23 Nov 2012


First off, there seem to be people that come here from countries that native tongue isn't English. And now I feel bad because I don't speak anything but that. So I'm very sorry to all. I've been trying to teach myself basics of languages, but then I forget my English... Eventually I figure some way to retain my English and learn another four languages.
I've also been scanning over my old posts, and I spotted horrendous spelling mistakes. Why did no one tell me! Gah!! It's so embarrassing...

Market - Vigis
    Vigis loved the markets. Since she grew up on a homestead with her four older brothers and away from towns, her first market visit was a thrill. Especially when she was given her Chevalier Knight sword. She loved the smells that drifted from the stalls, the colours of fabrics that where hung up to separate the stalls and she loved the competitions that went on throughout the day. Although it took the combined strength of her mother and two eldest brothers to drag her away from the sign-up sheet.
She visited the markets in Ashlake regularly. Stalls spread down hundreds of streets, the squares were set-up for tournaments and animal stalls. Vigis helped the farmers from the outskirts travel to and from the markets in anyway she could and while at the markets she would eat her way through every stall  and worked  off the energy by participating in events.
But this market was different. It was as if the trouble from the Nobodies had arrived at Ashlake's front gate. It bothered Vigis that such far away trouble could effect the hustle of Ashlake's market. Everyone was on edge and there were less stalls than usual, and it seemed like everyone was prepared to pack up and go home at the slightest notice. It seemed like there was no reason for that attitude until the trouble started. The moment people were running, Vigis equipped her sword in one hand and wand in the other. A shadow towered over her, and Vigis let an ecstatic grin cross her face. She would still end up enjoying that day's market.
Vigis thought that the dragons were a nice touch to the day.

Right, so have a wonderful day everyone!


  1. Dragons would be a nice touch to the day ;o) Great story Memphis! Don't worry about the spelling mistakes! ;o)

  2. Stacy is totally correct, you know she has some awesome dragons she has painted and I think one may be the one Vigis spotted in the market... I love this... the expectation of confrontation is so immediate & exciting! Fantastic!


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