11 Apr 2012

Opps... And Hi

Hiya everyone!
You know what I've been delaying? The 29th face... And I know it isn't that much of an excuse, but I've just been busy. On the plus side, now that it's holidays and that I won't have much work, I'll be doing more drawing and writing (hopefully).
Anyway... How is everyone? Happy Easter (or its equivalent)! Hope you're all going really well.
Ok then, have a nice day!


  1. Hey Memphis ;o) Great to hear from you ;o) Everything is well my way and I had a nice quiet Easter, thank you ;o) I hope everything is well with you and the family ;o) Hugs ;o)

  2. Woo Memmy I missed this post! Looking forward to some NEW manga :) Pop on over to http://ilove2paint.blogspot.com.au/ because Martha is hosting another Face Challenge you may be interested in too :)


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