11 Nov 2012


Hello all! How are you today?

Babysitting has it's quirks you know. I just have to keep two little ones out of trouble by providing distractions, turning them away from computers and mobile phones, and make the occasional monkey or snowman or hot-dog out of play-doh. Then I clean up once they leave the room (it gets trashed later, but the adults can at least walk in it for a brief moment). Tell you the truth though, I have no idea if I'm going an okay job or if I'm just a bother.

Anyway, today's story is about a different type of babysitter...

Babysitter - Salicylic
     Salicylic, better known as Sal, sat in the darkened room that was barely lit by the street lamps outside. Her eyes carefully watched the wall opposite her and she sat against a mirror to avoid its reflection.
"Sally," a voice called for attention behind her like a small child would. Sal ignored it.
"Sal," the voice was stern having dropped its whiny tone. Sal still ignored it.
"Salicylic! You will look at me!" The voice shouted.
"Leave me alone Faith," Sal responded plainly and heard a huff behind her. Sal knew Faith was annoyed at the situation; Faith always needed action while Sal could sit in a spot for hours.
"We are stuck here while your partner is stealing what you have spent weeks searching for."
"But we could be doing that! Just the two of us, like when we were kids!"
"Stealing the cookie jar at home and stealing a dangerous, overpowered sword from a guarded museum are two completely different things," Sal explained to what she knew was deaf ears.
"Same principle..." Faith muttered and then spoke up, "Better than babysitting."
Sal sighed, but continued to watch the wall opposite that had three security guards tied up together. Gathering intelligence, formulating plans and, as Faith put it, babysitting were Sal's best assets on a heist that she could do by herself.
"I hate you," Faith commented bluntly only for Sal to shrug the statement off. She was used to Faith's harsh comments in an attempt to provoke her since the two grew up together. They stopped getting to her years ago.
"I finished reading that book you've been saving time for," Faith said, "and Raven is actually-"
"Don't tell me!" Sal yelled angrily and quickly tried to compose herself, but it was too late. The next moment, Sal saw Faith sitting in front of her.  
"Ah~! My turn!" Faith stood up and stretched her limbs out. Although the shape grew into what looked like a young adult, and the curves and hair colour changed, it was still technically Sal's body. It just changed to Faith's when Sal got emotional (which is why she still hadn't finished reading the book). The two were completely different people, and unfortunately, they shared the same body. Sal watched from the mirror as Faith started to walk towards the main exhibition of the building. Sal berated herself for falling for that trick again.
"Oh!" Faith stopped and pulled something out of Sal's, now stretched pant pockets. She examined it and after a brief think over, opened it. A white powder covered Faith and Sal smiled from her mirror prison. Faith tried so very hard to not do what Sal was hoping for. She tried so, so hard.
"AH-CHOO!" Faith sneezed, and in an instant Sal was back in her body. Clothes stretched beyond repair and covered in white powder, Sal read what was on the capsule Faith opened.
On the outside; 'Faith - I think this will look good on you'
Inside; "Sal - Your Welcome'
"Your partner sucks."
Sal grinned and turned to the mirror that a bitter and red-nosed Faith was standing in. Although Sal's reflection in the mirror was Faith and didn't know what she looked like as a result, she was sure that she looked like an insane smiling mess. Faith's eye roll only confirmed her suspicions and she returned to doing her job.

Right, so that's it for today. I'm wondering what story has the most words... Anyway, have a nice day everyone!

P.S. Salicylic is actually an acid that I read in my chemistry book while at school. I liked it for a name. It's rather funny now that I look back, because if I remember correctly salicylic acid is used in aspirin to relieve headaches (it does other stuff to, that's just what I remember), and Faith is a huge headache to deal with!

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  1. Have I told you how brilliant your stories are?? MangaMem you have a great imagination and I am so privileged (and clever) that I get to read these snippets of developing characters and their adventures... babysitting never seemed so fantastic when I did it LOL, I love the way you have condensed a heist into a 'baby-sitting' job, so clever, and also the different shapes of Sal (love her name) & Faith, sharing the same body but not the same clothes size, that really makes me chuckle... this is the second time I have read this, and is is simply a brilliant mind trip into the lives of people I'd LOVE to meet! Well done, is there more to this snippet??? I'll wait & watch ;)


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