9 Nov 2012

A Nightmare

Hello! How is everyone? So the story prompt is 'Nightmare' and the character actually came from one of my own. Funny isn't it? Anyway, enjoy!

Nightmare - Cap. Amarina
Amarina never had a nightmare, bad dreams she had, but never a true nightmare. At least she could say that until 'that day'. She saw first hand what happened and the carnage of bodies at the end of it. When she got called back to the military by her superiors, she thought they'd put her on the front line. She would have been out of their nonexistent hair that way, but they put her behind a desk on secretary duty. Amarina filed away budgets and reports on stupid plans of attack doomed from the beginning as the carnage continued with each passing day. Reality became a nightmare for Amarina and most of the world's population. Filing one day, she read about a case of a successful attack, but not from the military. A target of the carnage retaliated and killed the attacker. An idea began to fester in Amarina's head, one that was at the least slightly better than her superiors'.
But then 'the event' happened. Another nightmare, so many young lives lost for no reason, very little survived and more paper work for Amarina to deal with. Sick to death with worthless ideas that amounted to nothing, Amarina forged a superiors signature on a summary, slipped it to another and her idea was passed. Those higher up didn't care who came up with it, so long as they got the credit for it. If the targets could successfully attack the enemy, why not recruit them? As a bonus, Amarina was finished with desk work and got a team of female recruits to train. She still had bad dreams, but before they could manifest into nightmares, a 'BOOM' in the distance would wake her and she would count the minutes it took for the rapid knocking at her door to start.
Amarina was pleased that in this nightmare called reality, that one of her three recruits had a hatred distrust of authority and knew how to channel it well.

So, can anyone guess who the recruit is? I'll give you a hint, she has a funny way of keeping track of time. Anyway, have a wonderful day everyone!

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  1. I love reading these stories, they take me on trips I never can travel to by Jetstar LOL!

    Yes... I know Amarina's recuit is... someone unique, someone, named Scarlet :)


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