3 Nov 2012


Hmm... I'm not going to lie, it seems that all my luck as changed into perfect timing but not pulling names out of a hat.

In the beginning... - Hyde
Hyde really didn't know how he ended up camping in 'The Nobodies', but he assumed that if he could pin-point when the trouble began he could work the rest out.
Was the beginning when Hyde had first displayed the ability to use magic? Was it when he lifted his friend, Jekyll, into the air with his mind to restrain the restless and emotional boy? He highly doubted that was the beginning of the trouble, but it was a beginning.
Or maybe when he first went to the school, a day he'd never forget. The line of children, all who showed potential to use magic and the looming door that opened to allow the next in line in. Hyde watched from his spot; kids walked in and came out with a proud look on his or her face with a wooden wand in hand. No wand, and you were never to be recognised as a mage. A girl came out, an angry glare set on her face and her hands empty. People with wands laughed at her, but ended up in a pile when the wind suddenly picked up and threw them all into a wall. That was the way it worked since the beginning, and the girl was next in line to be treated lower because she couldn't wield a wand. Jekyll came out with red eyes and avoiding looking at anyone. Hyde was about to comfort his friend, but a voice called for him beyond the door and he went in. That day was a beginning too.
Maybe the beginning of the trouble was five years later when an unknown power increased in 'The Nobodies'. It was defiantly the last peaceful moment that Hyde could recall. Out camping in a forest, he and his friends woke in the morning to find that the trees had left the forest. They went back to civilisation to discover that the trees were attacking mages that were connected to a wand. Although he knew it was wrong, Hyde was pleased and smug about it, along with a sense of relief that he and Jekyll were safe. Suddenly, those who were looked down upon were needed to protect those who were 'superior'. Hyde would have rather let them sort it out for themselves, but his friends were too morally conscious, so there he was in 'The Nobodies', trying to uncover what disturbed the status-quo. He knew that he might not be able to pin-point the original beginning, but Hyde felt that a new beginning was about to emerge from the land.
The beginning of a clash.
And that's todays story! Did you like it? Still not as good as Seasons-Scarlett in my mind, but better than the first one I wrote (which will never see daylight again). And I know someone is going to point out the names here so... Yes, the names are taken/inspired by Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. No, I have never read the story, I don't like to be scared. Yes, I know what the story is about.
Anyway, have a great day everyone!


  1. Well I love this I think it could develop into quite a clash!!!! I think it's great the trees have picked themselves up & gone to take vengeance on the destruction of their ancestors that were cut down to be made into wands, it's funny too... those smug dudes now aren't quite so sure of themselves!!
    Well done, I like the names being associated with totally different characters too!

  2. Fantastic Memphis!!! Great story!


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