11 Nov 2012

If you got another story...

Hello! I hope everyone is going well. How are the stories? Are they to your liking? Are they amusing or making you think? Or maybe you're just collecting them to bind and have a private copy somewhere under your bed.
I'm not going to lie, that last comment was aimed at a friend.
Anyway, here's another story. It's a lot shorter than the others.

If - Sakti
    All her life, Sakti has been protected by her father. He was her only family since her mother died in childbirth. Something her father never got over and Sakti herself, desperate to know her mother, watched the recording she left behind over and over. Sakti wondered if her mother were alive, would she be on her mother's home world studying the Lore?
The mechanical-metropolis that Sakti has spent her life on was the centre for smuggling weapons and drugs. Her father told her what areas to stay away from and she listened. It was dangerous to get involved, everyone knew that, but since the criminal activity seemed to run parallel to normal life, people turned a blind eye.
She wondered what would have happened if she had continued on her way home that day instead of following her curiosity. Would the criminals have remained on the hunk of metal she had called 'home'? Would the Okralid and human that drew attention to the criminal group have bleed to death that day? Would her father and herself lived the rest of their lives on that metal-planet depressed and against the wishes of her mother?
But 'would' was not the question that Sakti asked herself at that moment she made a decision.
If the opportunity to escape her boring life arose, why wouldn't she take it?

Ok, that's today's story! Hope you enjoyed it and have a wonderful day everyone!


  1. Very interesting Memphis!!! Short but very good!!! I am liking your stories ;o)

  2. Oh YEAH!!!!! She decided not to blindly follow the 'ways' of her world, ignoring the lowlife violent crims and being content in a world that was not what her mother ever wanted for her, and now neither did she because of the 'incident' but somehow her father may never leave(?) or perhaps he will, for a brighter future for Sakti & redeem his good name in his dead wife's eyes... another little gem Mem :)


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