not in her grasp it has to be next to her or in her sight.

Day 21: Done. That means I'm up to date now! Hm... I just realised Lent is coming up... Wonder what I should give up... Anime and manga is out of the question, so maybe chocolate (Yeah, I know it's not original, but I can live without chocolate for a little while. And there is a manga coming out in March that I've been eyeing, so I must have it when it is released!)

Oh right, have a wonderful day everyone!


  1. She is really sweet looking! I like her ;o) I promise not to take her book ;o) Chocolate, mine would be chips ;o)

  2. She is so sweet! You made her very pretty.
    I always give up chocolate for lent. It is hard! :oS

  3. Hello Dear Memphis,
    You are doing wonderful job♡♡♡
    I am enjoying you and your mother's works. How sweet of the girl in this post, as well♬♬♬
    Oh, I didn't know about "Lent". I checked it and I thought chocolate would be impossible for me, haha.
    My husband said he admires your vast talent and interests; I agree with him. He plays saxophone and good luck on playing clarinet as well☆☆☆

    Love you always from east, xoxo Orchid*

  4. Wow great job! I really like the combination of colors you've used. THanks for the comment on my artwork btw! I also like drawing manga. I'll have to post my latest sketch tonight- if you haven't noticed- I haven't been posting in FORever haha! I have been drawing though- just way to lazy to post.

  5. This is a beauty, so sweet & admire you for keeping up to date with your fabulous faces AND posting!!!


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