13 Feb 2012

Day 13 of 29 faces challenge

Alrighty! Once this guy is up, then I'll be up-to-date! Ok, Mum pulled the name out of the hat, and she selected Pari-Pari (like the seasoning you put on food). He is actually from a Science Fiction story I was writing. dad said he looked very mysterious in this picture, but then I showed him another one and he said "Not so mysterious now".

Don't worry about the look he is giving you. He gives that look to everybody that comes too close when he is eating.

Day 13: Done! Thanks for dropping by everyone! Have a wonderful day!


  1. Hahaha :D I was just going to say that he looks like he has just stolen a sweetie :D Fabulous XXX

  2. Does he think someone is going to take his food? LOL! Great face Memphis! I love his look! Have a fun day ;o)

  3. He's eating right? He doesn't want to share... that's boys for you LOL... Love the hairstyle BTW - & the different angle, I feel like I just snuck up on him he he :)

  4. Awesome Memphis... I love the way he is looking back over this shoulder...
    you are very talented...

    Jenny x


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