19 Feb 2012

Day 17: A little bit late (again)

Busy busy busy! But no excuses! Anyway, the 17th was Dad's birthday, so he drew the name out of the hat! He actually drew out two names, and thus saved the issue for the next days face. Anyway, he drew out Lady Kimiko, the leader of the village that Kiyo, Naoko and Sasumu belong to. So here is the 17th face!

I wonder... How old does she look to you?? I try very hard to draw adult-aged characters, but I'm never sure how they really look...

Day 17: Done! Onto the next (late) one!


  1. She's beautiful! I think she looks 21 ;o)
    (Memphis, do you need the word verification on? It's getting tricky!)

  2. Yey!!! no word verification... & I think she looks like a young adult... 17-21??? Fantastic outfit by the way :)

  3. Very pretty, and the outfit, so nicely done!


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