13 Feb 2012

Day 12

Ninja!! Thats what the past three faces are. Haha, I love ninja, the ones that you can see and the ones you can't. As I'm writing this, I'm re-watching the newest movie (well, my favourite parts anyway)! Anyway, the characters (and others) have their own little (did I say little? It's pretty big) world that they live in, and I use them to practice writing and drawing fights. Anyway, we had a family friend over and she pulled out the name Dusk. So here he is.

Another sketch, I hope the picture is good enough for you all to see him and the weapon.

Day 12: Completed. I'm a little bit behind, but I'll catch up... Eventually. Anyway, have a nice day everyone!


  1. I like this face Memphis & love the way you are enjoying this daily challenge to post a new drawing, inspires me to keep up!

  2. Fabulous Memphis... I love popping over here to see your awesome drawings :))

    Jenny x

  3. Memphis, this is cool! I love how the eyes are shut and the weapon is infront of the face! Excellent!

  4. I'm behind visiting, but enjoying your posts!


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