4 Feb 2012

Day 4 and...

Ok, to start off, thank-you all for the complements on my artwork, and I hope that I can work my way around to each of yours and do the same thing.
Anyway, today is Day 4 of the 29 faces challenge. Yesterday afternoon, I skipped up to Dad with a hat and asked him to draw out a name. The name was Phoenix, and I laughed that he picked out that name. She's from an old story (discontinued) and it was the first story Dad ever complemented me for. For the picture I used both pens (markers) and pencils!

She is a 13 year-old pirate. She also lives up to her name. If she is beaten or knocked down in a fight, she'll spring right back up with more energy.

And as for the '...' in the title, today is also Owen's birthday (a friend of mine. If you want to know what he is like, think Sheldon from the Big Bang theory. Or you can look at the post A Disastrous Physics Lesson or Graduation for a rough idea). Anyway, I found out he reads this blog, so I'm posting his present on here.

She's a character from the game Skyrim. Her name is Lydia. There is some reason as to why she's popular, but I've forgotten (It might be because the player can kill her several times or maybe because she's a NPC that makes the same mistake over and over again).

Like it Owen?? I'm not sure if you wanted another character, but I thought she was a pretty safe bet. I'll give her to you tomorrow!

Day 4: Completed!! My sister, Trinity, has picked the name out of the hat for tomorrow. Ok, that's it for now. Have fun everyone!


  1. They are both excellent!!!

  2. Love your little pirate, she is so sweet and yet sassy!

  3. Day 4 is such a cheeky character love the solid combo of markers with pencils too - sweet face!
    Owen's gift is wonderful, great idea to do a character from a game he enjoys, love the hard armour contrast to that cute face & that sword looks metallic - great effect!

  4. Phoenix is fantastic! She is sweet, sassy and very cool!
    Love your friend's gift! Great idea! I think he will really like it!

  5. They're both terrific, the personality in Phoenix and all the details in Lydia!

  6. Your Phenix is adorable! She looks a bit like my younger cousin, who is 17.
    I don't know anything about Manga or games, but your illustrations are beautiful.
    I'm sure Owen will like it ☺

  7. I love both of these pieces! Owen is lucky to get such a wonderful birthday gift. The Big Bang Theory is one of my favorite shows and Sheldon is certainly my favorite character on there. How fun it must be to know your own Sheldon. ;-) Take care sweetie.


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