23 Nov 2012


Hiya guys! How is everyone?
So there are two posts today since I'm a little bit behind.
It is a funny coicenidence that the characters pulled out for yesterday are called The Bodyguards and that there was a new iPod/iPhone game released today that has to do with bodyguards. I downloaded the game, but the stamina refills once a day so I'm stuck.
Anyway, story.

Plan B - The Bodyguards
    Johannes had seven employees. He ran a business that had several hundred, but he had seven personal elite employees. Their job description was 'bodyguard', but unlike other bodyguards, not all were handpicked. In fact four had the job because they applied for it, but that didn't make them different from the three that were handpicked. One was a former family butler from Johannes' youth who knew exactly what needed to be done and how to get it done. The second youngest had was a puny male teenager who tried to pickpocket Johannes in broad daylight, while the youngest he found dressed oddly in the slums while she was a child. Their jobs included paper work, information gathering, making sure their boss slept, guarding him during important events, smuggling Intel to the Rebellion Keepers and every other odd job (including the grocery shopping).
Johannes was aware how dangerous it was to attend the political debate at the 5-star resort about the tensions in the land, but representatives from all sides were to be there on 'neutral' ground. Johannes had told his seven to not make a scene and observe everything from the shadows.
He was watching the live security feed of the bar where something was going down. His slum girl was being hounded by a high official who wasn't taking a 'no' for an answer. His thief boy had tried 'politely' to get the official away but subtle hints could only get so far. Johannes frowned at the ordeal, Plan A was to remove themselves from the problem as quietly as possible. Unfortunately the official was anything but quiet. The gathered crowd were parted as a well-built man entered the commotion, and he towered over the three. The new arrival was a guard of the official's and as hostile words were exchanged between both parties, the crowd crept further away. There was an elderly man close to the entrance; his hand hovered over a part of the wall. The moment the official's guard pushed Johannes' thief to the side the lights went off. When they came back on a few seconds later, the official and his guard were sprawled out on the floor and the two youngsters and the old man had disappeared. Johannes smiled in spite of himself and laughed.
Plan B: If they couldn't remove themselves from the problem... Remove the problem.
Right! So that's it for today! Hhave a wonderful day everyone!!
Oh! I've also gone through and fixed the spelling errors for the short stories. Hope that makes things easier for you all.


  1. Very smart, remove the problem!!! Have a great one Memphis ;o)

  2. Love LOVE this, man I wish I was as cool as these characters... another totally coooool senario!!!!


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