9 Nov 2012


Hello everyone! How are you all doing? I'm feeling pretty good, having been a geek and updating my information on what is on the internet. Mostly what I'm missing out on in the gaming world and I found out that as a promotion for the newest Halo game, there was a live-action web-series. It's not completely unrelated to the chameleon (or at least the ability to camouflage which is normally affiliated with the chameleon) because in the fourth episode the Elites turn up (They turn invisible)! Trust me, I was terrified out of my wits, but I was too excited to notice. And then the hero came in, and then there were Jackels, needler guns, Hunters and IT WAS AWESOME!!
*Cough* *Cough*
Alright, I'm done with that now... If you want to check it out yourself, look up 'Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn'.
So, I have a story about a chameleon. Ready?

Chameleon - Moselle
    Moselle knew how to make like a chameleon and camouflage. Sit in the corner with her head in a book. Although unusual, no-one seemed to notice her, or at least she didn't notice them. Her friend Leon camouflages in plain sight, standing out so much that he blends right in. Moselle doesn't understand how that worked but it did. But then, everyone eventually meets the ultimate chameleon...
"Goodfellow!" Moselle skidded to a halt in the kitchen and surveyed the room. She opened the cupboards and checked inside the pots.
"Goodfellow..." Moselle growled despite it sounding like there was water in her throat. No response.
"I need my book back." In the safety of her home, she didn't feel nervous enough to shutter.
Still no response. Moselle sighed and turned her attention to the pots. She pulled them out and rolled across the floor so that they would crash either into a wall or another pot.
"Come on! I just cleaned those!" A voice bounced around the room which made it impossible to tell where it came from. Frantic knocking at the side door in the kitchen caused Moselle to switch focus.
"Moss! Open up! That thief stole my phone!"
Moselle opened the door and Leon stepped in.
"Hi," he nodded to Moselle and surveyed the room, kicking a pot while he was at it.
"Really?!" The disembodied voice bounced again and Leon turned his attention to Moselle.
"Let me guess, he took your book?" He asked and Moselle nodded. No book meant no camouflage, which meant that people could see her and that makes her a nervous wreak. She picked up the land line phone and passed it to her friend, who picked up on the unspoken idea and punched in his number. A few moments later, a ring-tone started up in the ceiling.
"Crap!" The voice cursed and something was dropped. Leon jumped up onto the bench, moved a panel aside and in one fluid movement, pulled himself halfway through the opening.
Moselle watched the struggle she couldn't see in slight amusement. Something hit the side with a dull thud and Leon grumbled. Little footsteps ran around the ceiling and faded the further away they ran.
"Good news!" Leon called out, "He dropped the book and phone!"
"G-great," Moselle managed to reply.
"Bad news. It's out of my reach."
Moselle sighed, grabbed a short broom and tapped Leon's dangling legs. He attempted to move, but there was another thud.
"More bad news. I'm a little bit stuck."
Moselle was sure that as she sighed bitterly, she could hear the crackling laugh of a certain little Brownie.

And's that it for now everyone! Thanks for reading (if you did) and have a wonderful day!


  1. This is cute & funny, and a little awkward, I think Moselle likes Leon & visa-vera LOL, because she stuttered a little taking to him :) Love the idea of camouflage in plain sight (Moselle) & then TOTAL visual camouflage of Goodfellow...

    Oh yeah gotta do a Halo search now ;)

    Nice one Memphis!!!!

  2. My other comment printed twice, I must have doubled clicked ;)

  3. Very cute Memphis! I enjoyed the story a lot! I know nothing about Halo, I will have to look it up! Big Hugs ;o)


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