2 Nov 2012

Another story?

Hello again everyone. Today I watched my first full James Bond movie, not that it's anything special, my great-uncle was just surprised that I never sat through one before (although I could tell you how Bond likes his martini). Also today I sat in one spot for a very long time after I pulled out the prompts thinking 'How the heck am I going to this?'. To my surprise, better than I originally expected, although not as good as yesterday. Anyway, here's the story.

Sky - Dawn
    Dawn had a strange relationship with the sky. During the day under the blue, sometimes cloudy, sky she was her normal, angry and reckless self. When it was a red-orange in the evenings she was slightly more cautious, but after the last light had faded and the sky turned black, she changed. Withdrawn, headphones in her ears to ignore everything around her. She would stay inside and refuse to look out in the fear that she would see the auras that she felt pulse through the atmosphere. People said she was just over-reacting, but they didn't hear what she did. They didn't know why her headphones were blasting music at full volume. If they could only hear the ominous, repetitive chants that sent chills down Dawn's spine and felt the increase of black magic invading a world were it didn't belong. But they couldn't hear it or feel it, because only a witch could, and despite Dawn having rejected that part of her heritage, she was haunted by the feeling. Under the night sky the witches were most powerful, if Dawn could somehow push them into the daylight she might stand a chance of collecting one witches soul. But they covered their auras in the day, making it impossible to find them.
Dawn sighed as she walked along the street. Another day of achieving nothing. Even so, a part of her brain was screaming at her 'Look up! Something is there! Be wary!'. She passed it off as her brain over-reacting to doing nothing, but the idea still hung around like a pest.
"Hey Dawn," her friend called from a few steps behind.
"What?" Dawn turned her attention away from the ground.
"Don't you think that the sky is a bit more red today?"
Dawn blinked at  the question, then looked up. Now that her friend mentioned it, the sky was more red than usual. A more blood red. The voice screamed at her louder 'Behind! Behind!' but it was ignored. Dawn recognised the colour in the sky from a distant memory, one she'd prefer to not dig up.
"You're just over thinking again," she mumbled to both her friend and herself. A surge of power erupted from behind Dawn and she quickly turned to catch sight of an adult female, with a hat that pointed like cat ears, float to the ground with the grace of one. Dawn swore under her breath as she jumped back and grabbed onto her friend, who transformed into the familiar naginata that Dawn was used to handling. As she gripped onto the weapon for strength, she realised that she should have recognised the red sky for what it was. The woman caught sight of Dawn and an inhuman grin spread across her face.
The red sky was a sign for a disaster.
The red sky was her.
... ... Ok, so... OWEN! If you read this, and make fun of me, I will make next Supanova a huge ordeal for you!! I believe you know what a corset is right? I also believe you know what happened to a certain character from a certain show when it was introduced to him? And if that doesn't work, than I move onto Plan B.
Right, so everyone knows what I'm talking about; do you remember when I said that sometimes when I watch/play/read too much of something my dreams start to take that shape? Right, well after watching too much Soul Eater, Dawn popped up in my dreams. If you have the time, watch the first three episodes of Soul Eater. Go on, you won't regret it at all. Well, maybe if you get hooked and spend a day or two watching it you might regret it...
Anyway! Have a wonderful day everyone!!


  1. I wish I hadn't watched soul-eater so I could watch it all again :) LOVE that show & especially LOVE "Kid" Death's son. He makes OCD attractive ;) Well I like this Memphis, I love the way you respond to your prompts with a story, this is a wonderful way to expand your skills. I sorta was hoping for the arse-kicking confrontation, but I think I like the way you ended the interlude better.
    Owen wouldn't make fun of you... because I don't think he'd like to wear a corset LOL!!

  2. Memphis, great to hear from you! I have never watched Soul Eater. I love this story! Dawn's character is very interesting! I want more ;o)


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