15 Feb 2012

Day 15!

Here's the picture for Day 15! It's the character that Dad drew out. Her name is Cinnamon and she comes from the same story as Pari-Pari.

Does she look a bit like a boy? Maybe her hair should be a bit longer... Or is there something else I can do??
Anyway, Day 15: Completed!! Just a simple post for today. Ok then, have a wonderful day everyone!


  1. Memphis, I love the drawing, but I have to admit, I thought it was a boy. Maybe her jaw line should be more soft, with the longer hair ;o) Love her smile ;o) Have a great day!

  2. She looks like a cute tom-boy... ha ha when in doubt add some pink clothes or headband... that was my old trick ;)

  3. She looks cute. I'm not familiar with the character, but to make a face look more girly, try eye lashes?


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