21 Nov 2012

It's been a long day...

Hey all! How is everyone going?
So, if you've been by Mum's blog (As you all would have since you found me through her. Don't lie ^.^), you probably would have read that I'm currently not in the house. I've actually been keeping track of how many days it has been since I've seen home with my own eyes, and it has been 73 days. Since I call home twice a day to say hi to everyone, I was never particularly homesick. But two nights ago I had a dream about walking around the house and I woke up missing home.
Anyway, when you dream (and remember it) do you feel in the dream? Like picking up a book in the dream, do you feel the weight? Do you feel textures of objects? And do you dream in colour? They are probably pointless questions, but I'm interested in stuff like that.
But you guys aren't here for that, are you?

Long day - Leif
6AM - Wake up and get ready
6:30AM - Jog to gym (long route ≈ 30 minutes)
7AM - Train in gym
8AM - Shower and change for classes
8:30AM - Breakfast in common room
9AM - Classes start
   9-10AM - Level A Anti-detection Training
   10-11AM - History
   11AM-12PM - Advanced Gym
12PM - Lunch (Meet Heath/Julie outside)
1PM - Classes resume
   1-2PM - Languages
   2-3PM - Mathematics Nap-time
   3-4PM - Team Building Exercises
4PM - Classes finish
4:05PM - Raid kitchen
4:15PM - Free time (Find Sal and ask for math notes)
5PM - Gather equipment (Make sure capsule is full of powder)
6PM - Meet up at library and go over plans
6:30PM - Leave campus
7PM - Arrive at location
   7-9PM - Operation
9PM - Leave location
   9-9:30PM - Weave way to rendezvous point
10PM - Arrive at campus
10:05PM - Debrief
10:30PM Have dinner in either Sal/Faith's or Heath/Julie's room
11PM - Go to bed
Leif looked at his wristwatch and sighed. He rechecked the notebook that had his messy handwriting for the day's activities. The stuff in the morning he normally did (and sleeping in Maths), but with a job on, it always seemed like there wasn't any time to relax. He looked at his watch again, tapped its face and slammed his head onto the table, which startled his two friends (four technically, but he could only see two at one time). It felt like he had been up for hours, but his perfectly working and correct watch told him that it was only 8:43AM. 
It was going to be a long day.

Hope you enjoyed the story(?). Have a wonderful day everyone!

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  1. OMG, this is so right, it's like he's done all this work, totally exhausted AND HE ISN'T EVEN UP YET!!! Love it, relate to this in so many ways, dreaming can be so 'full' on occasions. Another little gem Mem :)


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