15 Nov 2012


Hi guys! How are you all?
I'm having great fun at a science museum today! Actually I'm having great fun at every museum and gallery I've been in. But there is a robot in this one that you can control to converse with other people or make him do the robot. I say him because of the voice he is programed to respond in. Well, I was told (while I was playing with the controls) that a little monkey was scared of the robot. After his mother and I were able to talk him into the room, I had the robot blow the little monkey a kiss and dance for him. And the little monkey loved it and said "He's a funny robot". Mission accomplished.
New problem... There an even littler monkey who keeps pulling the computer screen towards her! On second thought, she found the pencil from before and seems happy chewing on that (at least for the moment).
Anyway, here's a story!

Natural - Minnta
     Definition of the word 'natural' according to the Standard Human Dictionary - English Version
1. Relating to nature
2. Inborn, rather then acquired
3. Present in or produced by nature, rather then being artificial
4. A musical note that is neither sharp or flat
5. Not artificially coloured or treated

Minnta had an issue with how humans defined the word 'natural'.
1. Although she has a plant from her home planet, the nature (and the world) was destroyed twice. Once by the species that lived there when technology arrived. Second time is when it was invaded when she was just a child. Although she understands what nature is on other planets, it's always foreign to her.
2. An ability that all species have from the get-go is instinct. However, only a few species rely on it nowadays. Instinct saved Minnta many times, but marked her as an outcast from her own species. She didn't care though, she had always identified herself more Okralid anyway.
3. Total banning of artificial reproduction had been lifted by many species due to colonies being wiped off the face of the universe. Although natural reproduction was still the norm, the lift eliminated the need for it. Humans were the first to lift the ban, lowering Minnta's respect of the species to an ultimate low.
4. Music meant nothing to Minnta. It didn't help her and she didn't need it. Mechanical whirs, start-up sounds and the hum of engines were pretty much the only things she heard on a daily basis. Although with two more people on board, Minnta could hear someone singing in the morning.
5. She has no enhancements like others of her species. She'll die younger than the rest of her species, if she lives long enough. Her bones aren't altered to support things 10x her weight and she doesn't have 360 degree vision. Three of the many reasons she was forced to quit her job.
Minnta was from the most stupidest and hypocritical species she ever had the misfortune to be affiliated with. Even the other species felt sorry for her.
Minnta was 100% natural human, and that made her unnatural.
Hmm... How was it? Enjoy it? Anyway, have a wonderful day everyone!
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