25 Feb 2012

Day 23: Part of a team

Ok, so I drew out a name, 'Squad Chika'. So, the next four faces are part of a full picture! So each part was coloured by a mixture of pastels and pencils (because I couldn't get the right skin colour I wanted with the pastels)

This guy's name in Minoru. The zipper can be detached and used as a shuriken (explaining it's shape)

Day 23: Completed! Think you can stick around for the next few faces?


  1. Love that you are experimenting a bit with your materials over this challenge Memphis, & I really love the way you are enjoying drawing these faces - well done :) Love his zip being able to be used as a weapon, excellent fashion design for a little warrior!!

  2. He has a cute smile ;o) Very cool that his zipper can be detached and used!!


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