19 Feb 2012

Day 18: A face and a tale

Let me tell you what happened yesterday. Dad's aunt was coming up to Queensland for a visit, and so we picked her up from the Brisbane airport. We spent the day on South Bank, which has the art galleries (modern and traditional), the museum and performing arts theatre. Well, me and Trin were thrilled that we could wander around by ourselves, and thus we spent a huge majority of the time at the museum. We also met-up with Owen there. Ok, so here are the dot points of what happened (in no order)

  • I scared Trin in a nature exhibit. "Look a little closer Trin, it's just a fake Strangle Fig Tree" and while I was saying that, I wrapped my hands lightly around her neck. As a result she screamed and jumped, scaring not only the little kids, but the adults too.
  • Next where the dinosaurs, which Trin insisted on getting her photo next to no matter what. There are picture of her kissing the Triceratops (Me and Owen told her to wash her mouth)
  • Having wandered and seen everything in the free part, we then paid to see all the science stuff (which is total cool by the way!) Me and Owen had a game of 3-D Connect-Four (which I won!) We laughed as Trin got dizzy from an optical illusion. We also spun ourselves to an extreme level (as extreme as we could) and tried to walk in a straight line (Trin ran into an exhibit, Owen almost went into the floor and I walked in a straight line. The funny thing was I had my eye open the whole time I was getting spun, so I wonder if that affected my ability...)
  • Then we went to another part which had a fake dead body. We spent an hour or two in there, before I was unwillingly dragged out by Trin and Owen. Me and Trin decided to do a impromptu scene inspired by a TV show, 'Psych' (our video as seen below. It was just for laughs and Owen had no idea what he got himself into for a few seconds)

And that was just the museum! So overall, the whole day was a blast!
Opps, I got a little excited again! Anyway, the face for day 18 is the twin brother of Lady Kimiko, and his name is Takumi.
Doesn't he look smart? Does he look like an adult? When I told Mum that he was an artist, she said "No wonder he is good looking"

Hmm.... I just realised I have two sets of blue haired twins, but at least the two ninja have a more ice blue colour!
Day 18: Completed! I'm catching up! Slowly... Ok, have a nice day then everyone!


  1. Another wonderful face Memphis... and loved hearing about your day at South Bank... we used to love visiting there when we lived on the Coast...

    Jenny x

  2. Memphis you had a great day! I loved the video and hearing your accents! Brilliant ;o) I love your face for today! Cool glasses!

  3. Love your characters!!
    And what a fun story and video!!!

  4. Sounds like a lovely day indeed!!! Great face and he definitely looks like an artist!!! Love the blue hair! :)

  5. You have an accent ya little Aussie ;) Love Takumi... I have a soft spot for cute artists LOL!!

  6. How cool is that!
    You are such a pretty girl, but that dead guy there.... too scary!

  7. Thanks for dropping by guys!! Yes, it was a fun day on South Bank. Trinity doesn't realise she has an accent (we had an in-depth discussion, at which I asked Dad to have some input and he said "Sorry Trin, you have a accent")
    Thanks (again), I was hoping that he'd look like an artist! Pleased to know that I did that!
    And one last point... That's not me in the video! I'm filming! That's Trin and Owen!


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