1 Nov 2012

Been a while!

 How is everyone going? Not many people come by here, so I haven't posted for a while, but I've been trying to get myself to write a story each day recently. I bought a notebook recently with a lined page and blank page, so I though it would be great to write stories in there and do a little drawing. Anyway, since I have no idea sometimes what to write, I ripped up paper, wrote a hundred names and several prompts (which I keep adding to) and draw the pieces out of individual bags. After a bad start to this process (not very proud of the story), I'm pleased that my second one was significantly better, and I thought I'd post it to show everyone (and prove that I'm still breathing). So, remember this story is mine (no stealing) and please try to enjoy it (but I'm not forcing you).

Seasons - Scarlett
   Scarlett never needed to know what the date was, just how many days had passed. But she was observant and  knew when the seasons changed, even in the unchanging landscape she was in.
The year always starts with Summer for Scarlett. It was marked with the arrival of a parcel that contained a new journal, letters from her parents and sister and an odd piece of gadgetry from her grandmother. She could also tell it was Summer from the intense heat that the sun's rays caused and the lack of male captains standing in it.
Autumn was when the supply helicopter arrived with food and medicine for the winter. It was also when Kibwe would disappear after the last meal of the day and arrive back at false dawn with smuggled bits of dried meat for the cadets to hide and survive on in the unforgiving winter.
Winter was marked when the male captains appeared fatter than normal. Scarlett was sure it was from eating more than their fair share of the rations and not from a thicker coat to deal with the cold. It was also marked by Maya's bleak attitude to everything and the stifled cries of buried memories that haunted Scarlett and Leann in the night.
When Leann started to sort through and organise her belongings, Scarlett knew that Spring had arrived. A new breeze swept through the landscape despite no actual change in it or in the world outside. Even so, Scarlett was slightly happy herself with the arrival of the season because it meant she had survived the long and harsh one before it.
But she never needed to know what the date was, what season or even the year. She just needed to know how many days had passed. She kept track of how many days had passed since she last reminded those who ranked higher than her that she was pissed off irritated at them. Last time she checked, it had been 4 days, but she felt that it was enough time for them to have recovered the sleep they lost.
And replace the wall to their sleeping quarters.
Well, hoped you all enjoyed it. Have a wonderful day!
P.S. I promise to catch up on everyone's blog sometime soon. But then again, I have no sense of time...


  1. Is Scarlett in jail or just a compound? Love the way she tracks time, really love the way she tracks time :) I like the story, it leaves me with lots of questions about the others she knows by name and how did they all end up in this place... also I like the way she has the people who irritate her lose sleep... great to see you spontaneously writing and word sparking :) always love to read your short tales as sometimes they inturn spark a visual idea for me & that takes me on a thought journey I would not have had otherwise :)

  2. to try to write a story each day is just a fantastic idea! with GREAT outcome so far as i can see : ) keep up the good work!!

    (i'm one of those who havn't passed by in a while, but hopefully that's about to change! i'm returning to blogger, stalking and spamming on peoples fabulous blogs again haha ^^')

  3. You write beautifully. :) Hope to read more.

  4. Wonderful Memphis... that is a fabulous little story... have just come from Mum's blog... and so after seeing what Scarlett looked like... I had to come and read her story... hope you are having a wonderful time away...

    Jenny ♥

  5. Great characterization. I love how I can see her personality through the way she relates to the seasons and others. You never tell us what kind of individual she is, but I know: she is someone who cares about others enough to watch them intently. And the caring goes towards the environment, too, for she is so focused on the seasons.

    Lovely character profile.


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