27 Feb 2012

Day 26!

Ok, so here's the last face of the picture! And no, sorry, no blue air this time! But it does start with 'B'.

His name is Hayaki, and he always seems to have this annoyed look on his face when anyone talks to him.
So now that that's done... I'm going to need another face to draw... OH! Want to see the full picture?

Since they all act more like a family, it seemed fitting to draw them in casual clothes. Probably helps when the two on the right are actually related.
Pastels were annoying to work with on the cardboard. Next time I use them it'll be on plain paper or something. Anyway, Day 26: Finito! Have a wonderful day everyone!


  1. Wow Memphis, you are doing great! You should be very proud of yourself! I like Hayaki's annoying face ;o) Excellent!

  2. Well I am just catching up with all of your amazing work from this past week. You have been so busy!

    I loved seeing your video! You are so lovely and yes, you do have the cutest accent. But so do I. Only mine is southern. ;-)

    Love love love your art and our ability to make so many different faces. Perfection! Hug sweety. Mina

  3. Really nice work with the character interactions! It's so illustrative, how you've portrayed them together :)

  4. great work!://O i love the last group img, it's very lively n happy.x3' beautiful coloratin as well!


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