21 Feb 2012

Day 20: Only 9 to go!

Trin pulled out this person. He's name is Leon, and I've actually written him up on this blog. Click here to check out his introduction in the story he's involved with.

Doesn't he look fascinating? Want to know what the stripes are about? Well I'm not telling~! It's a secret, for now anyway. When I sort out the story, I might post it bit by bit on here (maybe)

Day 20: Completed. Now I only need one to catch-up for the missing days!


  1. Memphis, you are a tease! LOL! Yes, he does look fascinating! Have a great day!

  2. Love the stripes on his face... I bet he could roar like a lion... or is he more like a sweet pussy-cat?? very cool :)


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